Browns Socialhouse, Tsawwassen – Restaurant Review

Browns Social House – Tsawwassen branch, which is attached to the Coast Tsawwassen Inn, has been creating quite a stir among Canadian locals and tourists since July 2010. With its great interior design, customers can enjoy their meals in a relaxed and laid back atmosphere.

Browns wouldn’t have joined the ranks of Tsawwassen restaurants if Sean Hodgins did not find one of its branches located at Ironwood Plaza, Richmond. Due to the great impression he got from his find, he chose Browns over other restaurant chains coming up on customer surveys. Mr. Hodgins is the president of Century Group, the franchisee of Browns Tsawwassen.

The previous occupant of the Browns space, which also happens to be a restaurant that operated for 20 years, was easily ousted from people’s minds by the new restaurant. With Browns Tsawwassen’s wonderful features, customers just keep coming back.

Why not? Browns has a vast selection of fine cuisine and beverages, which are reasonably priced without sacrificing taste. Specials are priced under $10 and the restaurant has brunch offers on weekends.

Important: don’t think on going solo on meals at Browns because of their prices. Philip Lago, the manager of Browns Tsawwassen, said in a local paper interview that the meals, with their large servings, are designed to be shared, which contributes to the social ambience.

With a friendly staff and a general design, Browns creates a perfect socializing ambiance. Large groups can mingle in a 14-seater table while couples, who desire more privacy, can use the cozy booths equipped with deluxe leather chairs. If you’ve booked a stay at Coast Tsawwassen Inn, the restaurant is not to be missed.

Browns’ varied décor suggests that the restaurant serves all sorts of clients. It caters to a large variety of clientele in the same manner – like royalty. The staff is excellent at this – whether it’s taking your order or wrapping take-outs.

Another excellent feature Browns has is its great entertainment value. Customers can get a kick out of looking at how their meals are prepared at the kitchen. The boys will never miss the latest games with the restaurant’s flat-screen TVs in the sunken bar and in the men’s room.

DUIs are not to be feared after checking out one of the liveliest Tsawwassen restaurants in town. The attached Coast Tsawwassen Inn provides a shuttle service so customers who consumed alcohol don’t have to drive.

Upon disembarking at the Tsawwassen ferry terminal, Browns Tsawwassen is just eight minutes by car or a leisurely walk from the beach so there is no reason not to try out the restaurant. You won’t miss the place if you check in at Coast Tsawwassen Inn.

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Learn About the Varieties of Muscat Grapes

Muscat grapes are mostly grown for table grapes, raisins and more importantly, wine. It belongs to the species Vitis vinifera of which 99% of the world's wine is produced. Ranging from white to almost black in color, Muscat grapes are harvested very late in the growing season, which contributes to their very sweet taste.

With over 200 varieties and derivatives, it is one of the most commonly grown grapes in the world. Much more, it is believed to be the the oldest variety of domesticated grapes known to mankind. There are even theories indicating that most grapes of the Vitis vinifera species originated from the Muscat variety. Here are some of its more popular variants:

Muscat Blanc á Petit Grains. Also called Muscat Blanc, Muscat Canelli, Muscat Frontignan, Moscato Bianco, Muscat de Frontignan, Muscat d'Alsace, Muskateller, Moscatel de Grano Menudo, Moscatel Rosé, Sárgamuskotály and Yellow Muscat depending on the country in which it is produced. This particular variety has the most sparkling flavors. It can be recognized in the names Asti Spumante, Clairette de Die, Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise and some Tokaji wines.

Moscato Giallo (Goldmuskateller). Also known as Moscato Rosa (Rosenmuskateller), it is though as a colored version of the Muscat Blanc á Petit Grains.

Muscat Hamburg (Moscato di Amburgo). Also called Black Muscat, it is grown in Italy and Australia mainly for table grapes, in California as a dessert wine and some European countries to make red wines like Malbec.

Muscat of Alexandria. Also called Moscatel, Moscatel Romano, Moscatel de Málaga, Muscat Gordo Blanco, Hanepoot, Lexia, Moscatel Gordo, and Zibibbo. This grape is one of only three permitted varieties used in a true sherry. It is also used to make moscatel or muscatel wines, muscatel liqueurs such as Muscatel de Valencia and Muscatel Passito among others and also for table grape and raisin.

