The Craziest Festivals in Spain

We all know that the Spanish love to enjoy themselves and the most extravagant display of this desire to have fun is embodied in their popular annual festivals, or «ferias» as known in Spanish, that take place in nearly all of the villages and towns throughout Spain.

Some of these carnivals have deep historical and religious roots and others are more modern and are just about having fun. Yet one thing is for sure, the festivals that I am about to talk about are completely bizarre and definitely not for the faint-hearted. I’m not just talking about the Semana Santa Feria in Seville for example where the most you will see is colourful flamenco dresses and lots of drunk people dancing in private tents. I’m talking about the really weird festivals that take place in Spain that would give a health and safely inspector a heart attack! So if it’s on your bucket list to do something wild and out of control, I’ve created a calendar of events so you can spend most of the year being downright deranged (or at least watching others act that way!)

JANUARY – San Vicente de Martir – this controversial event takes place on the last Sunday of every January in the town of Manganeses de la Polvorosa, Zamora. The pious villagers honour their patron, St. Vincent, by choosing probably the most unlucky goat in the whole of Spain. The poor unfortunate beast is then carried in a procession down the meandering streets where it is transported up the bell tower of the local church and subsequently thrown out of a window some 50ft high to its impending doom. The flying goat is hopefully caught by villagers holding tarpaulins directly below. The hapless animal that does not survive this dreadful ordeal is then discarded and the partying continues. However, should the goat survive (which is rare) it is then paraded through the streets on the shoulders of the partygoers marking the beginning of this bizarre festival and will become a local legend for years to come. Animal rights activists have on many occasions attempted to ban this cruel carnival. However, to date the villagers show no sign of relenting and giving up this strange ancient tradition.

FEBRUARY – El Entroido – this festival in the town of Laza is probably one of the weirdest and is a celebration of the end of winter and the beginning of spring. This strange party involves people throwing large antballs at each other. Yes, you read this correctly… they actually gather large balls of mud swarming with live ants and hurl them randomly at any unfortunate person that happens to be their target! However, it is very interesting to watch (perhaps from a balcony out of the way of manure-smelling missiles!) as the colourful and very ornate «Peliqueiros» run through the streets holding flaming torches. Later on, all of the festival-goers gather together where they dance, throw even more dirt at each other, start whipping people and stuff their faces with the barbecued heads of goats and pigs. At the end of the Entroido they hold a funeral for the sardines in which a giant replica sardine is set alight and villagers either dress in black to signify they are mourning the sardine or white to imitate sardine ghosts. During the hustle and bustle, a «morena» then enters the stage, which is a person dressed as a brown cow complete with a wooden cow’s mask. The cow then proceeds to butt its head into the crowds and use its horns to lift up womens’ skirts! Udder madness!

MARCH – Las Fallas – The Fire Festival in Valencia takes place between 15th – 20th March and is a pyromaniac’s dream come true. This unusual, and let’s face it, perilous event consists of raging fires, eruptions of flames, fireworks, lively music, bonfires and of course lots of drinking and eating. Giant puppets called ninots are carefully crafted leading up to this five-day spectacular which are then dotted around the city centre. During the day there are many exploding firecrackers being set off throughout the city and at 2pm there is an impressive firework display called La Mascleta. The culmination of this festival is on 19th March at exactly midnight when all the street lights are turned off and all but one of these magnificent paper mache sculptures are set alight. The chosen ninot that is not consumed by the fire is then placed in the Fallas Museum in Valencia.

MAY – La Batalla de la Rata Muerta – The Dead Rat Battle – mmmm, sounds lovely. I think I’ll book some flights at go there on 6th May! Now I’m getting a theme here… the Spanish just love to throw things at each other whether it’s fire or ants – but no, they have to go one step further in the town of El Puig in Valencia and throw dead rats!!! Yuk. In the annual Fiesta de San Pedro Nolasco, instead of a pinata they use a similar paper mache ornament called a «cucana». However, unlike a pinata which contains sweeties, half of the cucanas don’t contain anything of the sugar variety but instead are harbouring a dead rat. If you’re fortunate enough to have a deceased rodent in your cucana (yes, you’re deemed a winner) you get to use this as a projectile to throw at other partygoers and a fun for all begins. The Spanish really are quite mad.

