Manchester United lack ruthlessness and a tough edge – Mark Ogden | Premier League

ESPN FC’s Mark Ogden, Julien Laurens, Steve Nicol and Alejandro Moreno react to Ogden’s article about Manchester United’s mismanagement since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson. Ogden outlines Man United’s best plan of attack to reboot the squad, but doesn’t feel Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is the man to take the club to the next level. Plus, the FC guys discuss why Man United are not pushing harder to sign Mauricio Pochettino.
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35 thoughts on “Manchester United lack ruthlessness and a tough edge – Mark Ogden | Premier League

  1. This same Ogden was the guy who said United would easily finish above Chelsea at the start of the season. He is talking sense now but as a journalist you know how hypocritical he is.

  2. Ole really isn't at fault, anyone would struggle with the side that he has been given. Also I hate it when people say that he only has the job because he's an ex player, he got given a part time contract as a quick fix whilst we looked for someone else the same way Arsenal did with Ljungberg but unlike Ljungberg, Ole came in and turned things around, we played the right football and for 2-3 months, we were the best team in Europe. Ole was given an opportunity to be manager because he was a player but he kept it because he's a decent manager.

  3. Calling it now i don't care if it's poch or not we need a new manager now during the window and give him the money and start again we can't afford to fall anymore ffs it's been nearly a decade since we started falling of pace longer you leave something harder it is to repair

  4. uurrggh why do you label that essex wanker banker as a commercial genius?? he does nothing. anyone could make the money "he" has made for the glazers. it's not him who has made the money. it man utd fans who have paid the money. so he has in actual fact done nothing. stop calling him a business man as he doesnt own a business and dont call him a commerical genius as thats an insult to people who are actually good at their jobs. woodward should have been sacked years ago. the only reason he is there is because he came up with the idea of the structure to buy man utd for the galzers. it was his idea for them to buy the club with a huge loan. he has made it so the glazers have never actually spent a penny on man utd. they spent nothing buying the club and man utds massive revenues have funded loan repayments, wages, profits and player transfers. they havent actually put in a penny. they just take money out. so dont call woodward a fucking genius because he isnt. he is a rat that should have been poisoned and culled a long time ago and he is the reason we are in this mess. because he wants to make the glazers money.

  5. This team is done!! I used to watch United knowing we will win today.. but today there is no excitement in watching them. Glazers will sell United when the club becomes worthless. By that time united will lost their global marketing dominance and will become a mid-table glory team like Everton.

  6. THE GLAZERS DO NOT CARE. It's all about money. Ole is the yes man who also is a super cheap manager that the fans love because of his ties to the club. They sell the "rebuild under Ole" nonsense so that the fans expectations are lowered. They increase prices while dropping the net spend which means the glazers make more profits. Any real club would have never appointed Ole yet alone kept him around this long. United is dead until the glazers Woodward and Ole are shipped off

  7. ESPN literally hate on ole in all videos saying he ain’t qualified but think lampard is amazing I don’t understand, we could get top 4 and a trophy and they would think ole should be our wake up to yourselves

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