Why would the Premier League void the season with only 10 games left?! – Steve Nicol | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Steve Nicol reacts to Rio Ferdinand’s argument that the 2019-20 Premier League season should be voided in the interest of player safety. Nicol says he «can’t see why» there would be a need to void the season once things are safe again for all involved. He adds that if the season were only 10 games in he would have no problem cancelling it, but with just 10 games to go the league could hypothetically finish in «4-5 weeks.» Nicol also weighs in on Cesc Fabregas’ comments about players making fun of him when he cried after losing matches and thinks the former Arsenal player may have been «exaggerating.»

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43 thoughts on “Why would the Premier League void the season with only 10 games left?! – Steve Nicol | ESPN FC

  1. Dan, it must be said that you and the show did a poor job with Stevie in this segment. You are talking about one of the most contentious issues in your whole country, and all you do is let unabashedly biased Stevie state his opinion. Stevie even asks you why should they cancel. Maybe you got cut off, but if you didn't. I know you are not that stupid, so undoubtedly ESPN for some convoluted series of agreements and money is the reason. So sad if that's the case.

  2. How about this reason Stevie? How many has Liverpool already killed by playing Atletico in front of a packed stadium, and now you want to play these games because you want your trophy. Is it really worth it? Do you guys ever learn? How many people have died at Liverpool games in the past? You guys are definitely the leaders in killing fans.

  3. If Liverpool are given the title then the bottom needs to frozen as does the top 4 and 6 of the EPL. The championship and all EFL league positions need to be frozen as well. I do not think a game will be played before August/ September so voiding the season seems the only way.

  4. Your guest must be one of the most unintelligent idiots in the world. Three weeks ago America had 152 cases today it has surpassed China with 85,000. This moron is suggesting playing three games per week, fans moving from town to town essentially infecting all of the country. Even if the ga,es were held without fans the players would still be exposed from all the travel required. It is quite obvious he is very selfish and does not care about the players, or the UK. I hope the UK gets through this one soon, God bless you all, please don't listen to foolishness.

  5. Forget Liverpool for the moment, can you imagine if it was a team like Sheffield United or Wolves in 1st place, 25 points ahead of everyone, and only 9 games to play. Absolutely no one would say "void the season".

  6. Steve shouldn't have an opinion on healthcare and pandemics. He is just worried that Liverpool would be snatched off the rightly deserved title. I understand emotions must be running high, but we all are dealing with a major pandemic which is bigger than football or anything else for that matter.
    I am a Manchester United fan and ending the season as null n void leaves us away from the Champions League and possible transfers, but I do understand whats important. So should steve.

  7. Simple solution. Conclude this season from August to October and then run a one off half season in 2020-21. Every team plays each other once with a league split after that, similar to what happens in the SPL. The UCL and Europa League could be reduced to a straight knockout tournament with the League cup being scrapped for a season, along with FA Cup replays.

  8. If u think about it:

    If the premier league continued, then the last 10 games would either be rushed so the season could end as early as possible before July or they would 'run over' the summer break, leaving the players tired and exhausted before the next season in August (unless they move the beginning of next season into September). I don't see the point of continuing the season by playing games 'behind closed doors' because no matter what happens, the virus can still spread between the players from their family + friends. Why would u continue it when music events and theatre productions are cancelling?

  9. CL wants them to finish by 30th June. If they don’t then they don’t play CL. First off no country in Europe except Belarus is playing and they’re going to be in for an absolute disaster in a month or two. Their president is saying to drink vodka to put off the virus. No country especially Spain or Italy going to be ready to play football to finish the season by end of June. Not going to happen. So who goes into the CL? Same teams as last year so they now get two years of that extra money from one years qualifying? Some clubs going to have a problem with that. At this rate without a vaccine next season could be in jeopardy. I think this season needs to be finished whenever it can be. Next season needs to be looked at more. No point prematurely canceling this season for next season which then never even gets underway properly. Especially CL which requires country to country traveling that is probably going to put certain matches at risk even after summer. FIFA need to cancel irrelevant friendlies, shorten WC qualifying campaigns to free up room for club games. The xtra cup matches like the EFL cup needs to go as well. Each country has to prioritize their league, this season first and then next. Just my two cents. CL next season could go straight to a knockout format. A lot less games should they start later in the year. But of course the money will talk.

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