Muscat Ottonel. Also called Moskately, thrives in countries of cooler climates like Romania, Bulgaria, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia for dessert wines, Alsace and Hungary for dry wines and in Italy for sparkling wines.

Orange Muscat. This variety which is mainly used in California and Australia wineries for producing dessert wines has a distinctive flavor of oranges.

Moscatel de Setúbal and Moscatel de Favaios. Usually served in bars or as an aperitif at restaurants, these are the two most widely consumed varieties in Portugal.

Muscat Crocant . In Serbia, it grows only on Pearl Island (Biserno Ostrvo) on Tisza River. Used for making dessert wine under the same name.

Moravian Muscat. Grown in Czech Republic, it is the most widespread among recent wine cultivars.

Because of its many different varieties, the taste, aroma, and color of wines made from Muscat grapes vary from one place to another. Even the names of the different varieties cannot adequately describe the color of the fruit. Depending on the Muscat variety and wine making process used, different kinds of wine may be produced such as dry, light, heavy, and sweet.

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Vilafames in Eastern Spain: A Village Designed By Walt Disney

Rounding the bend just below Vilafames, a delightful mountain village to the north of Valencia in Spain, you see in front of you the castle, perched on the top of the hill, with the sky glowing through the now empty window apertures, its circular tower Watching over the village that seems to hang on for dear life to save it from tumbling down the hillside.

Unless you are a devotee of driving through narrow cobbled streets with turnings that would make a donkey struggle, it's advisable to park and walk up Carrer la Font from the square of the same name. On your way into the center of the village, on the left few meters up the street, you will see La Roca Grossa, the emblem of Vilafames, a huge red stone, now blackened with age and which appears to have the enigmatic smile of a beached whale, that seems to hang in limbo on a steep slope, and looks as if it might slide down at any time and carry half of the village away.

Vilafames is a mountain village of narrow corkscrewing streets of white painted houses edged in chunky red stone that could have been designed by Walt Disney. Its history goes as far back as Neolithic times but it was after the conquest of the Moorish leader Beni-Hemez by Jaime I in 1233 that the village began to take its present-day shape.

The oldest part of the town is at the foot of the castle, around the 13th-century Iglesia de la Sangre. Built over an Arab aljibe (a water tank) this tiny church was renovated during the 17th-century, but it contains an interesting Baroque altarpiece and painted frescoes in the presbytery. Calle Cuarticho, the arms-width alleyway that runs alongside the Iglesia, is one of the oldest streets in the town and could easily win a Prettiest Street in Spain competition. Tiny cobbles pass between ruins and restored houses, both with ivy cascading over them. The narrow streets are perfect examples of meandering medieval thoroughfares, and the drops so sheer that they form the walls of some of the tiny houses.

The views from the castle ramparts are stunning; 360 degree vistas of hills rising from the fertile rust-colored plains of olive and citrus fruits to the mountain peak of Penyagolosa, which, at 1814 meters, is the highest point in the Valencian region.

There is no shortage of history and architecture to keep you busy, but one of the unexpected delights of this small rural town is that it has one of the most important collections of contemporary art in the land of Valencia. Housed in the beautiful Palau de Batle, an excellent example of Valencian Gothic civil architecture of the 14thand 15th-centuries, the Museo Popular de Art Contemporneo (the Museum of Contemporary Art) houses a collection of the work of over 400 artists working from the 1920s until the present day. Sculpture, paintings, etchings, and holograms unfold before you as you wander baronial halls and servants quarters alike, and out into the sculpture patio with beautiful views over the village and the valleys beyond.

The Iglesia Parroqual de La Asuncin, (parish church) with its Baroque organ, 17th-century altarpiece by Bernardo Monfort, and gold and silver processional cross from the same era is a mini-museum in its own right, but you'll only get to see them around the time of mass, otherwise the doors are kept firmly shut.

As you make your way back to Plaza de la Font, almost as you reach the square, you see on you right a corrugated doorway that looks like the entrance to a garage. Here is El Perol Trencat (The Broken Cooking Pot) where you can stock up with ceramics, postcards, walking sticks and other bric-a-tat .


Polarities of Wholeness

Quote: «There are opposite sides to your personality. Polarities are complements to the inner being of wholeness and unity.»

