How would Lionel Messi fare in the Premier League? | ESPN FC Extra Time

ESPN FC’s Craig Burley, Shaka Hislop, Gab Marcotti and Ian Darke answer all your questions in Extra Time, including:
(0:20) When Gab’s album is dropping
(0:58) How Thomas Tuchel should handle Kylian Mbappe’s sideline antics at Paris Saint-Germain
(2:12) Whether or not Lionel Messi would be able to play in the Premier League
(3:26) Whether Barcelona’s 2011 squad or Manchester United’s 1999 team are better
(4:55) Why Burley came out of retirement in Boiling Point to boil about Dan Gosling’s comments about referee Jon Moss
(5:58) And who will win between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury?


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20 thoughts on “How would Lionel Messi fare in the Premier League? | ESPN FC Extra Time

  1. So many Messi fanboys in the comments. Let’s be real here. Messi would not be as successful in the premier league as he has been in La Liga.
    Messi has always had world class teammates and coaches to help him and has stat padded in one of the most uncompetitive leagues. Which is why he is successful as he has been. La Liga is not on the same level as the premier league. La Liga has been a two horse race between Real Madrid and Barcelona before Messi’s senior career even began at Barca. Even at 4 losses and a draw Barcelona is still sitting at 2nd place currently and is 7 points ahead of 3rd place Getafe.
    Brilliant as he may be. He could not have been as successful as he is in the Premier League or Serie A.
    Besides the top two clubs in Spain, La Liga is a defensively weak league. That’s why even Ronaldo had more goals than appearances, and had 34 hat tricks in La Liga but only 1 in the premier league and so far only 1 in Serie A.

  2. Nah liverpool going unbeaten and perhaps winning the cl still doesn’t put them ahead of barca 2011! That was as much of a team as liverpool AND they played the best football probably ever seen… while liverpool plays, well… sometimes it’s just… let’s give the ball to the opponent and play counter attack

  3. All these cockriders in the comments saying because he scored against top prem teams he'd dominate the league but their forgetting he's playing for barca when hes scored those goals, not for a prem side. Take messi out of the barca system and he loses huge amount of impact e.g. his disappointing argentina career

  4. Those messi fans saying he will dominate by giving examples of beating Man Utd and spurs are either clueless or utterly biased becuase they probably don't know the difference between a one-off game in an entire season or 38 games adding FA & League Cup matches. Btw, I'm just simply requesting Messi to come any league like Nepal league, Indian League, Samonan League or Antartica league (let alone Premier League, Serie A or Bundesliga) to prove all your crazy fans right and prove me and others (who are your critics not haters) wrong. Btw, how will Messi fare PL. Let me tell you a fact how he has fared in his career outside Barcelona…

    Argentina. Failed and choked while playing some of other bests in the world who are superstars in their respective clubs. Messi in Man City. Haven't you guys seen him playing with Kun in Argentina. That's enough to make this argument invalid.

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