Is the current Liverpool team one of the Premier League's GREATEST? | The Debate


Phil Babb and Matt Murray discuss Liverpool’s unbeaten season in the Premier League, and how impressive their performances have been.

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25 thoughts on “Is the current Liverpool team one of the Premier League's GREATEST? | The Debate

  1. let me say something, right know Liverpool is the best team in England, and probably the world, but there not the biggest in England or have not been the biggest, if they have not won a premier league title in like 3 decades. So no they are not the biggest team in England( in the last years) the best teams in England have probably been, Manchester city, Chelsea, Manchester United, and Arsenal.
    (I’m saying in the last 3 decades haha) not this year, this year Liverpool are unbeatable
    (I don’t support any English team, I’m a Real Madrid fan)

  2. Is this even a debate ??
    Aren't Man City the most expensively assembled squad in the WORLD and paid the most money ??.
    How far are they behind Liverpool ??
    Klopps net spend is 29th on a list recently complied from all 5 leagues , the only 2 big sightings are VVD & Allison , so no it's not even debatable they ARE the G O A T Period !!
    Oh btw the team is balanced all over the pitch … .

  3. City 17/18 and then 18/19 title winning team is going to be tough to beat. Just a style of winning the league that gets the title of the greatest, not just stumbling to wins against Wolves away. City just scoring at a ridiculous level and just so exciting to watch every game, special team. Liverpool as well in their own right, maybe next year they can push on and become more exciting than they are but all about just winning this year and dogging it out.

  4. Wrong choice of words, one of the best yes but one of the greatest? No they haven’t won on a consistent bases yet, when we win the prem this year and maybe another champions league, see what happens next year and then we can use the word great

  5. When Leicester won the EPL in 2015/2016, Liverpool was 8th. Leicester was also great then. Win the EPL for the next 10years straight then we got ourselves a debate… until then, they could just be another Leicester…

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