10 Advices For Spanish Property Buyers

In fact, there could be much more than 10 recommendations. When we chose following advices for the article, we wanted to show the range of questions a potential buyer should investigate «before», not «after». Quality of life and rest in Spain depend on this directly.

Don’t choose an ideal object, choose an ideal region

Firstly you should decide geographic question and only then investigate concrete offers and consider prices. Spain is a very large country and quality of life here is mostly determined by geography.

You can find a wonderful house at a very good price, but already after first week of living there you will discover that you made a mistake choosing location. Region may turn to be too hot for you, and it will be better for you to buy a house closer to France. Or to the contrary, you were going to warm yourself in a Spanish house in winter, and the weather is not so warm in this region.

There’re social differences between regions and their «popularity» varies among foreign tourists. It would be better for you to travel along the seashore by yourself and understand the differences.

However, if such variant is unreal for most people, you need to study regional specificity at least in absentia. And, after you choose an appropriate region, investigate its geography during familiarization trip.

Treat some companies’ advertising more careful

According to a leader of a company, selling property in Spain, he saw pictures of Caribbean sceneries in «Spanish» booklets, made by his competitors, by himself. Of course, heavenly places with striking mountain views and palms exist both in Valencia and Andalusia.

However, companies, working with not very attractive places, for example, former farming zones, are inclined to resort to various devices. And after you are seduced with Haiti or Dominican Republic views, you arrive at a place and find a plain with poor verdure. Disappointment, wasted time – and you are ready to leave the country for ever.

Learn who you are going to sign a contract with

Your partner can be just a representative of a Spanish company, who does not build or own anything, and pass a client directly to a builder or intermediary. It’s good: an agent can finish his part of a deal quite honestly and professionally, inform you about good contacts for you and problem moments.

However, there’re such intermediaries, who, after receiving their commission, won’t wish to solve your further problems. In this case you need to study everything about Spanish builders’ reputation by yourself: how long they have been working, how many objects they have built.

Second variant – you sign a contract directly with a company, which builds property in Spain. In this case you need to study building documents.

It may happen that you meet a company while having rest at a Spanish resort. A builder can show you his hotels and villas, he supposedly built, but without showing you any documents, in this case you should not believe him.

Choose an agency that will help you adapting to a new place

These are companies which main specialization is Spain. If you decided to buy property, consult company’s bosses, as usual officials, as a rule, know much fewer details. Spain is a second motherland for leaders , they can own villas there themselves, have Spanish stay permit, came through all problems by themselves, and, in general, represent a fount of practical information, which you won’t learn though magazines or Internet.

Ask about infrastructure near housing estate

Because of big percent of property bought by foreigners with merely investment purposes, after receiving keys, you can find out that you live in a huge building almost on your own. And when season comes to an end, all shops and restaurants just close. Besides, between large tourist centers on Mediterranean coast, there’re areas, where tourism just starts developing, and where you can see only almond and orange groves many miles around, instead of Disneyland, aqua parks and museums. So it’s better buying property in lived-in areas.

It’s also useful to interest about plans of the district’s development from other point of view: if they build a high-quality object nearby, this will enhance the prestige of your address and, as a result, price for property will rise even more.

Remember that norms of land development can differ a lot in different urbanizations

So if you do not like offered restrictions in villa’s height, you can search for villages with more liberal rules – they exist. But it’s not recommended to violate norms. There were cases when people bought a site and, wishing to provide themselves with the best view of the sea, raised ground level. And then they built a house with maximum permitted height. Such tricks won’t help in Spain.

If you are interested in VIP-toss most of all, search for it near prestigious yacht-clubs

There’re two yacht-clubs on Mediterranean coast of Spain. Firstly, this is Puerto Banus on Costa del Sol. Secondly, this is Luis Campomanes yacht-club on Costa Blanca.

Don’t ignore mortgage banks’ offers

Even if you have enough cash to pay for construction of a stylish villa or decent apartment. As mortgage will allow you becoming an owner of 2-3 analogous objects at a same price.

Many people, who invested their money in resort property 2-3 years ago, are now led into temptation to sell it at a higher price and invest money again.

If you are not ready to re-sell and need property for your own purposes, then it’s still better using credit. You can live in one apartment and lease it for a part of a year, and lease a second one in full. As a result, income from lease covers both debt and percents completely.

Remember that you can invest money not only in housing, but also commercial lodgments

Capitals are even more interesting here, than resorts, in particular, Barcelona. Investments in buildings, requiring reconstruction, are most popular here, and then go commercial and office lodgments.

Investments in land are still popular: in big cities these are industrial project and condominium lots. In resorts – land purchase to develop urbanizations.

