PREMIER LEAGUE REVIEW |THE BIG 6| Chelsea in danger of missing top 4!? Liverpool to win the treble!?

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90min discuss the Big 6 teams in the Premier League and review their last months results and performances. Inside Anfield is perfect at the moment as the reds win again in Liverpool 4-0 Southampton. Southampton visted Anfield where a Mo Salah brace, Jordan Henderson and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain goals put the reds top of the Premier League table by 22 points. Manchester City have had a tough month, losing to Tottenham in Tottenham 2-0 Man City, with a goal from Bergwijn and Son. Man City and Lionel Messi have been linked today, will Pep Guardiola’s Man City buy Messi from Barcelona? Chelsea are struggling to secure a top 4 place in the Premier League with Frank Lampard. Kepa Arrizabalaga was dropped by Frank Lampard as he tries to make a statement. Chelsea drew vs Leicester in Leicester 2-2 Chelsea as Cabellero replaced Kepa. Is Tammy Abraham the right striker for Chelsea? Man United sign Bruno Fernandes and Odion Ighalo to boost their Premier League top 4 hopes. Can Ole Gunna Solskjaer get Bruno Fernandes to shine for Man Utd? Fernandes vs Wolves was his Premier League debut, but will he improve? Arsenal drew every game under Arteta, including a 0-0 with Burnley. Can Nicolas Pepe start to score and hit form for Arsenal under Mikel Arteta in the Premier League? Will Matteo Guendouzi be a vital part of Arsenal’s midfield? Jose Mourinho has had a decent month with Tottenham, beating Man City 2-0 through a Bergwijn debut goal. Tottenham beat Southampton in the FA CUP in Tottenham 3-2 Southampton after a late comeback was completed from Hueng-Min Son. Can Tottenham catch Chelsea and get into the Premier League top 4 into the Champions League places?

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44 thoughts on “PREMIER LEAGUE REVIEW |THE BIG 6| Chelsea in danger of missing top 4!? Liverpool to win the treble!?

  1. It’s funny to catch yourself in the middle of these videos and realise how sometimes these guys get a bit over dramatic and exaggerate… like all they talk is coming hot out of their asses and papers, talk about it but stop being so serious about it! Rory is such a drama queen

  2. ‘Salah has Real Madrid written all over him’ – it’s mental how people think Liverpool are still a selling club. Who would even want to leave Liverpool with what is being achieved? 3 European finals in a row, 2 of them being CL and likely to win the PL, who knows… maybe yet another CL final. Why would any player leave LFC?

  3. ITS an easy fix for Arsenal.. David Luis is a terrible CB. The best he has ever played was under RAFA at Chelsea where all his Attributes were properly used in a Defensive Midfield position.. He tackled, he distributed the ball, he took long shots an whenever he made that occasional howler, there was always a defense behind him to clean up…

  4. KEPA – This is what happens when you buy a young player – His character has not settled in yet – you buying potential ability. And when you spend 70 Mil for potential and his character is bad that he is not driven to improve and maintain his potential. Its a problem… Compare that to ALISON who has already proven himself.

  5. Foolish to think Liverpool will sell Salah. If anything he will stay at least till he is 30 and then will be sold. Liverpool no longer needs money. Theres more than enough coming in. Best move is to keep both Mane & Salah and sell them at 30-31 and then invest in Sancho & Mbappe in 2023. Liverpool can now buy players in their prime.

  6. Henderson was bought as a 7. Got himself off the bench as a 2. Earned his shirt as a 6. Earned his armband as a 4. Earned this award as an 8… every other player this season is being judged on their attitude and mentality vs Henderson. The player of the year is the one who everyone else is measured against. Simple as that. Mane is the game changer. Van dijk is the game saver. Trent is the game maker. And Henderson links them all. Without them 3, fabinho, wijnaldum, salah, Robertson, firmino and klopp, would Henderson be that level? No… would Liverpool be that level without him though?

  7. Manchester United Football Club was not Represented well at all..
    YES we are poor but we doing way better than Arsenal..unlike them We are not far off being back to the top. Just a new manager and 4 Great signings.. Period

  8. Don’t know what the City fans name is but I watched him on True Geordie and he was spouting shit on there too. Shouldn’t be on a show like this, arrogant and doesn’t really know anything other than the inside of Pep Guardiola’s arsehole

  9. 34:40 The only consistency Citeh have shown this season is losing matches in which they have played well enough to merit a win.
    For body language contrasts, one need not look further than Citeh's 4 losses last season to recognise that there is, bizarrely, increasing acceptance of even the "snatched-from-the-jaws-of-victory" defeats in recent months. There is a pattern that rules out "pure bad luck". Citeh appear to be in a psychological rut and are mentality minnows, who look as likely to concede goals as they are to waste gilt-edged scoring chances. I don't think the prolonged effect of losing the supplemental one-on-one coaching Arteta provided is taking a toll. Borrell is clearly not good enough in that department to complement Guardiola as effectively. Clearly still brilliant players, but suffering from drained mental strength. Recently, Guardiola himself has looked and sounded exhausted…

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