Manchester United Premier League Preview 2012-13

After finishing runners up in the Premier league last season to rivals Manchester City, United will have more than a point to prove this season, after dominating the Premier League since its inauguration in 1992 nothing will have hurt more than losing out to their most bitter of rivals.

United had a relatively poor 2011-12 season by their own high standards, finishing without any major honors for the first time since 2006. Following a shock defeat at home to Crystal Palace in the Carling Cup quarter finals, the Red Devils succumbed to a 2 -1 defeat by Liverpool in the fourth round of the FA Cup and they also failed to reach the knock-out stage of the Champions League and again falling in the last sixteen of the Europa League.

After a promising start to last seasons Premier league campaign the Reds will be even more disappointed as they seemed to be set to retain their title with just a few games remaining, however they uncharacteristically capitulated with just a few games remaining and finally lost out in the title race on goal difference to their arch rivals.

After a relatively quiet pre-season in the transfer market Manchester United have already signed Shinji Kagawa from Borussia Dortmund for a transfer fee thought to be in the region of £ 12m and Nick Powell from Crewe in a reported £ 3m deal. United have now also completed the transfer of Arsenal captain Robin van Persie, who will now team up with Wayne Rooney to form one of the Premier Leagues most formidable forward partnerships.

United will have to cope with the absence of defender Chris Smalling who is likely to miss up to ten weeks of the season due to a broken metatarsal, however United will be boosted by captain Nemanja Vidic's return from injury, and the news that Darren Fletcher has returned to training after a long absence with health problems.

Several players have left Old Trafford this summer, including Park Ji-sung who has joined Queens Park Rangers, Tomasz Kuszczak to Brighton on a free transfer, Paul Pogba to Juventus, Fabio Da Silva also to Queens Park Rangers on loan, and Michael Owen who has been released by the club after failing to claim a regular starting place in the team.

The key fixtures for this season will definitely be against Manchester City, who they face at the Etihad Stadium on in December and at Old Trafford at the beginning of April, an away game at Arsenal and a home game with Chelsea in their last four fixtures could define United's season as they look to claim their twentieth league title.

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Some Tangy Facts About Oranges

One of the most popular of all citrus fruits, oranges attract maximum fan following on account of their juicy, tangy and pulpy taste. This citrus fruit is not only a great source of Vitamin C but is also a healthy reenergizing drink. Research suggests that more than 70% of the US population consume orange juice. No fitness enthusiast begins his day without a glass of orange juice! Inspite of its universal popularity, few people are aware of some of the most interesting facts associated with this fruit. Given below are some juicy orange facts.

a) Oranges were first imported from China to the United States. It is the fourth most popular fruit in the US besides being the largest citrus crop in the world.

b) Brazil is the largest producer of oranges in the world!

c) The origin of citrus fruit can be traced to Asia some 20 million years ago. Citrus was first mentioned in literature in 2400 BC However, it's been just 125 years since the United States started cultivating orange trees.

d) Oranges are available in multiple varieties including Valencia orange, navel orange, Hamlin, Moro and so on. Navel oranges are more popular as they can be easily peeled off.

e) The name 'navel orange' has been derived from the appearance of the fruit, which resembles a bellybutton or navel.

f) In 1873, three navel orange trees were brought from Brazil and planted in Riverside, California. Today, one of the three original trees is still alive and producing fruit!

g) Many people confuse the quality of oranges on account of a greenish tinge on its skin. A little green on orange surface is chiefly the result of 'Re-greening' (a process where ripe oranges turn from orange to green left on the trees for long). However, this does not affect either the taste or nutrition of the fruit.

h) Oranges have more fiber content than most fruits and vegetables!

i) Celebrities like the music king Russell Simmons, actor William Shatner and model Angela Lindvall worked behind the counters of a local orange juice store before initiating their famous careers.

These orange fun facts will really make you feel amazed the next time you see a glass of orange juice lying on your table. Any why not, hardly anyone pays attention to the simple things around us!