Do not postpone search for a house until next beach season

Not only property in Spain rises in price quite quickly, and apartment or house can go 20% up for this period. There’s also another factor, such as lack of land. In most well-equipped zones, especially where mountains are close to the sea, there’re few free lots already. It will be impossible to buy a newly-erected building, especially with good view of the sea, in 3-4 years already.

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Holidays in Aragon (Zaragoza, Teruel, Huesca)

The region of Aragon can be found in northeastern Spain and comprises the provinces of Zaragosa, Huesca and Teruel. The region lies approximately with the historic kingdom of Aragon and is bounded to the north by France; the south by Valencia; the east by Catalonia and on the west by the regions of Castilla la Mancha, Castilla Leon, Navarre and La Rioja. The official spoken language in Aragon is Castilian Spanish, although in some of the valleys of the Pyrenees it is possible to hear the original language of Aragonese.

Aragon is traversed by the river Ebro, which offers fish of such numbers and proportions that the Ebro is considered one of the best locations in Europe for Cat and Carp fishing. With a population of just over 1.3 million people living in Aragon, and half of them living in the capital city of Zaragoza, the region is mostly deserted with beautiful, mountainous scenery to the north, and mainly barren land in the south.

The greatest peaks of the Pyrenees Mountains can be found in Aragon with Aneto, the highest of them all, being found in the province of Huesca. In amongst the mountains can be found some beautiful secluded valleys, which remain largely un-spoilt due to their inaccessibility. Spread thinly through the valleys and plains can be found small towns and churches with great views of the rugged landscape.

The region of Aragon has three provinces whose capital cities Zaragoza, Huesca and Teruel take the same names as their province. There are many, small towns all across the region, and especially in the province of Teruel where out of the 236 municipalities, more than half the villages have a population of fewer than 200 people. In-between the villages the land is mostly deserted and quite barren.

Zaragoza, capital of Aragon

The huge Plaza del Pilar is the social centre of Zaragoza, looked over by some wonderful old monuments and fine fountains. Here can be found the Basílica del Pilar; whose domes and towers dominate the city and this is where legend has it the Virgin Mary appeared. To the west of the city centre can be found the La Aljaferia palace. An Islamic-fortress, it was once the residence of Arab kings and later by Christian kings, Aragonese kings and then by Spanish monarchs. Nowadays, the building houses Aragon’s regional parliament.

Aragon Monasterio de San Juan de la Peña

Located 30km southwest of Jaca, this monastery church that is dedicated to saint John, is situated beneath a huge overhanging rock. The monastery has had special significance since Muslim times where pilgrims would stop here in the hope of viewing the Holy Grail, a Roman chalice which was hidden somewhere in the monastery. The Roman chalice is now on view in Valencia Cathedral. The lower church represents the heart of the monastery that was founded in 920. On the second floor is the Pantheon where can be seen the tombs of noblemen from both Aragon and Navarre. Inside the apse of the High Church of San Juan can be seen a replica of the Holy Grail which was kept inside the walls to protect it against Muslim invasion.

Ordesa National Park

Declared a national park in 1918, an area of more than 15,600 hectares is now protected in the Biosphere Reserve or Ordesa as declared by UNESCO is 1997. Most of the park is limestone and a retreating glacier still exists on the north face of Monte Pedido, the third largest mountain in the Pyrenees. The park’s dramatic mountain scenery comprises of limestone cliffs, canyons, caves, chasms and crystal-clear streams with forests of pine, birch, ash, willow and oak. Great birds fly the skies including the royal eagle, hawks, royal owls, ospreys and the snow partridge, while on the ground can be seen the marmot, wild boar, chamois and the red deer. The park is open all year round but the months between April and October offer the best conditions for walking and hiking.

Aragon is a wonderful region of Spain to visit. The Pyrenees Mountains offer wonderful dramatic scenery to the north and the ancient cities of Zaragoza, Teruel and Huesca have many important historical buildings. If you are looking for a different holiday experience in Spain, Aragon may just be the location of choice.

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The Real Truth About Teen Girls And Dating – Six Tips You Must Know

If you look around and listen to what TV, music, and your friends tell you, you probably will feel like you have to have a boyfriend to be cool, cared about, and accepted. That’s just the way it is, right? Well, deep down not all girls feel this way. True, some can’t wait to get their parents permission to start dating, but others want to wait for the right guy, and some girls are honestly terrified. Wherever you are on the dating spectrum, follow these tips to lessen the drama around dating and improve your relationships.

Tip #1 You Don’t Have To Have a Boyfriend to Be Cool

This is so important to believe, because if you feel that you must have a boyfriend to be cool, then you will either date the wrong guy in hopes of being cool, or you will feel miserable and really down on yourself because the right guy hasn’t come along. This sets you up for failure from the beginning! Remind yourself often that you really don’t need to have a boyfriend to be cool or to be accepted.

