Shaka Hislop's top 5 Premier League goalkeepers of all time: Alisson Becker in already? | ESPN FC

Former West Ham, Newcastle and Portsmouth goalkeeper Shaka Hislop of ESPN FC ranks his top five goalkeepers in Premier League history. Hislop defends including Liverpool’s Alisson Becker on the list, even though the Brazilian has only played 58 Premier League matches since joining the Reds in 2018. Before revealing the No. 1 player on his list, Hislop is challenged by ESPN’s Mark Donaldson to name the five players with the most clean sheets in league history.

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32 thoughts on “Shaka Hislop's top 5 Premier League goalkeepers of all time: Alisson Becker in already? | ESPN FC

  1. Next Video title – Top 5 full backs of all time in Premier League – Espnfc – Trent Alexander Arnold
    Next Video Title – Top 5 captains of all time in premier league – Espnfc – Jordan Henderson

    Fans: Wow 😮

  2. Brad Friedel needs to be on this list, sorry clearly know nothing about the premier league era of goalkeepers.
    The most underrated goal keeper of all time. Could have been recognised as one of the worlds best at many points in his Career. Brad Friedel.

    Judging GKs on Hype and Trophies, not Goalkeeping Quality!!

  3. What do you expect from a bang average former goalkeeper and a shitty pundit. Allison Top 5 loll really
    Even Liverpool fans know Degea was the best goalkeeper from 2011 – 2017 and Smalling/Jones were in front of him

  4. People really getting ahead of themselves with this Liverpool team, not the first time I've seen them in a greatest team
    They can achieve a lot but still a long way to go to put them in greatest conversations
    A lot of great keepers in premier league history and you already throw in Alisson

  5. Shaka is just a group of bullocks put together. He is just a really bad goalkeeper who just put Alisson over DDG. Utter bullshit from ESPN. This just shows the quality of this channel. Only failed footballers will be ever present in this channel such as Shaka. Utter disgrace🤬🤬🤬.

  6. Dear ESPN,
    Plz give Shaka a random drug test ASAP, because whatever he's on has got to be some pure dope straight from South of the Border. To put Allisson in a top 5 of all time and not have DDG is absolutely BLASPHEMY and that's in my SAS's voice! These pundits at ESPN hate for Man Utd players is ridiculous, poor Shaka he was never top anything in goalkeeping so I get it.

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