Fallon Sherrock vs Glen Durrant | Week 2 | Premier League Darts 2020

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12 thoughts on “Fallon Sherrock vs Glen Durrant | Week 2 | Premier League Darts 2020

  1. usual sexist booing.
    Durrant missed so many chances should have been 7-2.
    moronic sexist booing is a disgrace.
    she.s delusional if she thinks she.ll ever win any tournament.
    averaged 87 .wow.county player.
    booing taken away she.d be blown away ,she knows that too.
    fake darts.
    ffs joke.

  2. Yes I agree. Full marks to Sharron she is doing amazing, but it's a lot of pressure on the blokes who obviously don't wannabe beaten by a girl and the crowd are zooming in on this. If I was in Duzzas position my earphones would have been volume fully pumped to the Max Lol

  3. the booing defo helps her, but I am a fallon sherrock fan, she is a single mum but has a talent in darts, if she played 8 hours a day like these guys she could be a serious contender. But they both didn't play there best here, she could do better and durrant could do miles better, but the pressure is on these guys when they play her because of the crowd and the fact she can play, if she was out of sight in the leg booing would play no part but the fact she is sat on doable finishes adds to the pressure.

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