Should the Premier League be finished overseas? | Sunday Supplement | Full Show

Geoff Shreeves is joined by Ollie Holt, Matt Lawton & Darren Lewis to discuss:
– Could De Bruyne leave City?
– Should the PL be completed abroad?»
– And a whole lot more…
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21 thoughts on “Should the Premier League be finished overseas? | Sunday Supplement | Full Show

  1. Why is this still going on end season end off football isn’t that important and I for one don’t want to watch nervous players in some neutral empty arena with atmosphere of a funeral

  2. Will people please stop using the phrase stay safe no one can ever be safe from anything life is full of dangers but we make rational decisions about risk factors unfortunately now we assume we are going to die from a virus which in reality we won't die from and Australia isn't allowing people in the country for another 6 months

  3. When they were talking about the danger of supermarkets vs games im surprised no one mentioned that we need food to live but we can live without football (as much as we all desperately miss it, its not essential for life) Can we really justify taking ambulances from hospitals to enable football to go ahead? and i like everyone watching this is probably football crazy. But are we really losing our perspective this far?

  4. Exporting our issues overseas? That's what you did 250 years ago, that's how the country got started.
    I think for what it's worth, just stop where they are now. Use the points per game to decide relegation, and leave it at that.
    I mean Liverpool has won the championship. Luck plays a part in every season. This will show the importance of getting points early.

  5. Ha ha every one thinks there is a virus. It's a fact that any one that dies of an illness like the flu etc the doctors have been told to say cause of death is Covid . That's a fact, just to garner the numbers and keep the globalist agenda going under state control. It's a scam.

  6. Once I heard that they have to play in neutral venues, I changed my mind on continuing the season. It should be abandoned. They shouldn't wipe the records, but they have to put an asteriks on the season.

  7. Completely bending the rules the finish it what a load of nonsense, extra subs, less time different country what the f is going on, this is ridiculas it started a premier league season and will end something completely different, the season is done and people need to get a grip on this and as far as delaying it until safe to do so…why? Scrap this one season and lose one year and start a new one when it's safe, not August, when it's safe and then you mess/lose one year rather than have to alter the next 4

  8. reading some of the comments you want to finish the season safely or not?…Gary's idea is brilliant. Pick a location/bubble city with no cases, isolate the players (world-cup mode) for a couple of months and finish the season and come back to (covid infected) UK

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