Tip #2 The Best Way to Get the Right Guy is to be Yourself

Girls are tired of trying to be perfect. Girls are tired of trying to be the perfect size, have the perfect hair, and the perfect clothes. What if girls were able to just be themselves? This can feel impossible at times, especially when you feel different than anyone else. Instead, focus on doing things you love to do that bring a smile on your face. Do you love soccer? Dance? Scrap booking? Playing guitar? Hanging with Friends? What ever it is, do it. You will feel happier and be happier and when it’s the right time, you will find companionship in someone who also likes those things or who has respect for the things that make you, you.

Tip #3 Your safety is the most important thing

Make sure that you are in a relationship that is safe emotionally and physically. This means that your guy doesn’t put you down, call you names, push, hit, or hurt you in any way. He also doesn’t coerce you to have any kind of intimate contact that you are not comfortable with. Dating can feel like an incredible high at times. Sometimes there can be intense feelings of butterflies in the stomach, attraction, or just wanting to be by him. Be smart. Don’t let your physical attraction and your own hormones trick you into a relationship that is not safe. If you think you or a friend are in a dangerous relationship be sure to visit the website listed below for further safety resources.

Tip #4 Don’t forget about your girlfriends

When we start dating it can be very easy to forget to make time for our girlfriends too. This is so important for many reasons. For starters it gives you balance and perspective to hang out with people in addition to your boyfriend. Second, you don’t know how long that guy is going to be around If you only spend time with him, your friends may feel dissed and may not want to take you back as a friend if you and your boyfriend break up.

Tip #5 Listen to Your Gut

This should be a precursor to every tip mentioned in this article. Above all else, don’t ignore that little voice inside of you. You know, the one that quietly whispers, maybe he isn’t the right guy. Or the one that makes excuses for his rude behavior. Make sure that both of you respect each other 100%. How do you feel when you are together? Do you ever feel disrespected, hurt, or second class? If so, it’s probably time to rethink things listen to your gut, and get out of the relationship.

Tip #6 Don’t let this stress you out!!!

Dating and the events leading up to it can be very stressful whether you are in pursuit of someone, being pursued, or just feel lonely for not having a guy. Wherever you are in this process, don’t let this stress you out. Focus on the positive things in your life. Think about all of the things you have going for you. Try to do the things you love doing! It sounds simple, but too often we don’t allow ourselves this simple pleasure.

If you follow these six tips, you will have a guy at the right time and you will be able to find all of the confidence and respect you need to listen to your heart and gut and be in the right relationship.

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Tips To Buy The Most Suitable Soccer Cleats Online

Soccer shoes are very important in improving player performance. With so many kinds and technologies being used in the shoes today, players have all the freedom to select cleats that they find most suitable. Online stores make it even easier for the players to find the best cleats for their kind of play. Unfortunately, buying cleats online does not give you the advantage of taking your play socks, ankle braces, orthotics or shin guards to ensure that you get a comfortably fitting boot even with them on.

This means you need to be extra careful when making online purchases so you do not end up getting stuck with cleats that are not meaningful and valuable to you. Buying cleats online is quick, convenient and save on time and you also stand a chance to find cheap football boots from sales in the online stores. With a little caution, you should be able to find the most suitable pair for your feet.

1. Consider getting the cleats only from websites that you can trust and those that have a good reputation. The last thing you want is to end up with counterfeit cleats and this means being careful with where you source for the soccer shoes.

2. If you are looking for cheap soccer cleats, make sure you work with websites you can trust for quality. Prices that seem too low to be real may probably be because of the low quality of the cleats. When you are careful, you will still be able to find top quality cleats at very affordable prices so ensure you do some due diligence before the purchase.

3. Have your foot measurements handy before shopping around for the cleats. You may need to go a little higher than your regular shoe size considering that most cleats are designed narrower. If you have wide feet make sure you confirm the sizes even if it means calling the store for the specifications.

4. Choose online stores with a reliable return policy. When buying online, you really cannot be sure of what you are getting until it reaches you. A good website or store should make it possible for you to return the shoes for an exchange or refund in case it fails to meet your expectations. It is one of the most important aspects of buying online otherwise you could end up making costly mistakes.

5. Ensure that you always keep purchase receipts safe. Online transactions can be risky and since there is never telling what could happen, keeping the receipts safe can save you from situations with negative impacts. If you get tracking numbers for the delivery of your cleats be sure to keep that safe as well, so you have an easy time keeping track of your shipment or delivery.

6. Go through feedback from previous customers. They can be about the specific boots you want to purchase as well as their experience using the online store. Reviews and feedback help you in getting all relevant information regarding the cleats so you are able to make the best choice.

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