The Law of Polarity gives us a chance to bring two opposing sides within us to work together. Wholeness is accepting all of who we are without judging and criticizing each other. When you oppose one side of your existence, you will feel a certain pull from resistance. Like the saying, «What you resist, persist.» Are you willing to go through the same problem because you refuse to deal with it? Resistance stems from the other side not feeling accepted. Accept all sides to your true self and return to God’s creation of wholeness.

There are two opposing sides to all of existence. One side of the pole is positive and the other side negative. Many of us cling to one side of the pole learned from past experiences. We must learn to neutralize both sides by accepting things for what it is. You have the right to change your life if you wish. It will take strength and courage to let go of the old and create new perspectives. Polarities are essentially a gift. They stand side by side, one side is a positive and the other’s a negative. We know that negative subtracts and positive adds. Check out your thoughts and see which side of the pole you reach for and grab. You must be in control of what kind of thoughts you are attracting. Polarities have a magnetic attraction and are mirrors of reflection. Positive and negative thinking are both powerful in their own existence. They represent wholeness and are evenly opposites. Our personalities can behave sometimes like night and day.

Moods swing from side to side. We project our inner conflicts to the world on the outside. This is how we approach our opposites. One is good, the other is bad. Open up your hearts to both sides before the war within the mind goes mad. The night has a tendency to bring out the dark sides of our personality while in the day we behave to our best ability. Polarities operate at different sides of the poles. They wave at each other from a distance looking to integrate the missing half of the soul. When you find yourself acting out in extremes, it is because you have ignored one side of your inner being. Everything in life has its opposite side. We embrace one side and the other try to hide. In your life, do you feel something missing? Love all of who you are and bring wholeness to your inner being. Try to dislike one side of yourself. Notice the other side will lash out and rebel. This is why we walk around feeling sorry for ourselves.

It is you who choose to refuse the love in your hearts. If you want to see the light, you must know what it feels like to live in the dark. Remember, what’s in the dark, always come to light. Sometimes we hit rock bottom in order to reach the heights. We experience many different poles of existence, notice the resistance when your body feels tension. When you are not in balance from feeling weakness, ask your positive side for assistance. Unite and respect all that is within you. Our precious Lord will come to the rescue and will see you through. Ever heard of the saying, «There are two sides to a story.» Each one shines in its own glory. People will admire your strength and courage for being who we really are. Accept your weaknesses and strengths. This is what makes you a true Star. We must learn to make mistakes if we intend to grow. This is why you need to unite the self and accept your wholeness. We travel down the road to Embracing Your Wholeness.

Copyright 2009 WomensINtuit. All rights and copyrights are reserved under Valencia Clay.

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Popular Flowers of Spain

Almost every country of the world has native flowers and Spain is no exception. Spain is a country that is located in southwestern Europe and shares borders with France, Portugal, Andorra, Morocco and Gibraltar. Spain is known for its beaches and sunny weather. One can find flowers of different shapes, sizes and colors in Spain. Some of the popular flowers of Spain are discussed below.

Red Carnation

The red carnation is the national flower of this country. Spain in quite popular for its red carnations and the flower has a special place in Spanish folklore. It is a religious symbol associated with the Crown of Thorns Jesus wore. The flower also symbolizes passionate love and is thus exchanged between lovers. Spanish women also wear this flower in their hair sometimes. Besides this, it is associated with gypsy’s lapel and is thrown into the ring after the ending of a bullfight. Many other colors of carnations are also grown in Spain but the red carnation is the most popular.

Pomegranate Flower

Although the pomegranate plant is popular for its nutritious fruit, its flowers are also quite beautiful. The flower either grows alone or in groups of two or three. Its petals can be crimson, orange or white but most of the times, they are bright red. Each flower has five to eight petals, which are quite crumpled.

Spanish Bluebell

The Spanish bluebell is quite a popular flower of Spain and is very beautiful. As the name suggests, the flower is shaped like a bell. It also hangs from the stem like a bell. One can find a dozen such ‘bells’ hanging from one stem. The flower has a beautiful blue color. One of the intriguing things about it is that its growth and multiplication occurs quite easily. Moreover, it can grow in any type of climate and location.

