STAY ALERT SHAMBLES & PREMIER LEAGUE RETURN DATE | MAYCH X PAJAK PODCAST S02E12. The lads are just about maintaining their sanity in the face of mass Football Manager streaming technical difficulties, the terribly vague Boris Johnson «Stay Alert» lockdown speech, and the proposed Green light for the return of Premier League Football…



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  1. Still more locked down here in Wales, it’ll be interesting what impact this has vs England.

    Since lockdown started, I’ve travelled to and from work daily using the same route, making around 80 journeys. I’ve only ever seen the police stopping cars once and on that occasion I got stopped to. Hmmm.

    It’s Boris’s stay alert test bollard to see if you were alert Chris.

    Catch ya next weeks lads.

  2. Great pod as ever guys. Had the same fume on Sunday night. Abysmal decisions are being made throughout, and it's a real worry at this point. I haven't seen my alder hey working Mrs of 10 years since February because I HAVE to be healthy to look after my at risk 80 year old dad, and when I see decisions being made that are clearly going to draw this out even further than it could have been, it breaks my heart. Another day, another week, another month that I don't get so see the person I love because of abysmal decisions being made in government and on the streets. completely agree with everything said about teachers, this is only going one way – if the UK come through this with anything other than a catastrophic death toll it will be purely by fluke than anything else

  3. Good video guys. Here is my take on the football coming back.
    Of course, safety for all involved is a priority and I was happy when it was announced it would carry on. I’m sure players are more safe than us folk who work in office and have to travel via train/bus/tram etc
    Its likely stadiums won’t be open for fans until 2021/22 season and footy is shite in empty stadiums. But can’t give it a year off until fans are back. Its not about footballers who earn the wage. Its refs, coaches, kit wo/men, docs, chefs, grounds wo/men, security, tv crews etc who also want to earn a wage again. Might sound a bit tory towards the end, I duuno. But its probably safer to work in these conditions rather than being office staff (like me) who have to share a building with hundreds and share breathing space in little offices for long meetings

  4. Look forward to these pods every Saturday morning over here in Sydney, Australia. You lads pick your topics well, big and small, and talk about it in a perfect balance of seriousness and humor. 👏🏻

  5. I feel like I am going insane with how bad things are being run and how obvious it is, only to look around and see every other fuckwit being totally fine with it. My fiance is a teacher, why the fuck should she risk her life just so some people can get some time away from the kids they've raised to be little shits?

  6. calling people morons, and hating tories, i get it. but not from the guys who plug their Patreon, while also having thousands of people pay them £5 a month for redmen paywall stuff. Tories, premier league is all about money, as i am sure you 2 fully understand.

  7. Having a "Sir" as leader of the Labour Party shows where the Labour Party is at now – and that is the centre. It is not a leftist party any more, at least at the top level. That said, Starmer might have the style Corbyn didn't have to garner more support and challenge the Tories more directly. By the by, it hasn't changed the landscape whatsoever here in Scotland. Labour is still largely viewed as a joke and that isn't the SNP's fault – that's Labour's fault. Please don't have a chip on your shoulder about the SNP for offering left-leaning Scots a better option – hammer Labour for being as out of touch as they are! I'm sure if there was a credible, powerful enough alternative to Labour in England you would be tempted.
    Never thought I'd be so into the politics chat but since you do a good 45 minutes on it each week, then why not haha

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