Have Liverpool and Manchester City ruined parity in the Premier League? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Frank Leboeuf and Craig Burley react to Pep Guardiola’s comments that the Premier League should be concerned about Liverpool running away with the title race this season. Leboeuf agrees with Guardiola saying the reason people love the Premier League is because many teams can win and that has not been the case the past two seasons. Burley says it would be more embarrassing if Premier League teams were getting consistently beaten by other teams around Europe.

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40 thoughts on “Have Liverpool and Manchester City ruined parity in the Premier League? | ESPN FC

  1. Liverpool’s 22 point gap is part of the unpredictability of the league. There’s more than one way for the premier league to be interesting and no one predicted this. Making a problem out of nothing if you ask me!!

  2. I just feel these pundits are really hating that liverpool are gonna win the league and not city. Look at last year and even the year before when they were all raving about city and how it was the best side in the world. Give Klopp and this Liverpool team its credit, 30 years wait is no joke!!

  3. The moment guardiola got to the premier league I knew it was a possibility the league would get like this because his team's are jus that good…if klopp hadn't come over to the premier league as well it would have been 3 in a row

  4. The last three seasons have because City and Liverpool are so far ahead. This year and the year before last where one club is so far ahead that they essentially don't have to play the last 5-8 games because nobody can catch them. Last year Liverpool and City were close but they were miles ahead of everyone else.

  5. Guardiola is wrong, if city were this far ahead he would keep his mouth shut, Liverpool have been brilliant this season and that's why they are were they are. So, SHUT YOUR MOUTH you moaning no idea idiots.

  6. So ridiculous. Chelsea and Man City with their ridiculous over investment due to huge takeovers ruined the league. Tottenham, Liverpool and evening Leicester are trying to do it a sustainable way. Fortunately for Liverpool we were decisive at the right time and grabbed the best manager in the world. We didn’t turbo charge the squad straight away, it took several years of building. It wasn’t an over night improvement like Chelsea and City.

  7. Liverpool are 22 points ahead and are going to win the league for the first time in 30 years and thats a concern ? f..k off Its because we have the best coach in the world and man city crumbled under the pressure

  8. City win league by big margin – welcome to City's dynasty long may it continue with the premier league's best ever team. Liverpool about to win our 1st title in 30 years by a big margin with a team developed over a few years with players who most top teams didn't want – Premier league…we have a problem.

  9. Pep became a whiner now?
    Of all club that keep spending and spending and spending, he worried Premier League became a joke, because Liverpool broke few records in its way to be crown as a Champion or the first time in 30 yrs?
    Really Pep?
    Focus on your team, or better yet, ask for more money next season.
    Your stand in GK cost 17m, Liverpool's Adrian was a free transfer from a lower club.
    Most of the "big club" ran out of steam is not Liverpool's fault, even if they didnt run out of steam, Liverpool still few points ahead.
    While small clubs are trying to become more competitive, the big clubs are nosediving.

  10. The way Liverpool to win the EPl this season because of they adopted and be evolution for past experience,(come better and better) so why we should blame them to be stronger and stronger. It's the spirit want to be the champions. That's what I can say.. What's wrong guys… 30 years for Liverpool is not easy… Less spend money but can be at Top of epl.

  11. Give us a break premier league has no comparisons since Manchester Uniteds dominance there have been loads of teams that have one it arsenal,Chelsea,Leicester,man city,now liverpool including Manu that's 6 teams in recent history , just liverpool haters no one was saying that when arsenal went invincible!

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