Premier League Heading For June Start | Footy Show Daily

Premier League Heading For June Start | Footy Show Daily

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Presenters : Peter McPartland & Barry Cass
Video Editing : Billy Minshall
Graphics By @JoeDoesDesigns

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35 thoughts on “Premier League Heading For June Start | Footy Show Daily

  1. Just read the tittle ! You are living on another planet if you think the prem will start in June absolutely no chance mate. Football is the last thing to start again whether there is a crowd or not you need ambulance on site and don’t we all think that service should be on stand by for covid 19 patients it’s not going to disappear over night,also can you say 100% the players could not be infected being such close proximity is it worth coming back that early ??
    I love football but let’s be realistic unless it’s 100% safe for all players you don’t take a risk and that being said June July even august I just don’t see it

  2. Italys not happening,the amount of restrictions on season starting is very binding.To go to these lengths is crazy,its being driven purely for money and nothing else.This country is going to make a fool of its self,lets just give the other lot the title after all the media are gagging to do it at any costs.

  3. It'd be perfect if we played like 2 more games, Liverpool win the league, the religated teams mathematicaly can't escape religation and we can end it then. Proper summer break then season starts normally behind closed doors until safe for fans again.

  4. During WW2 the country went through 5 years without football yet now we can't go a few months, Premier League are just being greedy and thinking more about money than the health of others

  5. The PL are living in another world. They'll push to restart the league in June/July and it won't work. Firmly believe that we won't see football, even games behind closed doors, until September.

  6. The 2019-20 season is only voided 100%
    when the 2020-21 season actually starts.

    I suspect that NEXT SEASON (2020-21) will be scrapped instead,
    simply because the second spike in Germany will discourage governments from 'jumping the gun' too early, meaning the lockdown could still be in place by November
    (on evidence from other nations' doing exactly that – lifting the restrictions too early).

  7. Great conversation. I went into this video thinking the PL HAD to come back. Watching this vid and with a lot of thought, there is no way this season can finish. And I hate that. I have watched the PL my whole life, and I want Football, but it isn't the right time. And also, my Stoke City won't fall any further…

  8. 9 games left. Select a player from each team to play: Tennis, Golf, Darts {online} or whatever to decide results. Sky can have it exclusively to make up the contract – problem solved. Social isolation kept solid.

  9. Sheer madness if football starts over the next couple of months as it will create more grief than not.I have just lost two friends /sisters within a few days of each other just last week from walton over this bastard virus point being it is not going away too soon and these gobshites are talking about putting 30 players plus match day staff and possibly fans all together,are you sure! I wonder if this would even be a discussion if the head guy of the premier league had lost any of his family,I doubt it,as you said just give it to the redshite as no one cares it really does NOT matter.

  10. I am a blue that has lived and worked in Leeds for 28 years and for Leeds to miss out on promotion after so long will hurt for so many mates. The fact is people are dying and that is more important if they announce that the positions remain the same there will be large groups gathering to celebrate. I don't know the answer but people need to understand these are strange times football isn't the most important thing right now.

  11. Bear with me, there is a point!…I'm supposed to be having a medical procedure which will involve me changing dressings and attaching a feeding tube and pump twice a day for the rest of my life. This will involve me using gloves, a mask, an apron and surgical scrub, hand gel and alcohol wipes TWICE A DAY!! Like Baz said – there are people on the front line who are DYING because they do not have all this equipment that they want to give to me!! Despite the benefits to me as an individual, I've told them I'm disgusted that they are trying to push this on me, and I've refused to have the operation. In my opinion the same should apply to football. While we all want to get back to the footy, there are so many more people on the front line who will DIE so that we can watch footy! It's all wrong and surely more sensible & sensitive decisions need to be made!

  12. A point of view from an Evertonian Urban Planning student from Spain!
    I think watching the news both Spanish and English that football will go on. We will develop a vaccine soon, think about global cooperation and the amount of money donated worldwide. All of this is a matter of how long it takes to get a vaccine into all of us as fans, so we can avoid covid affecting the most vulnerable of us (seniors, pregnant women ect).
    Ones someone develops a test that they make cheap and fast enough and puts it in the global market (whether its China the US or someone in the UK) we could start to consider filling stadiums again, (without being 2m appart).
    Stay safe and hopeful blues 🤞💙⚽️

  13. Also, safety will be the first thing in the minds of the pl meeting tomorrow, they can't host anything without the governments permission .
    So closed doors, testing players as often as posible and keep us all safe and entertained from our homes, wherever that may be is the outcome I would love to see (and also if Liverpool can somehow slip up then that would just make it all better 😂)

  14. Go shopping in any supermarket and look at how many people are actually listening to the advice on social distancing. It's not many!
    It seems crazy that this is a conversation people are having, for the sake of money they're willing to risk players and staffs lives. These organisations need to be told by governments that it's not happening.
    Just because they privately source PPE, it doesn't mean it won't affect Frontline workers. It all comes out of the same factories.

  15. hundreds dying every day ✔️
    millions of people in lockdown ✔️
    not enough PPE and testing for front line ✔️
    thousands of new cases every day ✔️
    no vaccine this year ✔️
    maintain social distance ✔️

    EPL ready to get on with it in June ✔️
    fucking hell

  16. At the end of the day the start of next season won’t have supporters at games so to even think about finishing this season is a non starter. It’s obvious fans will come out to celebrate important end of season games which will then give ammunition to the government to delay all football next season until a vaccine is found and tested.

  17. One thing is certain, they've ripped up the pitch down here in Bournemouth so there's no chance of home matches although they're in a relegation spot. I do know for a fact that they were looking at a round robin style scenario whereby they're considering using Molineux, St. Andrews and Villa Park behind closed doors. Logistically an absolute nightmare so the driving force behind these ideas are clearly financially driven which puts it all into perspective.
    – In all honesty only a small proportion of money earned by top clubs is through ticket sales. Corporate deals, sponsorships and TV rights are the money bringers…I'd be very surprised if the season isn't played out in some way but not without a few sweeteners for those who'll otherwise financially miss out.

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