JUNE – El Colacho – this traditional holiday dating back to 1620 is more commonly known as the «Baby Jumping Festival» and takes place in the first week of June in the village of Castrillo de Murcia near Burgos. Celebrating the Catholic feast of Corpus Christi, the week-long festivities culminate on the Sunday when the baby jumping takes place during the village procession. No, I’m not talking about babies themselves jumping about on tiny trampolines. The «Salto del Colacho» (Devil’s jump) actually involves men dressed as the Devil jumping over mattresses. The unusual aspect of this act is that lying on the mattresses beneath the leaping satans are babies who were born in the previous 12 months. Now you’re probably asking yourselves, «why on earth do they do this?» Well, as legend has it this act is said to cleanse the new souls of original sin and ensure their safe passage through life, guarding them against evil spirits. I think I prefer the traditional baptismal ceremony of pouring holy water over a baby’s head. Let’s face it, it is a much safer option!

JUNE – La Batalla del Vino – This crazy wine-throwing festival takes place a town called Haro, in the wine-growing region of Rioja. It is held on 29th June on the patron saint day of San Pedro. The procession begins at 7am with hundreds of people standing in the streets dressed in white shirts and red scarves, all carrying containers filled with red wine. The town’s Mayor leads the procession on horseback and after a mass is celebrated there is a real free-for-all fun wine battle. You really need to be wearing goggles if you’re in the heart of this drunken festival as everybody begins to throw wine everywhere! At noon, the partygoers return to the Plaza de la Paz followed by bullfights in the town’s bullring. The Haro wine festival is pure unadulterated pandemonium and lots of fun for those who don’t mind resembling a sticky blueberry after the celebrations are over! If you miss this madness, then a similar chaotic festival takes place in a town called Pobla del Duc in Valencia on the last Friday in August. La Raima involves folk throwing lots of grapes at each other and getting very messy indeed.

JULY – La Rapa das Bestas – this ludicrous festival takes place on the first weekend in July in a town called Sabucedo, Galicia. The Shearing of the Beasts involves a group of very brave (or probably mad!) men attempting to wrestle and tame a large group of wild horses that are brought down from the mountains. The three-day weekend celebrations begin when the herders set off in the early hours into the mountains to collect some 600 horses in total. It culminates in the rounding up of the wild horses in a «curro» (an ancient stone amphitheatre) where men attempt to mount each horse and clip its mane and tail. Young horses are also caught and branded with a hot iron – poor things! This peculiar festival dates back from the beginning of the 18th Century and as you can imagine it is an extremely dangerous event. Only experienced villages are allowed to take part in the curro but visitors can go up into the mountains to gather the beasts. Now you have to bear in mind that these horses are wild in nature anyway and the shock of being brought down from the mountains and being herded into a confined space makes them even more ferocious! Each day ends with a lot of partying and at the end of the third curro on the Sunday all the horses are herded up and set free again in the mountains.

JULY – Bous a la Mar – The «Bulls to the Sea» festival takes place on the first Saturday in July in the town of Denia, Alicante and really is for the «non compos mentis». The feria lasts a full week but the highlight is watching bulls chase people down the main street where they eventually arrive at a pier. The bulls are taunted so much that they become extremely aggravated and in a raging fury they jump into the sea after those mad enough to join in this strange festival. After a while in the sea being goaded even more by the brave participants, the bulls are eventually rounded up and towed back to shore. As usual, a massive street party follows and most people don’t remember what happens next. Now, if this is too much for you then perhaps the next festival is a better one to watch (definitely not participate in though) as it doesn’t involve swimming with raging bulls!

