Afro Man Troopz Backs The Arsenal Players! | Biased Premier League Show Ft. Troopz

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43 thoughts on “Afro Man Troopz Backs The Arsenal Players! | Biased Premier League Show Ft. Troopz

  1. How the hell r we gonna do any signing when the player can't even leave the country hows he gonna link up with hes agent to do the deal .. Sign a player that hasn't even looked around the club hasn't even been into the country and had a fill around the'on ..wot if the League doesn't resume for a another 6 months to a year.. when the football does resume we have a player a year into his contract… We be to focus on the fundamentals 1st before any signings. I.e. Sign Abba to a 4 year contract

  2. Why is Troopz suggesting we take a risk, with Auba but keeping him. That's what Arsenal have done too often and the player usually leaves on a free. I don't agree, If he wants to leave then nothing will change really in a year even if we get Champions League.

  3. So apparently our players are agreeing to a 12.5% pay cut, but I just want to say the fact that our players all refused to take one initially is disgusting and I lost a lot of respect for the club , only reason they're probably agreeing now was the backlash and too right, they make that much money (which is ridiculous in the first place considering all they're really doing) yet are somehow still greedy , god I hope money never blinds me from being a good person like that

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