Who is the most influential player in Premier League history? | The Football Show


Dave Jones is joined by Jamie Redknapp and Graeme Souness to discuss the Premier Leagues most Influential players. The likes of Cantona, Henry, Zola and Peter Schmeichel are all in discussion, but who do you think was the most influential?

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27 thoughts on “Who is the most influential player in Premier League history? | The Football Show

  1. Gerrards a fair shout. He reminded a lot of people what football is really about. Man united fans actually wanted the Liverpool captain to win the league in the end. Only a few. But most other fans of any other club too. Gerrard. Henry. Cantona for me, in any order

  2. Most influential is Cantona by far, you hear the Class of 92 saying how if it wasn’t for him they wouldn’t achieve even half of what they achieved. 4 league titles in 5 years, and the year we didn’t win it he missed due to suspension. Amazing player, charismatic, class, elegant he was so graceful as a player and was the leader without the armband. Cantona was the catalyst for the United juggernaut that would dominate English football for 20 years, if that’s not influential then I don’t know what is.

  3. Eric was special, he set the foundation for United and EPL to become the global brand it is.. He also led the way for the influx of foreign players to come to the EPL, not many did well in England b4. He was unfairly criticized by Jaime for not showing up in big games, he single handed won us the league in 95/96. His head and heart wasn't set on football in 97, probably due to being left out of Euro96? He put on loads of weight in 97 and wasn't his usual self then.

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