JULY – La Feria de San Fermin – The Crazy Bull Running Festival is well-known and very popular with tourists from all over the world. San Fermin takes place in Pamplona, Navarra, between 7th-14th July when every morning at 8am a firecracker signals the beginning of the bull run. Hundreds of insane people run down the narrow streets of the old town with fearsome bulls chasing after them. This crazy run ends in the town’s bullring where young cows with wrapped horns are released and the insane participants are then thrown about a little by these beasts. The unfortunate bulls are later killed in the bullring when the bullfighting starts in the afternoon. During this week there are many other events that take place, such as the giants and big heads parade and «el struendo» where people gather at midday at the Town Hall to make as much noise as possible for several hours. However, the bull run is the main event that puts Pamplona at the top of the festival charts.

JULY – La Fiesta de Santa Maria de Ribarteme – now you’ve heard about the festival paying tribute to the dead in Mexico – el Dia de los Muertos? Well believe it or not, in Spain they actually have a celebration in honour of those who have nearly died. The Near Death Festival takes place on 29th July in a town called Las Nieves, in Galicia. The lucky ones who nearly managed to cheat death the previous year are paraded through the streets in coffins – yep, you know just to remind them of what their fate could have been like! The streets are packed with thousands of people whilst the relatives of the nearly dead ones carry each respective coffin through the procession. A special mass begins in the local church and once it is over the coffins are then carried up the hill to the town cemetery where they are paraded a bit more before being brought back to the church. The almost dead rise out of their coffins and begin to tell people about their extraordinary near-death experiences. The celebrations begin and everyone parties the night away giving thanks for the fact that they are all still alive. Oh I love the Spanish – they can think of any excuse to have a party!

AUGUST – La Tomatina – the final festival on my list is another popular event that is known throughout the world. The Tomato-Throwing Festival takes place in the town of Bunol near Valencia on the last Wednesday in August. The Tomatina begins in the Plaza del Pueblo with a jaman being placed on top of a large greasy wooden post. The goal is for someone to climb it and knock the jaman off whilst spectators are entertained with music and dancing. Oh, and they’re also belted with tonnes of water from hoses – I suppose they’re going to get wet sooner or later so that’s no problem! La Tomatina begins as soon as the jaman is knocked off the pole and a loud shot is heard. This carnival is essentially a large tomato fight where villagers gather in the streets (not in their best clothing like during most other festivals!) and large trucks come along filled with squashy tomatoes. The lucky people in the truck then get to throw about 150,000 crushed tomatoes at anybody and everybody. After exactly an hour, the fight ends with the sounding of a second shot and the village (and villagers) are then hosed down before another kind of partying that doesn’t involve tomatoes begins.

Well, as you can see from these festivals, the Spanish are truly mad and seem to have an affinity with hurling things at each other, getting very messy, making fools of themselves, dancing and drinking lots and lots. It’s true that there is a large divide between what some of us view as barbaric, and others simply view as culturally acceptable because it’s what they’ve been brought up with and they know no different. However, what stands out from this article is that the Spanish have an instinctive desire to socialise and have fun and think of any reason to have one big massive party!

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Paella, The Most Famous Spanish Dish

First of all, paella is not exactly the dish but the recipient this typical plate is cooked in. We all have seen the paella pan before when visiting Spain or browsing the net for paella recipes

The typical paella a la valenciana was «invented» in a small village called El Perelló close to the city of Valencia. The unique situation of the village between a natural lake with sweet water and the sea provided to the habitants of the area all they needed to make a complete dish with many of the most important vitamins and minerals in a balanced combination.

With farmlands at hand where they grew rice and beans, the sea for shellfish and the lake for ducks together with their chickens gave the people of the area all they needed to make 2 different versions of the paella a la valenciana.

The first one is the paella made of meat. This paella is a combination of chicken and duck together with rice, lemon, olive oil, beans and saffron. But nowadays the duck is most of the times substituted by rabbit which is a lot easier to get and cheaper.

This type of paella is still very popular amongst the people of Valencia and it is very common to hear people say: «Sunday I am going to eat paella with my parents».

In the old days the paella was served in the paella pan and all who joined in at the table ate from the same pan with wooden spoons. Today most people prefer to have their portion on a plate.

