UEFA Set Premier League Deadline Completion Date | Everton News Daily

UEFA Set Premier League Deadline Completion Date | Everton News Daily

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Presenters : Peter McPartland & Barry Cass
Video Editing : Billy Minshall
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17 thoughts on “UEFA Set Premier League Deadline Completion Date | Everton News Daily

  1. Test the players for the virus and let them play behind closed doors, God knows we're in need of entertainment these days! (With a live pianist making up for the lack of crowd atmosphere like in the silent movie days.)

  2. They are having a laugh not going to happen. There are to many new cases of covid 19 each day. Football is far to much about money these days. I've read munier is close to signing pre contract with Dortmund. Well they will in the champions league.

  3. Personally I think they will totally scrap all domestic football, players are mixing.
    Of course before I type anything else there are more important issues in life.
    All domestic football should be void for 2019/20 season and no I don't have an alternative.
    Regardless of rivalry how can we make predictive decision in pro sport, never mind the premiership think about promotion and relegation ACROSS THE WORLD!

  4. In light of what's happening I think it's totally uncool to be worrying about footie. Wayne Rooney saying slagging fa for not calling it off earler. Worrying that his families health comes first. He wants to watch what other virus's he brings home. All players do what their told by the fa and the fa do what their told by sky and the others sponsors. Players sell themselves to get the big doe. If they don't like it pack it in. As for Liverpool give them a trophy for accumulating the most points up until March.

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