D-Day for The Premier League | Use neutral venues? Declare season null and void? Cut relegation?

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Bring football back ASAP? Use neutral venues? Declare season null and void? Cut relegation? As Premier League clubs dial in for today’s crucial talks, the modern game has NEVER been so divided


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30 thoughts on “D-Day for The Premier League | Use neutral venues? Declare season null and void? Cut relegation?

  1. How can football go ahead when we still aint allowed to mingle with other households, just on the pitch will be 22 people from different households, even if we have a team staying together the other teams are from a different place 🤷‍♂️

  2. People are talking about schools opening up. Schools are essential. Education is an extremely important area in the economy, and in society. An essential industry of education being compared to football, is simply incorrect

  3. Terry, appreciate you talking sense now. But please don’t pretend that you haven’t flip flopped on your position.

    You were pushing the null and void agenda early on, saying Liverpool fans were deluded for not accepting that null and void is the main option if the season cannot be completed. Just watch your video with those dumbasses HH and Adam.

  4. Terry , Liverpool won't 100% be awarded the title . And ,even though we all know they wouldve won league you cant just give a title in fairness when its still mathematically poss to be not their title.
    And you've stated that as a fact but you always say don't state it as fact that the season will be finished and not voided 🙂
    you crack me up bruv good stuff :)))

  5. Ideally, I would like football to return in a safe manner even if January / February 2021 is the best outcome. It's a shame the English FA, UEFA, Sports Channels haven't the patience to wait until this virus is safely passed because they're losing money. Let's see how successful the practice of Social Distancing will be for the Bundesliga return this weekend.

  6. I 100 percent agree with u Terry The premier league needs to save the lower league clubs it’s Imperative hope they don’t suffer the same fate as Bury the papers on Sky sports are saying that league 1 and 2 may be voided and it’s looking likely!😀👍🙏

  7. I don't think this will work. They maybe able to play in empty stadiums but I bet within a week there will be many reports of friends congragating at each others houses with a few beers to watch it live on TV. In the 4 divisions there's going to be a few players or staff who come down with it or show symptoms and that will cause panic.
    Best thing is to have no relegation, promote the top 2 and make the league 2 teams bigger, and give Liverpool the title for God's sake.

  8. So after yesterday's meeting null and void has been completely taking off the table, if there is players testing positive they are injured stay away from the ground, relegation is happening so they won't be lying as it will only weaken there team in this battle to stay up.

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