Liberia Casinos

Liberia has been such a disastrous mess in recent decades that it would be amazing to find anything that still operated in the country, let alone casinos. However, that undervalues the resourcefulness of the Liberians themselves for Liberia’s casinos in fact amount to two.

The country was first founded as a refuge for slaves freed in the United States, so it always had something of a tension between the more educated returning slaves and the indigenous population. This continued down the years, from the founding in the 1850’s to 1980. The country was run by descendants of those freed slaves and in some ways remained in a time warp: until the 1980’s, the President and his ministers, for example, still wore Victorian clothes, tail coats, and top hats (and can you imagine that in the African heat?).

Samuel Doe, who was descended from one of the local tribes, in 1980, overthrew that ruling class, and the old leaders were executed by firing squad upon the beach. There then followed some 25 years of vicious violence in which hundreds of thousands of the inhabitants were killed, often in grossly brutal ways. This finally came to an end with a UN sponsored peace mission just a couple of years ago.

With that sort of background and recent history, plus the destitution and poverty of the country and the people, it might be surprising to learn that there are any Liberia casinos at all: But, it seems to be a fact that in such war zones and despotic dictatorships that a couple will stay open, so that those at the top can gamble the money they extort.

List of Liberia’s casinos:

– Casino Monrovia

– Casino Oceano

The Oceano has roulette, blackjack, and poker tables, as well as slots. Both of the Liberian casinos are in Monrovia, the capital.

As an example of how divided the country was (and as something of an explanation for the rage that drove the two recent civil wars), the current President is the daughter of the very first indigenous Liberian to even be elected to the national legislature, let alone anything more important. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is actually, by the standards of that part of Africa, over qualified to be a politician: she’s worked for both Citibank and the World Bank. Her opponent in the recent elections was actually George Weah, an international soccer player.

With the recent peace (and the involvement of the UN in its imposition means it will probably stick), it is likely that the gangster element will disappear from Liberia’s casinos, and it might be even true that the sector will expand.

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How To Exercise On The Go

The number one reason people don’t exercise is because they don’t have the time to fit it in their already over scheduled life.

From the time we get up, our lives are filled with constant projects and obligations. You get up and get ready for work and head straight into traffic for the next 45 minutes. Then, for lunch you grab something quick because your boss decides at the last minute he needs a report done by the end of the day.

After work, you can rest and relax right? Of course not, you have to get the kids and drive them to extra curricular activities before heading home. When you get home, you have to prepare dinner, help with homework, and feed Fido. All this in one day — no wonder you don’t have any time to exercise.

So where do you find the time? Well, let us recap the day. When you are preparing to leave home, try doing lunges while walking from room to room. If you watch the news in the morning, do it while walking on the treadmill or running in place. You can also carry weights to add strength training to a cardiovascular exercise. For Fido, take the dog for a walk or run around the block. These exercises can be repeated or done once you return home.

While stuck in traffic, try these exercises. Suck in your stomach for 20 seconds the release it. Repeat this until you get to work and you will feel like you did 100 sit ups. For those times when you are completely stopped try squeezing your thighs together then relaxing. This can be repeated on the way home.

There are many things you can do while working to get your body moving. For example, the stomach exercise mentioned above is great for at your desk. You can modify the stomach exercise by doing side crunches as you hold your stomach in. Flex your calves while sitting straight by lifting your help up and down. During your break, jog up and down the stairs or take a brisk stroll around the building or your floor.

Off to get the kids! Don’t let them be the only one getting fit during soccer practice. Bring a change of clothes and run around the field. Do jumping jacks or something to get your exercise in also. If they are inside a building, take a hike up and down the stairs or go outside and enjoy the fresh air. Every little bit counts to a healthier you.

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Five Reasons to Select Proper Athletic Clothing

Selecting the right kind of clothes is always important. You cannot go for a formal meeting in your pajamas nor can you go to bed in your tuxedo. Thus, it is important to select the right clothing for each and every occasion. Be it meeting, wedding, date, gym, sports and so on. Yes! You heard it right. It is important to wear right clothes for a gym session and while playing any sports as well. Wondering why it is important?

