Premier League clubs agree to resume training: Will players welcome the news? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Julien Laurens, Craig Burley and Don Hutchison react to Premier League clubs unanimously voting to return to training as the league hopes to resume in June. Laurens says the vote was a significant step towards the league returning and Hutchison believes the English public will welcome the news. Burley says players may be hesitant to return to training and shouldn’t be «castigated» if they don’t want to play during a pandemic.


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24 thoughts on “Premier League clubs agree to resume training: Will players welcome the news? | ESPN FC

  1. I'm not for players being castigated or punished in any way… but we all know sports fans are an emotional bunch. I think fans will keep score of who returned for training on day one, who came back in later, and who held out until it was no longer reasonable to do so. I say what I've been saying all along though: let those who want to return, return, and let those who want to stay home, stay home.

  2. To put this, is it too soon to come back with football or is it not soon enough, argument in perspective for you all. In Australia where I live there have been 99 deaths from Covid-19 so far and the country is starting to open back up again with the government laying out a 3 stage plan for when things can open again. In that we are looking at a July 10 return for community football.
    In the UK you have almost 35,000 deaths from Covid-19 so far and the plan to re-open doesn't seem very clear and well laid out. But they're looking at a June 12 return for football.
    hmmmm. Interesting.

  3. Voted by shareholders haha 😂
    70% of UK public voted, The Premier league shouldn't return and wouldn't boost morale… consideration towards PPE….or the NHS…Nobody in my street has been tested, going from children, adults and pensioners….It's absolutely disgraceful that football, is being put before us all.

  4. This season will forever known as an asterisk how Prem felt bad about Loserpool's desperation of no Prem titles and rushed the league with no regard for life and safety, just to hand Loserpool the Prem title.

  5. Serie and premier league who have better teams
    Liverpool vs Napoli
    Man city vs juventus
    Atalanta vs Leicester
    Chelsea vs as Roma
    Tottenharm vs inter
    Man united vs Lazio , this season serie a have really good teams unlike other league which have just 2 or 3 good teams but serie a and EPL who have the better teams at the moment ???????!!!

  6. This season has to be canceled ! the bundeslealiga cant be something to compare to as Germany has the virus under control. Then EUROs have been moved to next summer, the league should start n 8th August. Most managers complain about how many games they have to play. Medics all says wave 2 of covid will hapen. Cancel the league and prepare for next season because when it hirts the fan again its going to be harder to organise !

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