Liverpool will win the Premier League by a record 20 points – Weekend Overreactions | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Steve Nicol is back with Ross Dyer to overreact to the results in the weekend of football. With Liverpool vanquishing another top foe in Tottenham, can they break Manchester City’s record set in 2018 by winning the Premier League by a 20-point margin? Also in discussion, will Barcelona be out of the Champions League by the time Luis Suarez returns from injury? Will Zlatan Ibrahimovic score 8 goals for AC Milan this season? Is Eddie Howe the next Premier League manager to be sacked? And finally, will Spurs and Manchester United crash out of the FA Cup this week against Middlesbrough and Wolves?

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Pep Guardiola stresses importance of youth at Manchester City | Premier League

Pep Guardiola talks in his pre-match press conference ahead of Aston Villa vs. Manchester City in the Premier League. Guardiola expresses how important it is for younger players to get first team experience at Man City, likening it to his time at Barcelona.
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Tottenham vs. Liverpool: 0-1 Goals & Highlights | Premier League | Telemundo Deportes

Video oficial de Telemundo Deportes. El conjunto red sigue sin conceder una derrota en la Premier League y sacó tres puntos en su visita a unos Spurs combativos.

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Tottenham vs. Liverpool: 0-1 Goals & Highlights | Premier League | Telemundo Deportes

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Gardi premier league Final day 2019/20

Gardi premier league Final day 2019/20

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Every goal from Matchweek 21 in the Premier League | NBC Sports

The Premier League rang in 2020 in style with plenty of scoring and a goal of the season candidate on New Year’s Day. #NBCSports #PremierLeague
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Every goal from Matchweek 21 in the Premier League | NBC Sports

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Town Padanna vs Dreams Kannur || GRAND FINALS || Town Padanna Premier League 2019 || Edition 3

For Live Streaming on Youtube / Facebook – Contact +91-72000 72700

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Arsenal Are In A Mess, But Can Arteta Solve It! | Biased Premier League Show Ft. Troopz

Arsenal Are In A Mess, But Can Arteta Solve It! | Biased Premier League Show Ft. Troopz


AFTV winner of The Best Overall Football Content Creators at The 2018/19 Football Blogging Awards

AFTV is the Unofficial Voice of Arsenal Fans around the world. AFTV is a platform where fans can voice their independent opinions on the greatest football club in the world.

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Short Biography of Famous Soccer Player – Oliver Kahn

His full name is Oliver Rolf Kahn. He was born June 15, 1969 in Karlsruhe, Germany. He was a German soccer player and played the position of the goalkeeper for Bayern Munich. From 1988 until 1994, Kahn played for Karlsruher. He has played 86 games for the Germany national team. His nicknames are "King Kahn" or "the titan".

Kahn began his career at Karlsruher SC and in 1994 was transferred to Bayern Munich, his last professional club. He's a modern goalkeeper, that manages his defenders splendidly and he also has the power of character to make himself heard and esteemed by his teammates, which is a surprising achievement considering he's playing together with world class superstars at Bayern Munich and the German national team.

He is one of the most triumphant and famous soccer players of German in latest history, having won eight German championships, six German cups, the UEFA Cup in 1996, the UEFA Champions League and the Intercontinental Cup, both in 2001.

His personal contributions have received him four consecutive UEFA Best European Goalkeeper awards, three IFFHS World's Best Goalkeeper of the Year awards. He is regarded to be one of the greatest goalkeepers of the all time and is the only goalkeeper in the history of football to win the FIFA World Cup Golden Ball (in World Cup 2002).

At 38 years of age, the majority players, even goalkeepers, make a decision to hang up their soccer boots, but not Oliver Kahn. For all we know, we might as well observe Oliver Kahn play for Germany in yet another World Cup in 2010.

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Spanish Cuisine

No one can deny that national cuisine in most of the countries is one of the things that might alert tourists’ attention, and Spain is not an exception. As any Mediterranean country it combines features of its neighbors; in particular, it is related to France and Italy, being one of the best in the world for quality and variety of products. In contrast, it is impossible to talk seriously about the existence of ethnic cuisine, but it is more appropriate to consider a number of regional cuisines, each of which was influenced by climatic conditions and lifestyle. In general, Spanish cuisine is likely to use such techniques as quenching in wine (red in the south and west of the country and white in the east), baking with feta cheese and roasting on a lattice (grill). Specific for all regional cuisines is the widespread use of green sage and crushed walnuts. Before starting the checkup of main peculiarities of regional cooking traditions it will be helpful to clarify its common issues and dishes:

1.Paella is a Valencia rice dish, which in its modern form emerged in the mid-19th century. The majority of non-Spaniards consider paella as Spanish national dish in contrast to Spaniards’ conviction that this dish is exclusively Valencia and is believed to be a symbol of the region.

2.Jamon (Hamon) appears to be the Spanish name of ham, delicatessen, jerked pork ham.

3.Tapas are a wide variety of appetizers, or snacks, in Spanish cuisine. They may be cold (such as mixed olives and cheese) or warm (such as chopitos, which are battered, fried squid).

4.Spain is a cheese country, where wide distribution is achieved by firm cheeses (Idiazabel, Majon, Manchego), fresh cheeses (Afuega’l pitu, Mato), blue cheeses (Cabrales, Picón Bejes-Tresviso) and cream cheeses.

5.Without any doubt wine is the basic element of all and each of the regional cuisines of Spain. Spain, along with France and Italy, appear to be three of the largest wine producers in the world.

