Sterling 5-4 Zaha | Man City vs Crystal Palace | ePremier League Invitational | FIFA 20

Live coverage of Raheem Sterling vs Wilfried Zaha in the ePremier League Invitational last 16 as Sterling, representing Manchester City, beat Zaha of Crystal Palace 5-4 at FIFA 20.

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42 thoughts on “Sterling 5-4 Zaha | Man City vs Crystal Palace | ePremier League Invitational | FIFA 20

  1. Mi preciosa LigaMx lo hizo primero, copiones :v
    My beloved LigaMx (mexican league) did this first AND they are actually broadcasting the games in live television with the usual real football comentators and it has been really funny haha

  2. Really really boring for me without that Brandon Smith and Richard Buckley commentary or at least Dan Gaskin and his partner in commentary 😐
    Also early reaction from players before goal makes it more boring 😐

  3. The commentating on this is so jarring. Switches between weirdly pretending it's a real match, to badgering the players for comments, to sudden over-the-top excitement for goals. Irritating.

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