MAN UTD v WATFORD Premier League Preview

Manchester United host Watford in the Premier League at Old Trafford this Sunday. Jay and Joe from Stretford Paddock preview the game.

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35 thoughts on “MAN UTD v WATFORD Premier League Preview

  1. Ole inherited a squad with an inzane wagebill, lost Herrera, our best player doesn't want to be here, and a piano playing dogwalker with the same wage as 3 Sancho's would have. A rebuild takes time folks.

  2. sorry guys but no, ISMAILA SARR was the best player last time we met Watford. But yall ignoring him because he's "only" an african player. He literally made Wan Bissaka miss probably the only tackle he missed all season

  3. Although this is our worst season to date yet why do I feel like we are progressing more than we have in the past seven years? The core OT crowd will never turn on Ole, it will take something monumental. Call me deluded but three more quality players and were competing in the top 3. Everyone else has been terrible this season. Unfortunately, we have been let down by a couple players in our midfield and a couple major injuries but with a good run towards the end and we will look like a different side.

  4. I love Ole but his tactics are poor more often than not. I hope he can get us top 4 and he deserves untill the end of the season for me. However I'm really not sure he is the guy long term. Let's see if he can work out how to break down the lower half teams. We needs points. Come on lads!

  5. I think a massive reason why ole’s not going to have fans turn on him in the ground is that most rational Utd fans accept the squad is genuinely very light with no real alternatives.

    Van Gaal and Mourinho used to make selection choices which made no sense to most fans. Other than a genuine potential argument that Ole doesn’t play Greenwood enough, there aren’t any players fans wish Ole would play more. Be thankful we’re no longer at a point where Young and Fellaini are keeping Rashford and Herrera out of the team.

  6. ok, we have only beaten top 6 because they come at us, so there is space in behind to counter…we then lose to lesser teams because they know we have a marriage of poor tactics and poor players so they let us keep ball and when Lindelof is exploit our set piece use. And I want a bloody divorce!! I don't know how the jury is still out for our coaching staff, quote from post match..'Our players just weren't at the races first 15-20mins' Erm and who's job is to ensure players are confident and match ready?? Lets not forget, Pereira under Jose had those two MOTM performances against Leicester and Chelsea as a holding midfielder (decent instructions) yet under Ole, the boy is so shot, he can't do anything…and i mean anything!!

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