Valencia Rose

The Valencia rose is quite similar to a regular rose in appearance but is larger in size. It is usually red in color but pale orange and yellow varieties can also be found. It can be found in abundance in Spain as the climate of the country is quite favorable for its growth. The flower is said to be a symbol of love.

There are many other common flowers of Spain but the ones mentioned above are the most popular. Some of the other flowers commonly grown in Spain include old Spanish rose and Spanish sunset rose.

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How to Start Your Own Women’s Group

«Speaking a Second Language DOES NOT make you an Interpreter, anymore than having ten fingers makes you a pianist»

Are you bilingual and want to start a career as a professional interpreter?

Want to learn the ins/outs of this billion dollar industry?

Do you want to learn what it takes to start your career?

Do you want to start your own business?

Are you ready to start your career and take it to the next level?

In this 60-MINUTE LIVE TRAINING I will share my experience as a Freelance Interpreter and Chief Executive Officer and Interpreter Trainer.

I will share with you how I got started and what it takes to become a Good, Professional Interpreter.

I will share with you what it takes to promote your services and what interpreter recruiters look for in an interpreter. I will provide you with an actionable plan that will get you started as a Professional Interpreter.

I will reveal career secrets, through specific, real-life examples and strategies that will help your career.

The list includes:

What it takes to become an Interpreter

The Do’s and Don’ts of an Interpreter

How to market yourself

How to set your market rate

How to work with top agencies

What to look out for when accepting assignments

Note: The advice shared in this course is not found anywhere else. The other «guys» will provide you with certification training (which is great)!, However, without experience, not knowing what it takes to Start this Business, or what you need to become a Good Interpreter, then you are setting yourself for failure.


Attendees will have a chance to schedule a 1 hour private consultation with me (a $650/dollar value), to discuss strategies tailored to their specific needs in areas such as:

Career goals

Review of academic path choices

Contract opportunities

How to evolve in this industry

Marketing yourself and getting paid «Your worth» and so much more…


Is this teaching tailored to all bilingual interpreters?

Yes, the training is for anyone who is bilingual and wants to start their own business as a professional interpreter or translator. Interpreters who are also working in the legal, medical, or any related field, will also benefit from the advice shared through the course.

Is this a sales and marketing course?

Yes, it will provide you with information on how to sell and market your services.

What’s the refund policy?

No refund available.

Can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Yes. Please email Faviola at

Interpreting Group

Business and Entrepreneur Group

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Implications of the FairTax

There are conflicting reports over exactly how long the US Tax Code is, but estimates range from 16,500 to 2,500,000 pages long. Even on the conservative end of 16,500 pages, that’s a whole lot of pages on taxes. It is virtually impossible for any one person to know all of it and I would be exceedingly wary of anyone who claims to know it ALL.

This is one of the reasons that many on both sides of the political aisle have said we need to simplify the tax code. My favorite idea is the nonpartisan legislation known as the FairTax. The FairTax Act is a mere 132 pages and would replace our current tax laws.

The FairTax Act, as proposed, would eliminate the IRS, AMT (alternative minimum tax), federal income taxes, corporate taxes, capital gains taxes, payroll taxes, Social Security, Medicare, self-employment taxes, estate taxes, and gift taxes with a national sales tax. The national sales tax as defined in the Act would be 23% (tax-inclusive) or 30% (tax-exclusive), depending on how you define it.

Tax-inclusive, the tax rate would be 23%. Simply put, if you purchase a good for $100, $23 dollars would go to the government. Hence, the tax is included in the price. Tax-exclusive, the tax rate would be 30%. This means that if you buy the same good for $77, you would be accessed a 30% tax, which would make your total $100. In either case, you spend $100 for the same good.

The tax would only be applied once on new goods and services used for personal consumption. Anything purchased used or secondhand would not be subject to the tax. In addition, the tax would not be levied on intermediate business purchases.

The Act also calls for a monthly «prebate» to be issued to every family for purchases up to the poverty level. This means that every month, every household would receive a rebate check for purchases that household will make on necessary goods up to the poverty level.

Under our current system illegal immigrants don’t pay taxes, yet receive benefits, benefits being paid by legal taxpayers. Under the FairTax Act the monthly prebate would not be given to illegal immigrants, but illegal immigrants would still be paying the sales tax, which provides additional revenue to the government that is currently unaccounted for.

