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Hello EFD Squad and welcome back to One on One, the show where we take a deep dive into niche subjects from the world of football – ranging from teams we love to the latest controversies.

In this episode, we’re going to take a closer look at why Leeds HAVE to secure promotion this year and why Marcelo Bielsa is the ONLY man who can break their 16 year curse!

We’ll also be taking a closer look at why around a third of the club’s in the Championship are in financial MELTDOWN and why Mikel Arteta wont want see Bielsa in the Premier League come August (or, you know, whenever it starts)…

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter – so get in the comments below and someone will respond to you in the first hour!

Stay safe out there people.


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31 thoughts on “Why The Premier League FEARS Leeds United! | One On One

  1. Explore the inequitable solutions for combating the coronavirus and how competitions, clubs and players might not all recover from this pandemic. How the prem might be able to get up and running but perhaps leagues from underdeveloped nations might still feel the effect long after this season and next and how that’ll effect international tournaments

  2. Leeds have had the highest away attendances 6 out of the last 7 years and some of the best home stats, only being beaten by Newcastle which isn't surprising due to a 55,000 seat stadium and only having one year in the championship and not 16 years.

  3. This video title AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA should be called why Leeds fears the premier league. 4 decades no progress, clubs stalled, shadow of its former self. Just liquidate them put them out of their top at Christmas misery.

  4. A recent survey in Northern Ireland put Leeds as the sixth best supported English club in the country. That's despite being out of the Premier league for 16 years and no major trophy in 28 years. Incredible really. It all stems from the Revie era. Sons and grandsons continue to support the team there parent or grandparent did 50 years before

  5. Most football fans that follow English football can still name the whole side of – Don Revie's 1970 side and the David O'Leary side 1998 to 2001 side. They were that good.
    However, the away support that Leeds United generates is astonishing. 5, 000 to 7,000 followers if they can the tickets. I believe if they do go up they will have to increase their own stadium-size…
    Huge, huge support that LEEDS UNITED gets makes the players beyond themselves.
    Also, they have a huge manager in Bielsa…who is trying new football methods unseen since Arsene Wenger. Leeds United must keep him

  6. (Going up) ( yes we are) will all depend on wether the season be expunged like the lower divisions, if it is I think bielsa will give it another try, but its a £££ game so the season will be finished or finished as it stands and see if bielsa can emulate wilkinson and get us in Europe the first season back

  7. Mr Bielsa is a manager/coach whatever title you want to give him ,a great visionary with a goal !!! and I think he will see it through ! he has the team and the support !!!!! keep being positive LEEDS by heck we've had some negativity over the years , WE ARE COMING , marching on together ! LUFC WAKEFIELD.

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