The Premier League is due to return in the next few weeks after the season was temporarily suspended due to the worldwide pandemic. I share my thoughts on why ‘Project Restart’ is a bad idea. Let me know your thoughts below.

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  1. We all want the football back as soon as practically possible. But is 'project restart' being pushed for the right reasons? Let me know your thoughts below. To anyone posting "You're a West Ham fan", please actually listen to my thoughts before commenting. I'm not saying the season shouldn't be finished, that's exactly what I want. But when it's safe. This is MUCH BIGGER than people's tribal mentality about what team they support. It's about health and safety first. And then sporting integrity. Both of which are being compromised with a potential mid-june 'project restart' date.
    The PL can only return once the rules on self-isolation for people who contract the illness change. If a player who's been training tests positive, everyone on the team he's had contact with has to self-isolate for 14 days. You can't make a team compete in such an instance.

  2. The report you speak of would be a good idea except it's impossible to model mathematically. So you can only see a reasonable guess at economic one and then some huge range of possible outcomes on the other one. And the economic loss for the normal people who work at the clubs would be huge… losing a job in a recession and unlikely to get another one for a while… you're talking considerable stress (which will lower their life expectancy anyway, probably more so than the virus) and potential debt, homelessness etc.

  3. It is very unlikely a player will die. Even then, I imagine the club's have insurance on players which pay out under these circumstances to their families etc. It is typical benefit for most employees to receive 4-6 x their salary life insurance benefit.

  4. The reason that more BAME die from the disease is due to a number of factors which don't apply to professional footballers. A few are: 1) Living in poorer conditions, i.e. multigenerational households and lower incomes 2) Likely to work in a job which deals with social contact 3) Generally live in larger cities where there are more coronavirus cases. As healthy, young, fit, rich athletes – these do not really apply to them.

  5. Agree with the point on the championship. Maybe not a salary cap but there are some mediocre players earning too much and clubs struggle to keep paying them. Wouldn't work in the premier league because you need the best talent to keep it the best league.

  6. I personally wouldn't mind it starting later than June but it's not just feasible to start it later with the economic damage. If we look at this from the "safe" angle… The virus will be as "bad" in September/October and then it's winter and the virus spreads more… So potentially we are talking Spring of 2021. It's just not realistic so might as well start earlier.

  7. This whole project restart thing is ridiculous to me because in no way does this benefit anything. It doesn’t benefit the health of people, it’s a waste of tests, and the quality of football is lower. This only helps the economy

  8. I can see you feel quite strongly about this. I was wondering what your take on the UFC hosting shows was? That has multiple personnel (crews etc) and two people pummelling each other in extremely close quarters. Obviously everyone is tested but I don't know, there's always that chance.

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