Will the English Non-League force the Premier League to shut down?| ESPN FC

Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens of the «Gab and Juls Podcast» discuss how the fifth division of English football could impact the Premier League if their season is voided. Marcotti highlights Rio Ferdinand’s take in which he advised the season should be void with a fresh slate introduced in 2021. Laurens stresses the domino effect that decision could have and hopes for a better and more creative solution by the FA.

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40 thoughts on “Will the English Non-League force the Premier League to shut down?| ESPN FC

  1. It’s only 10 games left it can be finished but if it’s not safe to finish allll the games within a realistic time frame then have them play only half of them .. yes that won’t be fair for some teams but neither is dying from the Coronavirus as many have around world .. football is beautiful let’s not make it more complicated than need be

  2. Literally ten games to go i bet they'd be overrating if it were one game to finish the season 'OMG ONE GAME TO CONCLUDE THE SEASON HOW ARE WE GOING TO DO THIS NOOOO'

  3. Liverpool curse is the worst I ever seen.
    Gonna win quadruple Aston villa 5-0 pool , gonna win treble chelsea 2-0pool, gonna win double, Atletico4-2 liverpool . Gonna win the league by best record on history.lethal virus cancel the league.

  4. Can't void the season. Not just for liverpool's title but also for the relegation teams, the promotion teams in the league below and the European spots. Easier to just finish the remaining games then come up with a solution that is fair to all clubs.

  5. It’s over half done the season wait as long as possible would be the financial and logical way if cannot be finished the table as it stands as over half way otherwise legal ramifications possible from some biggies Liverpool Chelsea Leicester Man U Leeds that would be fairest relegation clubs not going to like it but fairest if half way or under different

  6. They will never void the PL. Why? 735mill is the answer. Broadcaster will demand the money back with teams taking legel action and fans demanding season tickets refunds. So it will resume and i reckon it will start behind closed doors in June

  7. There is only ONE way this shit's gonna play out. The City/Arsenal and Villa/Sheffield United games will eventually be played and then 2019-20 was a 29-game season is all. All this "void" nonsense is pure crazy-talk and will NOT happen and anyone even babbling about it is deranged.

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