Madrid is Nature

If you ask people to describe Madrid in a few words, chances are «Nature» won't come up often. Maybe you'll get "traffic" or if you're lucky "culture" to sum up the Spanish Capital. Most people don't even know Madrid as a green city. Not only the surroundings are real green paradises but also inside Madrid you'll find wide natural spaces. A good example of it would definitely be the Retiro Park and the Casa de Campo; Should you do, you'll also get to see the Lagunas del Sur, the Cumbre Natural Park, Sierra de Guadarrama Natural Park and the Hayedo de Montejo.

Madrid is more than just culture, tourism and nightlife. Nature lovers and sport addicts will be able to go hiking, climbing, do some agro tourism and paintball, go cycling, horseback riding and kayaking.

One of the most amazing green areas of the capital is no doubt the Cumbre Natural Park, the Circus and Lagunas de Peñalara. The top of the Penarla is the highest point of the Sierra de Guadarrama with 2.430 meters of altitude. The whole area is full of glacier lagoons such as the Laguna Grande or Pepe Hernando and hilltops like Las Dos Hermanas (The Two Sisters).

The Hayedo de Montejo is definitely one of Madrid's natural treasures. We're talking about a huge forest of beech trees spread out on some 250 square meters located in the Sierra de Ayon. It has been declared Natural Site of National Interest in 1974; some of the trees are over 250 years old! You might see foxes and wild cats as well as wild boars, otters and aquatic blackbirds …

But there's no actual need to leave the heart of the capital to find green spaces. Check out the Casa de Campo, it's the main public park of Madrid. It is 1 722 hectares big. There, you may jog and you'll find a lake and picnic areas. It is considered to be Madrid's main lung with the Retiro Park. You'll see poplars, Holm oaks, pine trees, plane trees, chestnut trees, willows, ash trees and many aromatic plants.

Now you understand better how Madrid can be Nature. Come and see the greener side of the Spanish Capital. Rent the best apartments in Madrid and experience living in harmony with Nature.

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