What should happen if the Premier League can't continue? | Coronavirus Outbreak | Sunday Supplement

Jacqui Oatley is joined by Ally Rudd, David Maddock, Rob Harris & Martin Samuel to discuss:

– The impact of coronavirus on football
– When could football return?
– Liverpool’s Champions League exit
-Phil Neville’s England future
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44 thoughts on “What should happen if the Premier League can't continue? | Coronavirus Outbreak | Sunday Supplement

  1. Give Liverpool half Premier League Trophy just for the football banter. This is probably the best news out of this virus, Liverpool not going to win the league. Still going for treble boys or how about the golden premier league trophy? ROFLMAO and you guys was comparing it to our 1999 treble. Please not even close 😀

  2. FA are idiots. How can you not have a phase in the contracts of what happens to the league in cause of disruption which may put the season in threat. No matter what they do they will get a law suit unless season is finished

  3. What’s weird is that there were several empty games played so why not continue that? Weren’t tough decisions made and players cooperated?

    The risk was more severe then yet the EPL still put everyone at risk. (So… the govnt had to step in.🙄)

    However, if only the players/staff who are healthy have to work… than the risk is mitigated to less than 50 on the pitch and stadium event mgmt. Other than the players, everyone else can have social distancing of 6’ off the pitch.

    This is to create content and to finish the season. This will feed a lot of people. Forget ticket revenue for now. Just screen the skeleton necessary staff to put a game on and restart on April 3rd behind closed doors.

    We thoroughly enjoyed Man Utd playing against Lask w/out fans. We also got to hear the players voices which was refreshing- made it feel more “live” and what’s happening on the pitch which we never hear on the tellie.

    New protocol must include daily monitoring of players, coaches, etc who are part of creating the content on the pitch… to ensure no one’s infected and then it’s …

    GAME ON! 👏🏻👏🏻

  4. Let's ride out the wave. Then we go again and finish the league and other domestic cups. Have a break whenever that is as usual and pre season. If it all falls into next season them just reduce next season to half the amount of games I.e play each other once. Toss of a coin as to home or away game. Forget having to play teams twice. We could still get all the cup games in. We would recoup 19 weeks of games. Just a thought.

  5. Postpone fixtures until August. Finish this league campaigns when next season should start. Abolish league cup in England next season and end of season split in SPFL to accommodate the end of this season’s games in August/September 2020. Postpone Euros till 2021. Easy!

  6. If the league gets cancelled. Liverpool can’t be given the title. It should be that simple and that’s the same if it was Arsenal at the top or any other team because the law to win the title is to do it the only way it’s been done every year. Beat the gap between second place with remaining games. And it’s the same for top 4 and relegation. You can only award things if games get finished. Unless Liverpool play those games they can’t win the league. And it’s not because there is a chance 2nd place gaining its because it’s cheating to just give it to them without them doing it the right way.

  7. I always wonder why gk get so much blame when the players who only convert 2 out of 37 shots on goal get none at all. Forwards make mistakes all the time and no one calls for them to be replaced.

  8. 'It was the worst goalkeeping mistake you'd ever see'
    For a football journalist you really haven't watched much football mate. Wasnt even the worst this season. David De Gea's made two mistakes levels worse than that

  9. Where does that guys 40,000 number come from? if 60% of UK gets the virus and 0.2% die (about the lowest of lowball estimates) thats 72,000 dead. 360,000 dead for 1% at least which is more realistic if the hospitals are swamped

  10. I think the best thing to do is make it void. And I know liverpool fans will say that they have won it, but they haven't yet. If they do make it void, what about the teams in the relegation zone ???? But it is not all about that, if it goes on and people get infected and die. You need to think about is it worth the risk?

  11. To void an entire season is beyond ridiculous. It is much better to continue the season whenever it is possible, no matter how long it takes, even if it runs into the next season, or even impairs the next season. (No League/FA Cup maybe? something else? who knows?) Something can be worked out 100%. This would be preferable for most clubs and for the premier league in general.

  12. What is Mr Samuel going on about 40.000 deaths when the herd immunity non-sense is implemented?
    A conservative calculation of "only" 50% of UK residents getting infected and "only" 1% mortality rate would lead to 330.000 deaths.

  13. 43:00 – This would be a very relevant point about Atletico defending in an organised way in their own penalty area IF we’re talking about a game where one team felt they should have won it simply because they had a lot of possession even though they weren’t allowed to have many chances…. But that’s not what we’re talking about though, Liverpool made the chances and a world class goalkeeping performance kept them in the game 🤷🏻‍♂️

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