Another typical paella was the one made of seafood, Paella de marisco. This paella is made of rice and seafood. The used ingredients are: sepia, calamares, lobster, mejillón o clotxina, garlic, lemon, rice, saffron, olive oil and beans ( octopus, squid and mussel) Clotxina is a smaller variation of the regular mussel.

The Recipe of the paella Valenciana

The quantities are /person

o Chicken (150 grs.)

o Rabit (150 grs.)

o Red paprika powder.

o Saffron

o 3 table spoons of natural tomato

o Green beans (70 grs.).

o Garrofón (a type of bean typical to Valencia (25 grs.)

o Haricot bean (25 grs.).

o water

o Olive oil (5 table spoons).

o Rice (125 grs.)

o Salt

o If you like it: half artichoke

Preparing the ingredients and the paella pan

The traditional way to prepare a paella is on a campfire but this is difficult to achieve at home so there is a very good alternative for this which is the double gas ring on a tripod with a bottle of gas.

The most important points according my mother in law when preparing the paella are: the fire below the paella pan must be the same on every part of the pan, you must be able to adjust the fire in 2 rings an outer and an inner ring and the paella must be completely in balance so that when you add water the level should be the same everywhere on the paella pan.

Preparing the paella Valenciana

Step one: 12 hours before starting to prepare the paella put the garrofón (a type of bean typical to Valencia) in water.

Step 2: Put the olive oil in the pan and when the oil is hot put in the chicken and rabbit and fry them until they have this golden look. We should try to distribute the pieces of meat evenly in the paella pan.

Step 3: Now we put in the different beans and the garrofón and fry them. If we want to add alcachofa (artichoke) we can add it now also. Make sure the fire is not very intense but neither to low.

Step 4: Add to the paella the red paprika powder and the natural tomato and mix them with the other ingredients.

Step 5: After a few minutes we add water to the paella. This is another crucial step in preparing a tasteful paella. If we add to much water, the paella will be to weak and if we add to little the rice will not be boiled sufficiently. But there is a small insiders trick to know what the right level is. On the outside of the paella pan there are 2 grips attached. They are attached to the pan with rivets who are clearly visible on the inside of the pan. This is the level of the water that must be added. Don’t add more or less water it will ruin your paella.

Step 6: Put the fire intensity on high but not to high. We leave the paella now boiling for 3 – 5 minutes and then we lower the intensity of the fire to medium. Try the paella and if needed add salt to it. Leave the paella this way for about 13 – 17 minutes depending on the type of rice you used.

Step 7: A step that is forgotten by most people, turn out the fire and cover the paella with kitchen paper and leave the paella alone for another 5 – 10 minutes.

In the meanwhile cut a lemon in 4 and when the 5 or 10 minutes have passed you can put the lemon on the outside of the paella.

Serve separately with onion (my father in law and myself like to eat the paella with raw onion in one hand and the spoon in the other)

Preferred drink to go with the paella : a red wine from Valencia especially from the area of Utiel / Requena. (other Spanish wines will do also of course).

Enjoy this typical plate of Valencia

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FC Barcelona – The Cruyff Years

Johan Cruyff is a legendary football player known the world over for his aggressive and intelligent style of play. Though he had success in his earlier years, it is when he joined FC Barcelona in 1973 that his star really began to shine.

Cruyff began his career in his home country of the Netherlands playing for AFC Ajax. There he led the team to many victories and memorable performances, but was eventually sold to FC Barcelona for a hefty sum. Cruyff wasted no time winning over the Barcelona fans, stating to the press that he chose Barcelona over their rivals Real Madrid because he didn’t want to play for a team associated with former Spanish dictator Francisco Franco. He even named his son Jordi, a traditional Catalan (the region of Spain in which Barcelona is found) name.

Cruyff’s years playing for FC Barcelona were truly memorable and made him an icon. In his first year with the team, he helped them win La Liga for the first time in fourteen years (beating Real Madrid on their own turf along the way) and was also named European Footballer of the Year. It was during this time that he also scored one of his most memorable goals, called «The Phantom Goal» or «Le but d’imposible de Cruyff» (The Impossible Goal of Cruyff). In a match against Atlético Madrid, the football was already past the far goal post and was at about neck height when Cruyff leapt into the air, twisting so that he was facing away from the goal and kicked the ball into the goal with his right heel. This move among others propelled him to godlike status in the eyes of football fans.