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Implications of the FairTax

There are conflicting reports over exactly how long the US Tax Code is, but estimates range from 16,500 to 2,500,000 pages long. Even on the conservative end of 16,500 pages, that’s a whole lot of pages on taxes. It is virtually impossible for any one person to know all of it and I would be exceedingly wary of anyone who claims to know it ALL.

This is one of the reasons that many on both sides of the political aisle have said we need to simplify the tax code. My favorite idea is the nonpartisan legislation known as the FairTax. The FairTax Act is a mere 132 pages and would replace our current tax laws.

The FairTax Act, as proposed, would eliminate the IRS, AMT (alternative minimum tax), federal income taxes, corporate taxes, capital gains taxes, payroll taxes, Social Security, Medicare, self-employment taxes, estate taxes, and gift taxes with a national sales tax. The national sales tax as defined in the Act would be 23% (tax-inclusive) or 30% (tax-exclusive), depending on how you define it.

Tax-inclusive, the tax rate would be 23%. Simply put, if you purchase a good for $100, $23 dollars would go to the government. Hence, the tax is included in the price. Tax-exclusive, the tax rate would be 30%. This means that if you buy the same good for $77, you would be accessed a 30% tax, which would make your total $100. In either case, you spend $100 for the same good.

The tax would only be applied once on new goods and services used for personal consumption. Anything purchased used or secondhand would not be subject to the tax. In addition, the tax would not be levied on intermediate business purchases.

The Act also calls for a monthly «prebate» to be issued to every family for purchases up to the poverty level. This means that every month, every household would receive a rebate check for purchases that household will make on necessary goods up to the poverty level.

Under our current system illegal immigrants don’t pay taxes, yet receive benefits, benefits being paid by legal taxpayers. Under the FairTax Act the monthly prebate would not be given to illegal immigrants, but illegal immigrants would still be paying the sales tax, which provides additional revenue to the government that is currently unaccounted for.

The FairTax would provide increased government transparency, but at the loss of tax deductions. However, even with tax deductions becoming meaningless, business owners and corporations still have much more to gain. For instance, businesses would not be required to pay corporate, self-employment, payroll, or capital gains. Businesses would keep more of their money and only be taxed on new goods or services purchased. In most cases, this would mean an increase in your business’s bottom line.

We all know that having more money in your pocket will lead to either increased spending or increased saving/investing. Increased spending would mean more tax revenue for the government at the time of purchase. If you save/invest, then your savings/investment will be able to grow tax-deferred until you spend it at which point you’ll pay taxes on it. The end result is that all income will be taxed, but the question is when. The primary benefit to you as a business owner or as an individual is that you determine WHEN and HOW you pay.

For more information check out the Official FairTax Site as well as the FairTax wikipedia article

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VPL 4 – Valpoi Premier League 2019 (Afternoon Session) | Valpoi Sattari Goa

Bring Back Cricket (BBC)

Organizes :
Valpoi Premier League 4

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FPL GW16: KNEEJERK LIVE STREAM | TIME FOR RASHFORD? | Fantasy Premier League Tips 2019/20

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Youth Sport Teams Opting to Stay in Vacation Homes Vs Hotels

Youth sport tournaments are popular in most large US cities. Sports teams on the go now include everything from soccer to softball, volleyball to cheerleading. Team leaders and organizers often face the challenge of where to house their team. Unless reservations are made far in advance, hotels and motels are almost always booked. They also lack the youth-friendly accommodations that these events need for kids and teens to feel at home. All the more reason why youth sport organizers increasingly choose vacation homes for their teams to stay for any away activities, competitions and tournaments.

Close Proximity to Tournament Venues

Vacation homes are often just as conveniently located to tournament and sports venues as hotels and motels. For kids, teens and event leaders / organizers, being just minutes away from where events are held can be a key factor. Such homes are not only close to arenas, ball parks and convention centers, but they're also very often just minutes from major entertainment attractions that allow kids, teens and their charges to unwind.

