What they haven't TOLD you about the Premier League's new 'plan to finish the season'


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27 thoughts on “What they haven't TOLD you about the Premier League's new 'plan to finish the season'

  1. Premier league only cares about money always have been the fat cats won't be liking this at all ….The season imo won't happen any time soon , covid-19 will be around for at least another 2 months …The problem is training players won't be match fit etc straight away so this will take alot longer people think …

  2. I dont know why theres such a debte around it, theres absolutely no chance a new season can be started without finishing this one off and the FA know it, there would be an absolute shitstorm if they void it and the least of their problems would be us missing out on the league, you would have european spots being taken away from teams and championship teams binned off because of no relegation. 100% this gets finished when its safe to do so

  3. Who’s to say Leeds would definitely get promoted next season , if this season was voided no amount of compensation would make up for this. they can’t afford to take that risk as a club

  4. UEFA have already said that we can finish this season in 2029 if we wish to do so. If we want any teams to participate in next seasons Europa league or Champions League we have to submit them by June 30

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  6. Terry is clinging to every hope this season gets cancelled 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂 every single video, he says what was actually said, but spun in a way that fits what he deep down wants to happen.

    NO CLUB has said that next season being late will be more damaging…Terry is literally presenting his OPINION as fact.

    There's no guarantee that next season won't be affected if this virus comes back again in the winter.

    Terry is shaping every video towards making people say they'll have no option but to cancel the league.

    Pathetic 🤦🏾‍♂️

  7. Football Terrace is a Man Utd YouTube channel poorly disguised as a show for all football.

    90% of the videos are about Man Utd 👎🏽

    It was a decent channel for a while, but the past month it's gone downhill with Terry becoming obsessed with cancelling the season, and making nearly every video about Man Utd…just change it to Man Utd Terrace and be more transparent 🤷🏾‍♂️

  8. liverpool are at fault for the euro ban those fans had history lets not forget that and i bet if its a lock down liverpool fans will be the only ones breaking the stay away law because they are selfish

  9. Really with all that is going on in the world fan channels are churning out video after video about football which is months away as is with most sports!..people are losing loved ones, our normal daily lives are seriously effected, our schools are shut, our kids can't see their friends or grandparents, so who gives a flying f**k what plans the Premiership are planning!..
    I do hope fan channels give the money they earn off the back of no football because of the Corona Virus to charity if they continue to knock out video after video about football that isn't even been played…as for clubs scared of losing money and putting money first, yet fan channels are themselves earning money off the back of no football so they are as bad!..

  10. Hello Terry I'd like to say you are a decent guy,bnd me bing a hard core liverpool fan I've found your opinions very unbiased and informative. With what we are all going through, and the problem with the football, my thought is that we wait until we get the all clear from the government and finish off the season before the start of the new season, basically playing 47 games in the season, so we finish off the last 9 games off, take a week off and start the new season, it may sound stupid but it's the only way I think it would be the safer to tackle this season.

    Hope I made sense bruv
    Keep safe and all the best mate.
    Amo singh

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