Could Leicester challenge Liverpool for the Premier League title? | The Debate

Jamie O’Hara, Clinton Morrison and Paul Merson discuss Leicester City’s current 2nd place position in the Premier League and speculate on whether they could challenge Liverpool for the title in the second half of the season.

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34 thoughts on “Could Leicester challenge Liverpool for the Premier League title? | The Debate

  1. Of course it's possible, but extremely unlikely. Like Paul said, they have no real reinforcements and the team they have is expected to virtually play a whole season.That will heavily take a toll towards the end.

    You also have to remember that when Leicester won the title last time, the other teams were having an off year. City were rebuilding, as was Chelsea. Arsenal really should have won, but didn't. Yes they played good football, but they were simply consistent while the other teams weren't.

    This Liverpool team in my opinion is probably the best team since the invincibles. They are playing sublime football. I honestly would not be surprised if they went the season unbeaten.

    To expect a Leicester team to catch a team of this calibre is asking too much.

  2. Merson:"Liverpool need to strengthen"

    Liverpool win 5-2 in the Merseyside without Salah and Firmino up front, Lallana(The Llama) in the midfield. Shaqiri on the right wing who in my opinion was playing better football than Salah recently, Lovren at CB who dominated because every Liverpool CB does better when they are next to VVD. They only thing they could do to improve is to buy De Brune and Fernandinho!

  3. "Are Leicester in the title race" WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THIS? Lmao, they are 2ND, they are ABOVE MAN CITY. If they aren't in the title race then Liverpool has already won the league lmao.

  4. Leicester will run out of steam playing the same players week in week out and probably get injuries. Last night Liverpool had no Alison, Henderson, Salah, Fabinho, Firminho, Chamberlain, Matip but still smashed 5 in against Everton.

  5. Spurs were ahead 6 points of city at one point last season. You're mad if you think leicester could challenge Liverpool or City for the title. One bad game from them and they will start to slip. Remember this.

  6. We've got as much chance as Man City IMO. Probably the closest challengers and this is a better team than the one we won the league ourselves with, the difference is Liverpool are top quality all over this year. Difficult to see them slipping up as they grind out the wins even when not playing well but they're entering the busy schedule now and if any team is going to get nerves as the season drags on – it's Liverpool. They blew a big lead at Christmas last season…

  7. Leicester are pukka people who always pick a pot of pataks. Fired up by some vindaloo Thai green they will push Liverpool all the way. But after last year Liverpool been there and have experience and determination.

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