Here are five reasons which will make you realize the importance of athletic clothing:

  • Wearing the proper athletic clothing will boost your confidence – The clothing you wear will make a huge difference in your performance. This has been proven by few studies done all around the world. Studies have shown that wearing the right clothes has a positive impact and you tend to perform better. Thus, when you have the right equipment and you are wearing the right clothes, the confidence interprets into better performance.
  • Right sports apparel enhances performance – Selecting the right apparel is necessary for any sport you play. For instance, a pair of running shoes is necessary for soccer. But they are not recommended for few other sports as they lack flexibility, traction and lateral stability which are required for other sports. Also, clothing that removes perspiration from the body must be selected.
  • Correct workout equipment avoids injury and adds protection – One of the main reasons of sports related injuries is the use of improperly fitted sports equipment. For example use of shoes that do not fit properly might cause craps, blisters or even slippery. Also some of them might require use of orthotic inserts to avoid leg injuries. It is always advisable to change your shoes after using them for 400 to 500 miles.
  • The movement of the body improves when you wear the right fitted clothes – It is important that the clothes you wear provide you freedom of movement without any obstructions. Your shirt or your shorts should not be too tight that restricts your movement nor should they be too loose that they slip every time you twist, turn or jump.
  • Some compression clothing also helps you to recover from any injury after workout – These compression clothing stimulates blood circulation. This graduated blood flow through muscles helps to remove the lactic acid which is produced during workout. Consequently, the recovery of the body increases and reduces the chances of having sore and stiff muscles. Wearing of compression clothing gives the same effect as massaging.

So get yourself the right athletic apparel before you go for workout or go out play your favorite sports.

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Why Germany Won The World Cup 2014

Now that the excitement of the World Cup 2014 has died down and we have had time to digest the memorable moments of the tournament, this is a good time to reflect and examine why Germany won the trophy.

There is a general consensus that the Germans were deserving winners.

They went to Brazil after passing through a period of failure and underachievement. They had failed to win the World Cup since 1990, finished dead last in their group in the 2000 European Championship and went to the semi-finals in their last 4 major international tournaments but failed to win a trophy.

In discussing the reason for their success in 2014 one could look back to the beginning of the century when Germany revolutionized the game at home by instituting far-reaching reforms with a focus on youth development, by introducing a new policy to include immigrant players in the national team and by using scientific methods to help with the preparation and performance of players.

These were no doubt contributing factors but in my opinion the overriding reasons for their World Cup success were the development of team discipline, an emphasis on attention to details and the team’s overall efficiency.


In the World Cup Germany won the hardest group in the first round including a 4-0 win over Portugal. But it was in the knockout rounds that the overall quality of the team began to appear when they patiently overcame a resolute Algeria and beat host and favorite Brazil 7-1 in the semi-final.

How were they able to do this? The short answer is that it was largely due to discipline. In 7 games, they never conceded a penalty, got only 6 yellow cards and never received a red card while suffering the third most number of fouls of any team.

This discipline did not emerge overnight. As head coach Joachim Loew said «it was the product of many years of work». It started 10 years ago from the days of previous coach Jurgen Klinsmann.

They adopted a ‘team-first approach’ to their game I.e. the players must maintain a belief in collective goals and a consistent commitment to training and preparation on a daily basis.

What emerged from the experience of watching the German team in the World Cup was a model for a young player to learn by evaluating his or her own commitment to the team.

The standards exhibited by the Germans were that a player must make the most of every opportunity on the field, buy into the team’s collective goals, set aside one’s own personal agenda and focus on the team’s objectives.

A high level of mental discipline in controlling emotions in the heat of the competition is also important. A player must stay disciplined and not lose control of his emotions, get sent off and leave the team to play a man down.

Regardless of how much discipline a team has, the process of finding ultimate success is not complete until it acquires another standard set by Germany, namely, attention to detail.


Before the World Cup 50 students from the University of Cologne compiled a database of information about every team, their structure and players which was made available to the German squad.

In Brazil, the Germans set up base by building a 14 villa luxury compound in the middle of a small town of 800 people protected by high walls and armed guards.

