Kai Havertz should be in the Premier League – Frank Leboeuf | ESPN FC

After scoring two goals in Bayer Leverkusen’s 3-1 win vs. Borussia Monchengladbach, ESPN FC’s Dan Thomas chats with Julien Laurens, Craig Burley and Frank Leboeuf about a potential next move for Kai Havertz. Burley says Havertz can play in any league and was impressed by Bayer Leverkusen’s «statement win.» Leboeuf says the young German should be in the Premier League very soon, but he needs to improve his penalty kicks.

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34 thoughts on “Kai Havertz should be in the Premier League – Frank Leboeuf | ESPN FC

  1. This whole premier league complex needs to stop. How many times do teams from the Premier League end up consistently performing in Europe? Bayern's lost more CL finals than Man United (biggest English club) have been in lol. And the strength of the league can also be reflected by the strength of its national team. Germany has produced some of the greatest of all time and has featured in the world cup an astonishing 7 times whilst only winning 4. But England with all its hype over the years have been in less Euro and World Cup finals than Germany have lost😂 So Once Again, The Premier League has money and that is his biggest problem as Bayern Manager Hansi Flick said when asked about how English football could win the World Cup

  2. I don’t watch the German League much but I watched it abit earlier this year. I find it funny how people now have positive opinions on players after watching them now but before they said basically they were hyped up

  3. He looks very very good, he looks like he has that cutting edge especially that confidence to take him amongst the best, I think he can be on par with Mbappe, I hope Joao Felix moves to another club so that we can see the best of him.

  4. Haha this pundits think that EPL is the only league that exit ,and that every good player should go to EPL nonsense, havert should go to Dortmund or Napoli , bundesliga is more exiting Dan EPL and serie a have better team than EPL like , Napoli , juve,Lazio, inter, Atalanta, Roma, EPL is overated even laliga is better

  5. Epl is fake league with Qatar money , teams like man city who has no history is ruling English football some epl fans even think city is bigger than Ac Milan, and now they want to invest on Newcastle and spend one billion nd nest few years they will be like city , and there fans will then say even teams like Newcastle is good and will fight for d title bundesliga , laliga and serie a is the best EPL is using Qatar oil money which is unfair

  6. No, I don't think EPL would be good for him now. And he shouldn't go to Barca or Real, those two just like to ruin young talents. And both are in disarray. And not PSG, buncha spoiled brats club. Bayern would be good fit for next few years. Good for developing chemistry between german national players at one club.

  7. He should stay where he is for at least another couple of seasons, become the main man for the German national team while moving Leverkusen into contention in Germany.The obsession with wanting young players to move so early when they are already in a great situation is pathetic.Michael Ballack stayed at Lverkusen until he was 26 turned them into an excellent side becmae the main man for Germany and then moved to a more glamorous club, Havertz should do something like this seeing as he is in a good situation with Leverkusen currently.

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