Premier League's top-four race should be concerning to the league – Alejandro Moreno | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Frank Leboeuf, Craig Burley and Alejandro Moreno discuss the state of the race for fourth in the Premier League following Tottenham’s 2-0 win vs. Manchester City. Leboeuf explains why he’s not worried about Chelsea losing hold of their top-four position and Burley breaks down his concerns about the way Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham plays, even though Spurs are now four points behind Frank Lampard’s Blues. Meanwhile, Moreno says the performances of the team’s competing for fourth this season, including Chelsea, Spurs and Manchester United, should be concerning to the league.

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20 thoughts on “Premier League's top-four race should be concerning to the league – Alejandro Moreno | ESPN FC

  1. And then bam, arsenal 4th , crystal palace 5th, spurs 6th, chelsea 7th, everton 8th, wolves 9th , sheffield 10th and united 11th. A long shot , but who knows considering how inconsistent everybody is. ( it would also be cool to suddenly see palace in Europa league)

  2. If United got with 4 points of Chelsea oh well chelsea will still get 4th, united aren't good enough (fact) but spurs goes well they have a HUGE chance! Give chelsea and spurs 2 more games and they will pick up only 3 or 4 points trust me and then its united or Sheffield or wolves in 5th or 4th again

  3. I love how you guys only talk about the primer league yet will never talk about how interesting la Liga been this season but then again because it's la Liga you will never compliment it or give it what it's deserve all you do is bash it why not complement the league when it's doing good

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