The FairTax would provide increased government transparency, but at the loss of tax deductions. However, even with tax deductions becoming meaningless, business owners and corporations still have much more to gain. For instance, businesses would not be required to pay corporate, self-employment, payroll, or capital gains. Businesses would keep more of their money and only be taxed on new goods or services purchased. In most cases, this would mean an increase in your business’s bottom line.

We all know that having more money in your pocket will lead to either increased spending or increased saving/investing. Increased spending would mean more tax revenue for the government at the time of purchase. If you save/invest, then your savings/investment will be able to grow tax-deferred until you spend it at which point you’ll pay taxes on it. The end result is that all income will be taxed, but the question is when. The primary benefit to you as a business owner or as an individual is that you determine WHEN and HOW you pay.

For more information check out the Official FairTax Site as well as the FairTax wikipedia article

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The 5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Formula 1 Tickets

‘ANGRY F1 FANS LEFT HIGH AND DRY AS TICKET COMPANY FAILS’, ‘SPA TICKET CONFUSION FOR THOUSANDS OF F1 FANS’. This is what can happen when innocent Formula 1 fans fall victim to fake ticket selling shops offering Formula 1 tickets that never arrive.

During the Formula 1 race year, a number of ticket selling scams typically pop up as online ticket selling shops. The most common ways F1 fans are scammed through these ticket shops is by paying in advance for tickets that never arrive. This is after paying a hefty amount for the ticket which includes paying for service charges and additional shipping fees.

Fake Formula 1 ticket selling scams can take many forms. Many of these scams look like legitimate companies that offer Formula 1 tickets but after the fans make the purchase, they never receive their tickets and later learn that the company was a scam. This is exactly what happened in June of 2012, when many F1 fans found themselves without tickets after they purchased tickets from a ticket shop known as ‘Simply The Ticket’ for the British GP at Silverstone. Many F1 fans that had intended to travel to Valencia for the European GP were scammed as tickets did not arrive despite paying for them. For example, Hayley Pearson who lives in Great Moulton, South Norfolk, had a few days off and had planned to go to the European Grand Prix. She decided to purchase her tickets from ‘Simply the Ticket’. She booked tickets on the site and then never received them. Another example was Ben Miller, who was set to take his girlfriend to Valencia for the F1 race but did not receive his tickets from the company either. Ben tried contacting ‘Simply The Ticket’ but was not able to be reached and there was news that the website had been taken down and the company had gone bust. What happened to Mrs. Pearson and Mr. Miller can also happen to you.

In another similar incident in August of 2012, the Dutch media reported that around 6,000 F1 fans who bought tickets for the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps were not able to attend the event because their tickets did not arrive despite paying for them. If this was not enough, at the Indian GP event several F1 fans were duped by online ticketing vendors. The modus operandi of these fake F1 ticket vendors was simple. They claimed themselves as authorized ticketing partners, sending SMS messages saying «You have won a free Forumla-1 ticket in the India Grand Prix mobile draw promo». This even led the organizers of the Indian GP to issue a warning to F1 fans to be aware of the scamsters selling F1 tickets at a lower price. These scams could have been easily avoided if the fans were aware of all the official ticketing partners or could have checked the details behind the ticket sellers carefully. Unfortunately, not many F1 enthusiasts have the ability to perform background checks on ticket selling shops and thus could possibly be left outside the gates on race day either without tickets or with fake tickets. Not a good situation.

If this can happen to over 6,000 people, it can happen to you. No matter the stories, the fake F1 ticket selling shops seem to involve websites that ask you to pay money and then don’t get back to you with your tickets. The sad truth is there is often little or no recourse to get your money back if the tickets don’t arrive or are not legitimate. To get the full report which details the most common F1 ticket buying mistakes and how to avoid them, go here:

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Yacht Charter in Ibiza Town – Sailing at the Party Hotspot

Ibiza Town, or Eivissa, as it is called in the local language Catalan, is the island´s largest town. The gorgeous and unique UNESCO world heritage site is brimming with interesting people, lovely bars as well as restaurants and exciting clubs to go to. Shopping is fun, the nightlife legendary and every summer many celebrities are coming here on holiday. There is a wide range of selected sailing yachts and power boats for rental.

How to get there when you are planning a bareboat charter in Ibiza Town?

