Premier League can’t return until they answer the players’ concerns – Julien Luarens | ESPN FC

Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens join Dan Thomas on ESPN FC to discuss the Premier League’s plan to resume the current season and the upcoming club vote on May 8. Laurens revises his expected return for the league from June to July, while Marcotti believes that the relative lack of public debate about how to safely see out the season compared to other countries has undermined the confidence that the Premier League can do it competently.


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20 thoughts on “Premier League can’t return until they answer the players’ concerns – Julien Luarens | ESPN FC

  1. Just void the season and start thinking about 2020-21, think about human beings first, if even 1 gets positive , there wont be a 2020-21 season. Its better to take precaution rather than letting footballers die.

  2. Money.. that's the only reason football will not be cancelled completely too much money to be lost clearly the health and wellbeing of all concerned is valued less the a few million quid I'm sorry but clubs have wasted more on football players than what they have lost due to the virus

  3. The love for money is the root of all evil.

    And while resuming the season is not up there with evil like murder, rape etc, this just goes to show that the EPL will do almost anything possible to get some money in, and that includes risking players health.

  4. Let's understand one thing clearly. The data clearly shows that 90% of deaths are people over 65 and if you consider an age group under 40, that's even lower. Moreover the people under 40 dying are those with underlying conditions. Footballers don't have those conditions. They aren't going to die, so player's health concerns are given more due than necessary. Or just let the tv companies and sponsors pull their money back and watch clubs be forced to cut player salaries and then automatically the players will turn up.

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