Mohamed Salah-Sadio Mane incident ‘nothing new’ – Steve Nicol | Premier League

A fluke own goal and strikes by Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino helped Liverpool see off Burnley at Turf Moor as they maintained their 100% start to their Premier League campaign. However the win was slightly marred close to the final whistle when Sadio Mane expressed his displeasure to Mohamed Salah after he failed to pass to him. ESPN FC’s Steve Nicol feels it’s nothing to be concerned about and is one of the reasons Liverpool are so good.

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22 thoughts on “Mohamed Salah-Sadio Mane incident ‘nothing new’ – Steve Nicol | Premier League

  1. Here is a perfect example of why ESPN 's crappy pundits are a waste of time really.

    If this was a player or team that they don't like the narrative would've been so different, Nicol would've called one player immature or disrespectful or greedy even and claimed it'll meas with the teams dynamic – but because it's his beloved Liverpool he wants all to believe it was a minor incident.

  2. I think that Mane was the selfish guy in this case because he did not have a sense of collectivity. He thinks every must pass the ball to him. He did not asses the situation from Salah's point of view, Salah was just following his instinct as a player. The world does not evolve around Mane. He better calm down!
    This kind of behavior is typical from player like Neymar

  3. Mane has got a point…the last thing that Liverpool is…is selfish. Liverpool is a driven family with a pure n creative open style of play with the focus on high pressing n quick attacking football, with a determined heart of all for one n one for all….all pointing in one direction…To win Trophies n to succeed…the sooner Mo Salah, pulls his head in n stops being greedy n finds his team work balance…the better of he will be n the better of Liverpool will be….Quality problems all the same. YNWA

  4. Actually Mane is worried with good intention for the prospects of the team being not able to reach the championship. Even one point can make a big difference in championship level. Salah is also loyal to and love the team. Both of them are very hard-working players but sometimes everyone can be confused and not much clear to carry on. That's gonna be fine for both of them in the dressing room. No harsh feelings between them.They are nice team mates. We love all the players and for sure they'll assist each other in the next game. Fighting Lads!

  5. Mane go to chelsea where a team is a team. Salah is so obsessed with winning balon dor you can see it in his face. Everytime Mane scores he wants to score same amount of goals..LFC is set up in way where mane gets back on D, Salah drops into the middle or free role to assist plays and firmino press opposition defense and win balls…so all those saying Salah had more assists last season it's because that's his role. If you say mane broke up more counter plays it's because thats his role but if he is in an open spot to score give him the ball to score. It a reason why its setup like that cos Mane is more of a clinical finisher than Salah.

  6. I know how u will react if it was CR7! What u r talking now is same for every players. There is no different rule for CR7.
    Or r u giving double standard to other players because CR7 is above all of them, in a different level??? May be🤣🤣🤣

  7. #MoSalah needs to transfer out of #liverpool as soon as he can. He is too good for a racist league that will cease every chance to demean and marginalize him… He leads the league in assists and un-selfish play, yet they can't stop calling him selfish after the shameful and disgraceful action from his no-class teammate Sadio Mane… Mane is nothing compared to Saleh, and only benefits from the fact that defenses leave him free to focus on the real threat coming from #Salah. He needs to be at real Madrid, with the great #Zidan.

  8. The most creatively player at liverpool is mane.. but the fans dont respect him, it all about Salah and Bobby but liverpool fans are ganna feel it when he leave and u hear it here first…we not gonna win the title with salah all for himself mentality

  9. Let me help you guys, I watched very few games last season and without knowing Salah and Mane (im into basketball) previously and its funny i thought Salah was selfish by trying to do too much and i saw this few times i just thought why not pass to teammate?

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