The Premier League has been Suspended..

Premier League Officially has been suspended due to Coronavirus
What happens to the Premier League season?
Is the Premier League season now voided?

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Premier League Suspended

Premier League Title

What happens to the Premier League

Premier League Cancelled

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41 thoughts on “The Premier League has been Suspended..

  1. I live in switzerland but even tho there r only 1000 cases our schools and football league have been canceled. Im a fc st gallen fan and we are 1st but we cant see us win the title so this kinda sucks over here!

  2. Liverpool fans :We going unbeaten
    Sarr : hold my pace chips

    Liverpool fans : we going to win the champions league
    Simeone: hold my bus

    Liverpool fans: we just going to win the league I guess
    Corona virus: hold my beer

  3. This may surprise a few, but I live in china, and it’s not as bad as you may think. I feel like people are freaking out a bit, sure the numbers look bad, we aren’t even bulk buying anything. Obviously suspending football is justified, health is more important than football. Just make sure you wash hands for a good amount of time with soap, don’t go outside if you don’t have to, don’t touch your face as that’s where it can enter your body, and keep basic hygiene. Don’t get scared from the media, listen to the officials. Stay safe everyone!

  4. All leagues should be decided over a 2 legged play off between the top 2 and allow the rest period to be over 4 months til August it may not be fair for teams way ahead but it's in the best interest of the sport to crown a champion instead of having it all null and void

  5. Yo Matt, I know it's kinda late for a heads-up about this subject but here in Brazil things are not going well too. Hand sanitizers of small quantity got basically extinct and the large ones are really salty priced, the demand for the masks is getting bigger and bigger specially because healthy people are wrongly buying for themselves… And in Rio de Janeiro there's also a hidric crisis caused by the contamination of the public water(a certain bacteria was found in water's composition and since January no one knows if it is dangerous or not). People still go out on the streets but less than normal.

    Things are weird over here as well, my friend…

  6. Just an opinion of mine but people who are saying just finish the league as it currently stands and hand Liverpool the title and Relegate the Bottom 3 teams need to be aware that Aston Villa have a game in hand and if they were to win they would move out of the relegation zone so it would be unfair and unjust to end the season as it stands.

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