There's No Place like Home

Tournament organizers and team managers are discovering that vacation homes can be very accommodating to youth sport teams. Many such homes feature kids / bunk rooms, two or three bunk beds and two trundles, which offer the extra convenience of allowing many kids to share the same bedroom. Some four-bedroom vacation homes can sleep as many as 16. And most have a sofa sleeper in the family room that sleeps an additional two.

Entertainment for Kids, Teens and their Charges

Many vacation homes are designed to keep kids, teens and their charges entertained, something they need after a day of physically and mentally challenging competition. These homes typically have smart TVs, action-packed gaming systems like X-Box, DVD players, Foosball, Netflix, and Wi-Fi access for smartphones, tablets and laptops. Such connectivity options also help keep everyone up to date on both local tournament activities and sports events throughout the world.

Pools, Spas and BBQs

After a busy day of tryouts and tough challenges, kids, teens and their charges need to unwind. Vacation homes let guests do something they usually can't do in a hotel or motel-prepare hot dogs, burgers or steaks on a BBQ in the privacy of their own backyard. No waiting for BBQs to be available or sharing yard space with strange hotel / motel guests. Each home usually includes a large outdoor dining table and chairs, plus a comfortable seating area. Most homes also have an in-ground, private, gated pool and a relaxing spa or hot tub. Here, adults can de-stress with their fellow charges while youth swim competitors can practice their techniques, again all in the privacy of people they know.

Three Square Meals

Staying in a vacation home lets guests enjoy healthy, economical meals for kids and teens – three times a day. Unlike hotels and motels, which offer inflexible menus, most vacation homes allow guests to prepare unique meals that fit their teams' health and taste preferences. Each home features fully equipped kitchens with stainless steel appliances (dishwasher, fridge, microwave and double oven), granite counters, and large breakfast bars. The kitchens also come with pots, pans, bakeware, cooking utensils, dishes, flatware, even kitchen towels and paper towels-just like home.

Economical Cleaning Services

Youth sports teams can be hard on clothes and uniforms. Hotel / motel laundry services can be very expensive for an entire team. Most vacation homes include a washing machine and dryer for economical in-home convenience. Cleaning up after kids and teens can also be a chore, which is why most homes also have available housekeeping services.

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Test Your Fancy Nancy Trivia

Do you know Fancy Nancy? Well, if you are a 4 to 6 year old girl, you surely know who she is. Nancy, the creative brilliance of author Jane O’Connor, is a young girl who loves everything fancy. The original story book in the series, suitably titled «Fancy Nancy» spins the tale of Nancy, a pint-sized curly-auburn haired girl who loves to speak using fancy French words, dresses in fancy clothing, and loves just about any else that is fancy. Even Nancy’s favorite doll is tres fancy – her doll’s name, Marabelle, is short for Marabelle Lavinia Chandelier. Unfortunately the rest of Nancy’s family is very plain. Nancy even goes so far as to give her family lessons on the differences between plain and fancy. Glasses…plain, sunglasses…fancy! Nancy’s signature clothing is a cow print leotard paired with a poodle skirt, fairy wings, cat-eye sunglasses, leg warmers, ballet slippers and a tiara. The unique and whimsical illustrations, by Robin Preiss Glasser, add to the delightful nature of these books.

In subsequent picture books in the Fancy Nancy series, including «Bonjour Butterfly», the «Posh Puppy» and «Explorer Extraordinaire», you meet Nancy’s dog Frenchy and her best friend Bree.

Jane O’Connor’s inspiration for all of her books,, including the Fancy Nancy series, comes from her own life experiences, or those of her family. Every Sunday afternoon, when Jane was about 4 or 5 years old, her grandmother and great aunts would come to visit Jane and her family. «As soon as I heard the doorbell ring,» Jane says, «I would race to my room, jump in my pink tutu, wrap a satin red cape around me, and come galoomphing out to greet my guests in a pair of my mom’s high heels. I wasn’t a girlie-girl, but I felt it was important to look fancy for company.» O’Connor was Fancy Jane long before she wrote Fancy Nancy.

What does being fancy mean to Nancy? It means frilly toothpicks in sandwiches, eating with your pinkies up, lace trimmed socks while playing soccer, and do-it-yourself canopies over her bed.