One option to make your way here is to fly directly to the international airport that is located only 7 km from Ibiza Town. In summer especially it offers many connections to big European cities.

Ibiza town and San Antonio, the second largest city in Ibiza, also have a very good ferry connection from and to the neighbouring islands, as well as to the port cities Barcelona, Valencia and Denia on the Spanish mainland. To Valencia or Alicante it is 100 NM and to Barcelona 160 NM. The neighbour island Formentera is a mere 11 NM away and Mahon in Menorca, the second largest Balearic Island, about 140 NM.

Should you not find an available charter yacht in Ibiza, it is possible to fly to Mallorca and hire a charter yacht there. From Palma de Mallorca it is about 70 NM to Ibiza town.

Which marinas are there in and around Ibiza Town?

Very centrally located at the foot of the Old Town are the Club Nautico Ibiza and the Marina Ibiza Magna. From here you can walk directly into the huzzle and buzzle of Ibiza Town. The exclusive Ibiza Magna offers many services and has 85 moorings for yachts up to 60 metres in length. Here you find the swankiest superyachts moored up and may easily spot some celebrity on board.

Ibiza Yacht Club, or Club Nautico Ibiza is the second oldest port on the Balearic Islands and features 300 berths for sailboats or motor yachts up to 18 m as well as many facilities. The non-profit club has a long tradition and offers many sailing courses.

In modern Marina Ibiza there are 539 moorings, most of them for yachts up to 60 m. Yet it can also host mega yachts of up to 100 m length. Here you find a boulevard with shops, restaurants and beautifully landscaped green spaces. More facilities include fuel supplies and 24 hour guarded parking. It is situated on the northern shore of the port of Ibiza and it is a 20-minute walk to the centre of the Old Town. The flair is very exclusive and in the immediate vicinity you find a lot of luxurious clubs and restaurants, i.e. the famous «Cipriani».

The trendy and popular Marina Botafoch lies just adjacent to the Marina Ibiza and has 428 berths for boats up to 30 m length. There is a variety of services and shops as well as many restaurants and bars. Very useful is the ferry service that goes directly from Marina Botafoch to the harbour promenade in the Old Town. Here, as well as in all other marinas in Ibiza it is essential to book ahead as there is such high demand for moorings in summer.

The Marina Santa Eulalia on the east coast, 15 km from Ibiza Town, has 755 moorings for boats from 6 -22 m length. There are many services available like travel lift, crane, gas station and 24-hour security. Other features include a shopping centre, restaurants, cafés and nautical shops. Club Nautico San Antonio, on the west coast, 19 km from Ibiza town, offers another 578 berths for ships up to 50 m. It is newly renovated and has a lot of innovative services. And Puerto de San Antonio has 245 for boats no longer than 30 m. This popular fishing, marine and commercial port contains a gas station as well as many repair services.

What is there to do in Ibiza Town apart from sailing?

There is absolutely no shortage of fun things to do here. What many people don´t know is that even in winter there is an abundance of festivals, or fiestas as they are called in Spain. On January 6th, Three Kings Day, there are big processions everywhere. Then there is San Antonio, a huge Flower Power party, that normally takes place on the first Saturday following the Three Kings Day. There are many more fiesta days in January and it is a much more quiet time to visit the island. The daytime temperatures are around 17 degrees on average but rarely fall below zero. You could take the opportunity to visit the beaches or the sights with hardly any tourists around.

If you come here in summer for a bareboat charter in Ibiza, you can easily combine sailing with sightseeing. The Old Town, or `Dalt Vila` is a mesmerizing labyrinth of cobblestone lanes, quaint as well as stately houses and a myriad of charming restaurants and bars. There are some highly exclusive eateries. Here you can sit and do some people watching – there is no better place in the world for it. Or you could visit the stunning Castle of Ibiza as well as the Catedral de Santa Maria and there are many galleries and museums to choose from. In addition, you can find a lot of quirky boutiques that make shopping here very colourful and interesting.

The nightlife in Ibiza Town is more vibrant than in any other place in the world. Many famous DJs have residencies here and clubs like Pacha, Space, Amnesia or Ushuaia have hosted the world´s most renowned DJs. And in the daytime there are some very stylish beach clubs like Nassau Beach Club or Nikki Beach where you can sunbathe, swim, wine and dine. The Lio Beach Club features an amazing Cabaret Show and you can head to the famous Café del Mar, where chill-out music was taken to another level.

