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  1. Lee Barcelona and Real Madrid ain’t after Aubameyang anymore Barcelona are going after younger strikers and getting Neymar back Real Madrid are going for pogba And either mane or sterling so the only club in for Aubameyang are inter Milan and yeah there winning league this season but summer Juventus will spend and come back inter ain’t winning league again they are the Italian Tottenham Barcelona and Real Madrid are officially not after Aubameyang

  2. There's a little thing referred to as ;sports psychology. It's extremely important in the management of sports men and women.
    Most of our football managers tinker with this psychology thing.However, only a few truly understand and has utilised the skillsets in the proper way.
    In the EPL,there are a few managers whose names readily comes to mind as managers with an understanding of sports psychology. I will refrain from naming names,suffices to say,Arteta's is not one of those names.
    What is it that arteta expects to gain by showering praises on the players for what was an abysmal performance ,not by some, but by every single player who took that field yesterday.
    Sir Alex wouldn't never be issuing flowers for that kind of performance. Neither would Wenger, Moureno or Guardiola,to name a few managers.
    Arteta is way out of his league.

  3. Honestly as much as it's hard to swallow for us as fans which want to see Arsenal winning every game that's probably best thing at that moment as faster we realise how poor some of this players are we maybe decide to finally get rid of them. That became dangerous how fast fans go from wanting all this average players out off the club to starting thinking about new contracts for likes Mustafi, Xaka,Ozil…..etc. That was painful watching all off them can't put two passes together. Some off them would be sub in first half if they played like that for any amateurs team or rather kick off the park by teammates!

  4. Bellerin really struggling can't do 90 mins not same person just couldn't get up down. Mustafi was are best player.need still work pepe just get him to show him when pass not over play.biggest thing can't defend crosses 6.5inch free run from players. Then next corner we mark him with our smallest player .arteta letting players hide trying not let affected them. mindset let see martinelli. Arteta over laccacett we got no money for summer now big players let auba go he too good

  5. What did Martinelli..AMN..and Torriera have done wrong…that they are being replaced by A fashion disaster…A toothless striker…and Dani Ceballos..
    Arteta needs to answer some questions..
    and why did we sign Pablo Mari ..and Cedric Soares

  6. This is exactly what happened under emery, the players fixed up to start with until they sussed out the weaknesses of emery then they downed tools because they could not give toss about the club, this is what is going to happen to arteta…we should have got Ancelotti he would have sorted out that shower of shit we call a football team, genuinely we could not qualify for Europe for at least 3-5 seasons going forward

  7. Lee you don’t know anything about the modern game if you expect arteta to come out and rip into the team cause the players are different now than the past he needs to say they’ve given everything but a guess you don’t want to believe that cause you hate arteta.

  8. I remember how low I felt when Wenger was drilling us into the ground, we are 2 years on and we’re worse!! There are only 3-4 players in that squad only worthy of Arsenal. Lee your channel is the only positive I have with Arsenal this season. I totally shared your Ancelotti view, he’d have dumped our 350k/week bitch!!!

  9. I still would not blame Arteta. He can only do so much with the players we have. He needs tt be given the funds to get the players that he wants not Raul or Edu wants. But we have to live with the fact that our club will never give him the funds for an overhaul. Until after the team has been built under Arteta's way we cannot say anything. Lee I know for once that you did not want Arteta at the club but now he is here and he should be backed not by you but by the board which I think will never happen. This team was regressing under Wenger, got worse under Emery and these are the same players Arteta has got now. So why you would blame him, I don't know. It's the ownership and the fuck off board that needs to be out of this club first. You and AFTV have the fan following to get a boycott organized and get the parasite out.

  10. Big Up @Lee Gunner for this video, for putting some perspective on how some fans are not willing to question the objectives, tactics & strategy that Arteta has laid out. For me whether Emery or any other manager in our club, we need to question & to top it off I asked this question way back, would we be asking that if Allegri, Zinadine, Ancelloti or Jose were managing our club. I know I wouldn't ask what the 4 managers I have mentioned for objectives they want to attain, as they are serious contenders.

  11. C'mon pal mustafi was just as bad as the rest of them, absolutely shite performance, don't know what game you were watching but mustafi was abysmal, no one should be singled out for a decent performance cuz they were all a fckn 0 out of 10

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