Catalan cuisine has absorbed all that is best in Mediterranean cuisine. Basically, it is amazingly simple, based on maintaining an authentic taste of seasonal products, and traditional in its core. The Catalans are people who think in contrasts. They like to combine the incompatible ingredients and mix a myriad of using all that fresh that appears on the market. The most typical of this area is the cuisine called «Mar i Muntanya», which means «sea and mountain». This is a delicious and unusual way of mixing seafood with meat products. Such combinations include pork and scallops, tuna soup with snails, rabbit and chicken with crayfish. It is also important to note that it is here hot pepper sauce romesco is served, traditional flavored goulash with saffron, seafood, tomatoes and potatoes, which are often sprinkled on top with alioli («ali» means «garlic» and «oli» – olive oil).

Galicia (in the north-west, the Atlantic coast) is a center of fishery industry, which delivers the best seafood, especially scallops, which are known as «a symbol of Santiago.» In the city of Santiago de Compostela there is a tomb of the apostle of Santiago, and a traditional Spanish almond cake originated here, which is always decorated with a sword in the memory of the saint. The king of all dishes, of course, the octopus in Galician or pulpo a la feria, cooked in traditional copper pot, and is served on a wooden stand with potatoes, finely chopped, sprinkled with large sea salt and paprika. One more thing to taste is wines, which include also specific ones; particularly, besides simple fishermen wines, Albarino (Albariño) draws a big attention, being the white one with flavors of apricot, peach, almonds, apples and fresh herbs.

One more rich seafood region is the Basque Country, where the basic principle of cooking is a minimum of hot spices, but fresh products only. In almost every bar you will find tapas and every good restaurant participates in a competition for the best tapas of the year. However,tapas can be replaced by gambas pil pil (prawns fried in olive oil) and champerniogne pil pil (mushrooms, roasted with garlic), which are served in low round ceramic plates. Travelers also may try piperada – soft scrambled eggs with red pepper, tomatoes and garlic. San Sebastian in the Bay of Biscay is a popular fishing port from which the traditional salted cod (balacao) is provided. A special popularity is gained by cod in garlic sauce, fins of the sea pike, huge burgers made from beef on the grill and fry of the eel. There are many truffles and fresh mushrooms in the cuisine, which are fried, baked in casseroles or put in a pie. A big choice of cheeses might be a considerable question for both locals and tourists. It is worth tasting a traditional for this area cheese sort Idiazabalmade from raw sheep’s milk solely and is fermented for at least two months to acquire a delicate creamy taste.

The old and new Castile is a home of many traditional Spanish dishes, where chickpeas (nutes), beans, chorizo and pisto (paste of garlic, herbs and olive oil) are in favor. The distinctive feature of this cuisine is held in Arabic influence; particularly, nutes are imported initially by Carthaginians. Traditional potato tortilla (tortilla) also hails from this area as well as it is worth tasting local roasted suckling pig and lamb steak. The pig must be weighing from three to four pounds, and only 15-20 days old. To cook it an old oven is used, in which meat becomes more tender. Visiters should not forget about the magnificent fish dishes of this area. The most popular ones arebacalao al ajo arriero (cod with garlic sauce),dos y pingada (ham and eggs), arroz a la zamorana (ricein Samoranian) and sopa de ajo (garlic soup). Wine lovers can test local winery achievements of such areas as Ribera-del-Duero (sophisticated and expensive red and rose wines), Rueda (light, fresh and fruity white wines) and Toro (highly concentrated sorts).

Moroccan culture has made a huge impact on the Andalusia cuisine as far as the Moors helped locals to get acquainted with citrus,almond and rice for paella. Cold soup gaspachois bornin Andalusia. Today it is cooked with tomatoes, olive oil, apple cider vinegar and garlic in contrast to those times, when there were no tomatoes in Europe and gaspacho was prepared from white grapes and almonds, frayed along with Moorish mortar and pestle. Andalusia can also both with classic salad of oranges and remojon (salted cod), escabeche (pickled fish) and many tapas snacks.

To sum up, it is appropriate to admit that the whole variety of Spanish cuisine can be met in Madrid’s restaurants, where both mixed and solely regional cuisine might be tasted. As one can see an influence of both Europeans and Arabs is observed, which reflects Spanish history within cuisine boundaries. That is why Spanish cooking traditions are acknowledged as one of the tourist attractions in this country.

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Max by James Patterson – Book Review

Max is the fifth book in this series with Maximum Ride and her flock. In the last book, The Final Warning, the flock was working on global warming.

Max begins with the group performing in air shows that were organized by Max’s mom, Dr. Valencia Martinez. Their main goal is to make the public more aware of air pollution. As the group is performing, a sniper attacks them. Not only is their life in danger but there is another major problem. Millions of fish are dying and no one knows why.

The government recruits Max and the flock to help find the problem. They discover that a company is disposing dangerous waste materials into the ocean.

Even though this book is geared to the teen level, adults will find this adventuresome book entertaining also. I have read many of the books in this series and feel this one is the best yet. The flock takes the reader on a wild ride and leaves them with a suspenseful ending that will keep them hanging. The reader will want the next book to come out soon to find out what happened.

James Patterson has written a book that is filled with action and even has some romance. He tells the story in such a way that it almost sounds believable. At the same time, the book is sending out messages about subjects like pollution, etc. Max is a book that will keep take you on another journey you will not forget. Be sure to add Max to your reading list.

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