Cruyff then spent many years away from FC Barcelona as a player and manager, until finally returning to the club as manager in 1988. When he returned to Barcelona, Cruyff brought with him the so-called «Dream Team». This elite squad was composed of Spaniards Jon Andoni Goikoetxea, Jose Mari Bakero, Josep Guardiola, Txiki Beguiristain, along with international stars Romanian Gheorghe Hagi, Bulgarian Hristo Stoichkov, Dane Michael Laudrup, Brazilian Romario, and Dutchman Ronald Koeman.

Under Cruyff’s direction, the Dream Team went on to win four consecutive La Liga titles from 1991 to 1994. They won the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup in 1989 and the European Cup in 1992 at Wembley Stadium with a famous free kick goal courtesy of Ronald Koeman. In 1990, the Dream Team won a Copa del Rey, the European Super Cup in ’92, and three Supercopa de Espana.

Cruyff remains FC Barcelona’s most successful manager to date, with eleven trophies to his name. He also has the distinction of being the club’s longest serving manager. He continues to be an advisor for FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta, whom he openly endorsed during the elections. To this day, he is still revered by FC Barcelona fans, who call him «El Salvador» (The Saviour) for his successful run as both player and coach at the club.

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فانتازي – الاسبوع 16 – بكام يا حظ وانا اشتريك Fantasy Premier League GW16

‎توقعات الأسبوع 16:

‎نتائج توقعات الأسبوع 15:

‎‏League Code: 744kul


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Sheffield United 3-3 Manchester United | Extended Premier League highlights

Ten minutes of action footage from the six goal thriller at Bramall Lane.

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Everton v. Tottenham | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 11/03/19 | NBC Sports

Cenk Tosun’s stoppage-time equalizer rescued a point for Everton after Spurs went down to 10 men. NBCSports #PremierLeague #Tottenham #Everton #CenkTosun
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Everton v. Tottenham | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 11/03/19 | NBC Sports

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Highlights | Manchester United 1-1 Arsenal | Premier League

See all the highlights from Old Trafford as Scott McTominay’s thumping opening goal is cancelled out by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to see the points shared.

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Choosing Awesome Wii Games

Lately in the gaming world many new consoles have been introduced. Choosing one can be difficult but one of the most popular and most chosen is the Nintendo Wii. The Wii is chosen for many different reasons such as its ability to be played online, its motion and wireless allowed play and most of all the awesome games that you can get for the Wii.

Fun for the Wii

If you are interested in Wii games you should take a look at some of the fun games out there. One of the most popular is the Mario series. Super Mario, Super Mario Galaxy as well as Mario Kart. There are many others in this product line that are extremely fun to play. If you prefer more games you can find some of every different genre. If you like fighting games you can find those and if you like army games or even children’s you will have no trouble finding the perfect game for you.

If you love sporting such as baseball, basketball, soccer and archery there are many different kinds that you can get to play on your Wii. One of the most popular is the Wii Resort Sports. Filled with many awesome tasks such as bowling and tennis you are sure to have fun.

Exercise Wii

Everyone likes a great workout that gets them up and moving and the Wii system was built with that in mind. Several Wii games out there include fitness routines that can help you stay in shape and feel great. The Wii Fit has been very popular as well as games based on karate and zumba. Many people are amazed that they can find great quality games with the Wii that can help them to make sure that they exercise and get up off the couch. When playing your Wii make sure that you exert caution and have the Wii controller around your wrist as in difficult exercise routines your Wii remote could slip out of your hands.

Where to Purchase

There are many locations as to where you can purchase Wii games. If you want to purchase used many stores will sell these for a fraction of the price and you can also find them online. Keep in mind though the games are used and if they do not work chances are you will not get your money back. You also run the risk of the game being scratched and not working well. So always check the game out thoroughly before you purchase that game.