Water sports facilities are never-ending: Go scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, take a jet ski, or go kayaking. The Aguamar Water Park near Ibiza Town is an attraction for families and the Parque Nacional de Ses Salines offers impressive landscape and it is great to take children sunbathing as there is a very safe swimming pool.

What possible day charter trips are there from Eivissa?

Ibiza is perfect for beach hopping – on a party boat or a normal sailboat.

The western coast – the leeward coast – has many smaller islands and beautiful coves with beach bars and facilities to anchor. The island Es Vedra with its characteristic pyramid shape is enormously popular. Then there is lovely Cala Jondal with the Blue Marlin and other highly frequented beach clubs.

Cala Compte, a beautiful beach on the western coast, is said to be best to watch the sunset. Also recommended are Cala Bassa and Playa Cala Salada near San Antonio. Sa Caleta, an ancient Phoenician settlement together with the natural park of Ses Salines was declared World Heritage Site in 1999.

Ses Salines, the long sandy and exclusive beach with coloured buoys to anchor is also the most southern point of Ibiza and closest to Formentera. From here you can head to Espalmador, a privately owned island north of Formentera. It boasts naturally therapeutic mud springs and a white, unspoilt sandy beach with a pink edge due to an adjoining coral reef. It is a complete paradise and a protected World Heritage Site. Enjoy the view of the breathtaking scenery and lots of anchored superyachts in summer.

And on Illetas Beach in Formentera you can find some fine fish restaurants on the dazzling white sand, go shell seeking or play water sports in the aquamarine sea. This is the stuff dreams are made off!

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A Radiologist Degree Gets You A High Salary

Confused as to which radiologist degree is the best and will help you become an excellent radiologist? Fear not.

We have assembled a list of all the universities, colleges and schools that will help you obtain one of the best radiologist degrees with the best radiologist assistant programs & courses they have to offer. These courses, programs, degrees and certifications offered by these radiologist technician schools will help you acquire the essential radiologist requirement to further become a radiologist technician, a radiologist assistant, radiologist physician and a radiologist nurse. The top 10 Colleges and Universities that provide the finest radiologist education in the USA are:

  • Stanford University
  • University of California
  • Duke University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Vera Z. Dwyer College of Health Science
  • Valencia College
  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • St. John’s University
  • University of Iowa
  • Emory University

After obtaining the perfect radiologist schooling it is time to look for a radiologist job that can be classified as your dream job. An X-ray technicians earnings can be between $190,000 to 200,000 per annum. A radiologist technician’s salary comes up to about $50,000 whereas a radiologist assistant’s salary is from $60,000 to $80,000. To be able to get a job with highest Radiologist pay, it is imperative that you look for the best recruiting agencies and employment companies. However, it is time-consuming and so we have made a list of all the best radiologist job agencies that are at your perusal.

The list of top 10 employment companies are:

  • Medicus Firm
  • Trinity Medical Consultants
  • Maxim Staffing Solutions
  • RadWorking
  • Smart Physician Recruitment
  • Stephens International Recruiting
  • DiagnosTemps
  • Health E-Careers
  • Staff Care
  • Merritt Hawkins

It is always wise that you do not leave any other method for the applications of these jobs such as, getting in touch with and applying to hospitals, nursing homes and health care facilities in areas that you would like to work in. You can also register on various job boards and job portals to enhance your job search. Creating a LinkedIn profile is also a good way to get noticed by employers and recruiters. These methods should definitely get you an adequate amount of leads to work on.

The aforementioned universities and colleges also provide radiology programs in the following:

  • Cancer Imaging,
  • Neurological Imaging,
  • MR pulse sequence development,
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound,
  • Nuclear-optical imaging,
  • Magnetic resonance imaging,
  • Radiation Therapy,
  • Radiography,
  • Radiologist oncology,

The programs have specialty in Brain, Breast, Cardiac, Chest, Gastrointestnal, Genitourinary (Gynecology), Genitourinary (Obstetrics), Genitourinary (Male Pelvis), Genitourinary Urological Tract and adrenal Glands, Head and Neck, Interventional, Musculoskeletal, Nuclear, Pediaric, Spine, Ultrasound, Multisystem and Physics.

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