Jane O’Connor’s Fancy Nancy hysteria has blossomed into a growing series of picture books, I can read books, as well as Fancy Nancy gifts and merchandise such as dolls, doll clothes, puzzles, games, birthday party supplies, bedroom accessories and of course Fancy Nancy dress up clothes for little girls. You can find a Fancy Nancy gift for all occasions.

Check out our Fancy Nancy Trivia to see how much you know about this remarkable little girl:

A. What word is written on the pillow that rests on Nancy’s bed?

B. What is Nancy’s favorite color?

C. What is the name of the restaurant where Nancy and her family go out to eat?

D. What’s the name of Nancy’s best friend?

E. What is the full name of Nancy’s doll? (hint: We mentioned it above)

F. Who are Nancy’s next door neighbors (on each side of her house)?

G. What does Nancy think she will be when she grows up?

H. What is the name of Mrs. DeVine’s dog?

I. What breed is Nancy’s dog?

J. What is Nancy’s teacher’s name?

K. What is Nancy’s middle name?

L. What is Nancy’s last name?

M. What is Nancy’s dog’s name?

N. What does she use to hold up her bed canopy?

O. What is the name of Fancy Nancy’s sister?

P. What was Mrs DeVine’s profession?

Q. What breed is Mrs. DeVine’s dog?

R. In what city did Mrs. DeVine live as a child?

S. What is Nancy’s baby sitter’s name?

Answers: A: Sublime; B: Fuchsia; C: The King’s Crown; D: Bree; E: Marabelle Lavinia Chandelier; F: Bree (her best friend) and Mrs. DeVine; G: A lepidopterist (that’s a fancy word for a scientist who studies butterflies); H: Jewel; I: La Salle spaniel; J: Ms. Glass; K: She doesn’t have a middle name; L: Clancy (yes…that makes her Fancy Nancy Clancy!); M: Frenchy; N: A broom and a mop; O. JoJo; P. Beauty care professional (she worked at a hair salon); Q: Papillion; R: Hollywood; S. Alex

O’Connor quotes excerpted from her interview with National Public Radio

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Synthetic Vs Leather Soccer Cleats

Soccer cleats are available in many different materials and each has its own positive and negative points. Choosing the best possible cleats is certain to help improve your all-round playing performance and potential. The most common types of soccer cleats include those made in real leather and the alternatives using synthetic material.

Here is an overview of the different materials:


The soccer cleats in real leather are seen as the most comfortable and give the best possible fit. This material can easily conform or stretch to match the unique shape of the individual player’s foot over time. However, this stretching quality can be a negative on occasion, especially if it starts to over stretch which means it is necessary to invest in a new pair of cleats.

Leather is a thicker material compared to the synthetic alternatives, so it has the ability to give greater protection to the feet. Plus, with this type of cleat conforming to the shape of the foot it is certain to help with ball control.

However, the leather material does have a few minor issues. For one, leather is quite absorbent which means the cleats will be more difficult to clean and become heavier, while in use in the wet playing conditions.

Hybrid leather is a useful solution to help those players that often play in the wet condition. This type of cleat is made with a treated leather and synthetic quarter to improve the all-round water resistance.

A particular type of leather that is very light and supple is kangaroo leather. It is still able to maintain the strength of traditional leather, but this is a soft material that gives superior performance with a soft touch and great ball control.


Cleats in synthetic materials have seen a lot of improvement in recent times that has left them quite similar to the alternatives in leather. It is a material that gives greater options with designs and also holds color well. Plus, this is the preferred type of cleat for wet conditions because it is more able to resist water penetration. The modern cleats are starting to become thinner and lighter to help maintain the feel and control of the ball.

However, it is essential to look for cleats made with a high-quality material. The low-cost options can be quite heavy and feel less comfortable to wear. Also, it is beneficial to wear the cleats in a breathable material.