Another option is to purchase your Wii games new. Purchasing your games new will allow you to make sure that you are getting a quality game that will work and if something does go wrong with it you will have no trouble returning it. You can purchase your games online at many different gaming stores or in local retail stores in your area. Be sure to shop around so that you can find the perfect price for your particular game.

With the invention of the Wii the gaming industry has been revolutionized. You can now find games to play that you would not ordinarily purchase so if you are interested in gaming, purchase a Wii and get all the Wii games that you are interested in. You will not be disappointed and will spend hours playing your favorite games.

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Changing Trends in Women’s Sportswear

The recent times have witnessed the growing participation of women sportsperson in all kinds of sports. In fact, there is hardly any sport that has not been played and won by sportswomen today. Therefore, it is imperative that with the rising interest of women in sports, the requirement for women’s sportswear is also on the rise. Besides, there has also been a huge transformation from the type of clothes that women were asked to wear previously and the kind of sports-wear that they are exhibiting now. Gone is the era when women sportspersons were worn in unfashionable full clothes and the aware and independent sportswomen of the current times choose to wear clothes that facilitates freedom of movement required in playing all sorts of games.

Women Sports Wear Creates Fashion Statement

In keeping with the women’s demand for fashionable attire, the sportswomen also have established the trend of sporting fashionable sportswear as previously done by their male counterparts. Businessmen also have decided to cash on the opportunity and have launched a diverse range of women sportswear. This range of women sportswear is available in exotic shades, prints and patterns. The fashionable sportswear has become quite popular among the modern youth who want to create a style statement and want to look their best.

Types Of Women Sports Wear

The range of women sportswear includes T-shirts, shorts, tracksuits, sweat pants and jerseys. The trendy and innovative designs in fashion sportswear has also enticed the youth to wear them as casuals. The use cutting-edge technology has also assisted in the manufacture of an exclusive range of sophisticated women’s sportswear.

Women Sports Wear, A Necessity

The advantage of this variety of sportswear light in the light weight features that do not hamper free body movement of the player. These are entirely designed for complete flexibility and freedom to play. For instance, the sportswear designed for judo and karate women players is fabrcated to suit the structure of a woman’s body. In the same vein, an athlete, badminton player or a table tennis sport player would demand for a comfortable and light weighted sports wear clothes to give full concentration on the game only. Cloistering attire on the other hand, would only result in distraction and inconvenience.

Moreover, the internet has become a hub for acquiring women sportswear of all varieties. The modern sports wear clothes has revolutionized the complete outlook of the appearance of the sportswomen. They no longer have to deny their feminism in a bid for gaining the respect of their peers in a previously male-dominated sports world. Now the sports women look equally stunning and appealing as any other top celebrity while they play.

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What Colors Should I Wear for a Sporty Effect?

We will want to arouse a sense of athletics and sports games with bold, simple color and active rhythm. Sporty color makes us think of the ocean and air, grass and uniforms. Colors that belong to this mix are strong, mid-to-light value blues: slightly violet blue, royal blue and sky blue. Oranges at a mid-to-light value. Bright, hot red. Golden- yellow. Kelly green like the green of baseball, soccer and football fields. Analogous colors like yellow-orange, orange, and red-orange remind us of teamwork and harmony.

A sporty effect calls for analogous blues along with analogous golds and oranges. White needs to be a part of the mix. White makes us think of tennis clothes and shoes, white sails, the ice rink, and white lines marking game fields. You're looking for fresh, vigorous color that is bright and bold. It pumps you up. It gives you a "can do" sense of energy.

Sporty clothing should be simple in design. It should have bold, simple rhythmic patterns. Shapes such a stripes should have bold differentiation which would suggest strength and vigor. Prints might vary the condensed shapes with broader, linear ones for a feeling of movement and energy.

"What colors should I wear?" While you need to go for bright energetic colors as described above, the colors need to be selected from your skin-tone-matching personal color palette. There should be enough color choices in the palette for you to select the best-for-you versions of the sporty colors. Your best colors will enhance your good looks and bring out your best sporty look.

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