Is Erling Haaland Ready for the Premier League?

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Is Erling Haaland ready for the Premier League?

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Erling Braut Haaland is the talk of European football. Salzburg may not have made it through the Champions League group stage, but their 19 year-old forward scored a remarkable 8 goals in 6 games, becoming a fixture in the daily gossip columns in the process.

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30 thoughts on “Is Erling Haaland Ready for the Premier League?

  1. Its no doubt he will join Man united. Ole was is former manager! Its really a safe move for him, playing under a manager that basicly spotted him, and gave him the chance in Moldes first team. Erling and Ole is the perfect match..

  2. Bit of a crap video, they just talk about one game against Liverpool. They could've mentioned the first game against Liverpool where it was at Anfield and he scored. Could've also done the other CL games he's played in and maybe even some of the Austrian League games to come up with a full report on Erling overall playing style.

  3. How have you not done any videos about Sheffield United yet? Pretty much every other team, regardless of how they're doing have had some form of tactical analysis or something. Sheffield United sit 3 points off the Champions League places on Christmas Day and nothing. Second best defence in the league (might change against City and Liverpool, but still).

    As bad as the mainstream media.

    This comment was originally brought to you by The Athletic.

  4. Only sensible move will be to Man United he will definitely get game time and experience plus Ole will be gone soon and will have a better manager who can develop him like Poch any other big club move he will play second fiddle to someone ask Luka Jovic

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