It was located in a tropical area in order to prepare the players for the hot conditions they would experience. Care was taken to use grass on the training pitch that was identical to that used on Brazilian pitches.

The camp was like a fortress, made to exclude all outside distractions but ideal for focus and concentration. The players were isolated from the outside world and were given new cell phone numbers to avoid receiving calls from anyone. And of course they had the usual complement of physical fitness specialists and psychologists.

Attention to detail also focused on tactics on the field.

Each player knew what he had to do and did it. Each of the 6 matches leading up to the final was treated as a warm-up and there was no celebration for winning until after the final.

After a close extra-time win over Algeria in the round of 16, the captain Philipp Lahm was moved from the midfield to full back for the last 3 matches. This change of tactic worked because after that they scored 9 and conceded only 2 goals.

It was noticeable that when Germany was defending, their front men retreated into deep positions to help the defense especially to recover balls that rebounded from their keeper. In contrast, when Mexico lost to Holland the Mexican strikers failed to do this; in the 88th minute Mexico was leading and a shot rebounded from Mexican keeper Ochoa and went straight to Dutch attacker, Wesley Sneijder who was unmarked and able to convert it. This neglect of a small detail cost Mexico a place in the quarter final.


In a study conducted among European clubs for the season 2012-2013, to measure the overall efficiency of teams (I.e. the number of goals scored in relation to chances created), two measures were used:-

«Shooting efficiency» measures whether you score more goals than are expected (probable) given the quality of chances you are presented with, and

«Defensive efficiency» measures to see if the number of goals conceded is lower compared to the expectation.

Interestingly the only team that appears in the top 15% in both measures is Bayern Munich (STATS BOMB- Goal Expectation and Efficiency, by Colin Trainor, August 6, 2013). The relevance of this is that the German national team is predominantly made up of Bayern Munich players. They are almost one and the same.

Not for the first time the words «Germany» and «efficiency» appear in the same sentence. In the World Cup this efficiency traversed onto the field of play. In the game against Brazil, Germany were outshot by Brazil 18-14 despite the one-sided result and in the final, Argentina created 3 clear chances and missed them while Germany created one which was taken and so they won.

With the largest population and the richest economy in Europe, Germany has an available pool of young talent and could spend about 1.1 billion dollars since 2001 on the soccer revolution. What has emerged is not a once-in-a-lifetime «golden generation» of players but a sustainable system that can produce great players at the highest level for a long time.

Victor A. Dixon

July 31, 2014

A Short Biography of Famous Soccer Player – Zinedine Zidane

His complete name is Zinedine Yazid Zidane. He was born on 23 June 1972 in Marseille, France. He has nickname of Zizou. He got his start in soccer at an early age, when Zidane played for the club of US Saint-Henri. Zidane is an ex-French World Cup-winning soccer player. His playing position in the field is as attacking midfielder. Even if regarded as a brilliant player even from the time when he was a youngster, nobody imagined of Zidane as a considerable contender to Platini’s place as the best player in the history of France.

Zinedine Yazid Zidane experienced playing for some senior clubs, and they are Cannes (1987-1992) and Girondins (1992-1996) in France, Juventus in Italy (1996-2001), and Real Madrid in Spain (2001-2006), winning main championships and cups with every team.

He was regarded as one of the finest contemporary footballers. The achievements of his career contain assisting his national team of France gain the 1998 World Cup and Euro 2000, as well as with Real Madrid winning the 2002 UEFA Champions League. In 1998 he was entitled the European Footballer of the Year. And also a four-time was named world footballer of the year 1998, 2000, 2003, and 2006. In soccer history Zidane became the most costly player while Real Madrid got him for 46 million pounds (approximately $66 million US Dollars). His colleagues on Real Madrid included big names Luis Figo, David Beckham, and also Ronaldo, amongst others by 2003.

In 2001, Pelé include Zidane in the list of the 125 greatest living soccer players. A flamboyant midfielder, in the World Cups of 1998 and 2006 Zidane gained the Golden Ball as the most worthwhile player. After leading France to the finals of the 2006 World Cup, Zinedine Yazid Zidane got retirement from professional soccer.

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