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5 Factors to Consider When Buying Soccer Cleats

Whether you are a newbie or an expert player, you should consider some factors before buying a new pair of soccer cleats. You have so many options and it’s not easy to make the right decision. Remember: your footwear doesn’t make you a good soccer player, but they will surely help a lot. Given below is a read that can help you get the right pair of shoes.

Think About Your Playing Style

First off, you should find out how you play. Every player has a different style of playing soccer. You should consider your playing style when choosing soccer cleats. Some players stick to the same position, while others change positions. Just make sure they will suit your playing style.

Consider The Pitches You Are Going to Play on

Based on the pitches you are going to play on, you should choose the right pair. For instance, if you are going to play on wet pitches you may not want to go for HG soccer cleats. This type will cause you to slip on wet surface. Some are ideal for most types of surfaces. Keep in mind that this is one of the most important factors that you should think about before investing in an expensive pair.

Material Used For the Upper

Soccer players don’t have the same choice when it comes to the upper that manufacturers use in the soccer cleats. For instance, some players go for a pair that offers consistent performance. For consistent performance, soccer cleats containing synthetic uppers are a good choice. Some manufacturers use the same material for a range of their soccer cleats, while others use a variety of styles and materials. This gives soccer players a lot of options.

The Weight of The Shoes

The weight is another factor that gives soccer players a lot of options. Over the past several years, the average weight has come down due to the advent of new technology and material. According to experts, the average weight is 9.4oz. If your pair is too heavy, you may not be as comfortable as you should be. On the other hand, a too light pair will not be as strong and reliable as it should be. Therefore, you may want to go for a pair that is both strong and light weight.

Decide on The Budget

Budget is an important factor to think about when buying shoes. First of all, you should set a budget and should never go over it. Based on all the factors given above, you can easily decide on the amount of money you want to spend. Second, if you shop around, you can easily get a good pair at discount prices. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. But price shouldn’t be your first factor to choose the product you want.

So, buying soccer cleats will be a piece of cake for you if you consider the factors given above. Hope this will help.

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Football Boots Buying Guide

With time, football boots are becoming an essential accessory for football players. These shoes come in thousands of styles, as there are many manufacturers out there. So, which shoes should you go for? Here are some pieces of advice from experts to make it easier for you.


Do your feet hurt in your shoes? If you can not walk comfortably in your shoes, how can you play with them on? In other words, comfort is the first thing that should be considered when buying a good pair.

Price level

You have to set a price limit. In the store, you may be tempted by the thought that you can go for that awesome pair if you spend just a few more bucks. But believe me, you should not cross the price barrier you set. Most of the time, good football boots come with a price tag of not more than $ 200. This can be a good price limit for you.

Size Matters

No matter how cheap it may be, do not grab a pair that is too big for you. While the price may be tempting, do not make this mistake. Playing in a pair that does not fit you is a sure fire way to lose a game.

Do not Try on Big Names

Big names do not needlessly make the best shoes. Small or less popular manufacturers can also make quite good shoes. In other words, there is no harm in trying on shoes made by less popular brands. As long as they make shoes that meet your requirements, you can buy from them.

Shop Around

Shopping around may ensure you get the best pair at the best price. In the market, you should visit several stores to get quotes and check out different pairs. This is the only most reliable and conventional way of buying the shoes you want.

Avoid Marketing Ploys

Do you want the same brand of shoes that Cristiano Ronaldo put on? If you do, stop. Are you sure the same brand will be best for you too? There is a chance that the pair made by that manufacture will not fit you. So, this is not the right way to buy a pair of boots, especially for playing football.

Buying Online

While online stores may be cheaper than physical stores, buying shoes from an online store does not seem like a good idea unless the store is trustworthy. The size may be wrong or the appearance may be different from the pictures you saw on their website. Moreover, you can not try on the shoes you saw on a website. How can you ensure that the boots will be comfortable? Therefore, it's a good idea that you go to a local store and try on a few good pairs.

There you go! Hopefully, if you re-read these tips before heading for your local store to try on different pairs of shoes, you will not buy the wrong pair. Usually, when people buy from online stores without thinking about the important tips given in this article, they end up with wrong pairs.