When Liverpool can win Premier League title after beating West Ham?

When Liverpool can win Premier League title after beating West Ham?

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39 thoughts on “When Liverpool can win Premier League title after beating West Ham?

  1. Wilson macharia… what are you on about?.. lallana not good enough to get in the team, that's why he is on his way…. Liverpool just had an off night last night, you can't destroy everyone all the time… the fact that they have dropped 2 points all season is astonishing…

  2. Sorry but I'm a Liverpool fan and West Ham looked great until 60 mins onwards. We had little too no cutting edge. West Ham looked like they ran out of steam and we all know how fit this Liverpool squad is hence the reason we get so many late goals. I don't think for a second that one player being subbed made much difference

  3. Every time when there is a break, before it usually the stupid international break Liverpool always lost their rhythm, now it that winter break 3 sloppy game vs Norwich, Atletico and now slightly better with west ham, it will slowly get better just in time for Atletico come in to town

  4. Sorry but Liverpool were far from "fantastic". In fact they were quite poor, at least for 70 mins. It's been their third really mediocre game in a row, after the mid season break. Even VVD has started to make mistakes. If they don't improve significantly vs Atletico they will be out.

  5. All this tosh about they are playing poorly. Do you know how difficult it is to win 18 games in a row. Nobody wins easily for so many games in a row. 2 seasons ago they would have lost or drawn. At no point last night at 1-2 down did I think they would lose. They wee taken aback by West Ham having a go and used the last 30 to sort it out. As for Atletico defence will be tighter and intensity up 3 levels with crowd baying for revenge. They’re mentality monsters for a reason – look at the facts.

  6. City can outclass Liverpool? Klopp's Liverpool are the only team that has been able to stop Guardiola's City. They've done so consistently and not just beaten them but obliterated them. Mofos play a game or two or analyse a game or two and they think they are football gurus.

  7. A lot of fans and Pundits seem to forget the fact that 'EVERY OTHER TEAM' is raising their game against us – they want to be the team that ends the unbeaten run. Doesn't matter where they are placed in the League, they want the kudos of being the team to end the run.
    And let's not forget that West Ham are fighting for Premier League survival so of course they were going to go for it – they were excellent and I expect a similar dog fight with Watford. However, we continue to find the answers and have done all season. The sign of a proper championship winning side. #YNWA

  8. Hello3. Pls understand their situation. When u r on a holiday. What r u going to do with yr family. Of course u r tired n need a rest for a wild. So b it they r coming for u lpool fans this team is a fantastic team n they have all the staff n crew members of LFC r doing their part. Remember what i say. Play as a team n never give up u will get it.

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