How & Where Liverpool Could Win The Premier League | EXPLAINED

Liverpool are on the verge of making history, but how and where will they win the Premier League?

Games against Man City and Everton are big factors, while the FA Cup tie against Chelsea could delay the title win by up to three weeks.

Here, Kristian Walsh explains in detail exactly how and where Liverpool could win the Premier League this season.

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34 thoughts on “How & Where Liverpool Could Win The Premier League | EXPLAINED

  1. The sooner the better really. If we are to win it though, then personally I think winning it at Anfield against Villa would be the most special way to win it. If you don't know why, then look up our date with Villa. If you are still confused then you seriously need to rethink your love for the club.

  2. Either way we will win the League Title “Thank you Jurgen Klopp for making our dream come true finally and thanks to our great players 🙏🏻🙏🏻👍🏻✅👑👇🏻👍🏻🏆YNWA

  3. Klopp has been an absolute revelation, and let's not forget how hard the owners have worked to put the club back on it's perch, they have been superb custodians (remember Hicks and Gillette?) However no celebrations from me until Hendo has that PL trophy in his hands.

  4. Spoiled with the luxury of choices. Whichever the outcome. it'll be one of the top if not the top season LFC ever gone through. Any ending mentioned in the video will become an instant classic, just whether which one would be sweeter. Here's my order of preferences with the explanation of their significance. Comment if you think otherwise:
    1) Winning it at Goodison (they had the last laugh, last season as we drop our last points which could have won us the league if we won it there, it'll be a sweet sweet revenge right across Stanley Park)
    2) At Etihad (lost to them by 1 lousy point AND the only game we lost the whole of last season, would love to see Sterling's reaction as we clinch it there)
    3) Crystal Palace at Anfield (what a turn around has it been, from the lowest of low with Hodgson just to win it against him would have shown the full revolution we've persevered through)
    4) Aston Villa at Anfield (matching Man Utd 2000/01 all time record of winning the league with 5 games in hand, showing change of fortune and guard to a new Liverpool domination era)


  5. 6 games to win the prem.Whatever happens…6 wins…tuck that under yer belts Red men and start figuring out how to get out of Liverpool city centre parade night……'ll be madness..🤸🤸🤸❤️

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