Isolation Premier League | Game 1 : GK Tests DK’s GK

Here we go!
20 Questions, 3 rounds, 100 runs.
You vs Your memory

The Isolation Premier League has commenced. How well do your favourite stars remember their own career highlights?

Dinesh Karthik takes on the challenge with quiz master Gaurav Kapur. What will the scoreboard look like? Tell us below in the comments (No cheating!)

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24 thoughts on “Isolation Premier League | Game 1 : GK Tests DK’s GK

  1. Is it one game a week? Please don’t say that.. I would like to see 7-10 games a week just like IPL does.. I know it’s too much but please entertain us like this and bring our cricketers into action at least in this way..

  2. Great timing with this new series, GK. This is great fun for us to test our own knowledge about that player. Though you can have some more difficult questions in 1st PP as the new ball does swing initially…:)

  3. Fantastic Gaurav!!! This concept of GK session is awesome…Have thoroughly enjoyed all your episodes of “BWC” and this one is refreshing…

    Would love to see quiz time with India’s sharpest Cricketing Brain, MSD…

    Love the concept, wish you and Oaktree the very best…

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