Premier League Classic: West Ham 1-2 Liverpool | Gerrard spot-on against Hammers

The Reds took all three points off the Hammers on this day in April 2014, thanks to two well taken penalties.

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Premier League players are 'ready to revolt & refuse to play' | Football Terrace News


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Where to Eat Paella in Valencia

It's not a surprise that Valencia is the best place to go for paella. The original recipe comes from here and this great dish is the culinary symbol of the city. In Valencia there are lots of nice restaurants, often located by the beach or near the "Ciudad Vella". Most of them have spent a lot of effort into the decoration and the atmosphere is really welcoming. No matter what you will be doing in Valencia: you must taste paella at least once during your stay. Check these 3 restaurants so that you can eat the best paella in town.

La Ruia Restaurant

Probably it is the best place to eat if you are looking for a traditional genuine Valencian restaurant. It offers a wide range of local choices: over 15 traditional types of paellas and rice (it's difficult to find such an offer in any other restaurant in the city), fish dishes and the local meat. The interior is typical Valencian with ceramics and meborabilia on the walls. La Riua is really a legend: it is a loved and respected place and due to this there are usually a lot of guests. You can call and book a table or also order your paella while you are arriving. Eating paella costs almost 15 euro, meat 7, 10 fish and seafood.

Tapelia Restaurant

This restaurant is a real "arroceria" ("ricery") with a broad offer of rice dishes (15 – 20 different types of paella). You can even taste the unique paella with deer. You can also order some good creative meat dishes, great starters and salads. It is also possible to have paella to take-away. The range of prices varies between 15/20 euro for a paella, 5/7 for meat dishes, 12 for salads. The ambience is really welcoming with stonework walls, intimate lighting, artworks with a great jazz soundtrack, many small tables together and a few people. There are other two "Tapelia restaurants" in town, one near the beach and one near the City of Arts and Sciences.

Taverna Alkazar

The Taverna Alkazar is a historic restaurant located in the center of Valencia with over 50 years of history. It is one of the most popular ones, even for the Valencians. Probably it is not cheap, but the great level of quality combined with the idea of ​​simplicity makes it one of the best places to eat. It offers Spanish themes on the walls and a big dining terrace for the summer that is shared with two neighbor restaurants, maybe a bit cheaper (so why don't check out also the Givera and the Palacio de Bellota). You can have luxury traditional fish, seafood and meat plus a fair few paella varieties. The fish / seafood dishes can cost about 15/20 euro, the meat 10.

Camiseta 2a Equipación New Balance Liverpool Niños 18-19 Comprar Camiseta 2a Equipación New Balance Liverpool Niños 18-19 baratas precio más barato y envío rápido y de los mejores equipos y selecciones del mundo de Hombre,Mujer y Niños.

Madrid: One of the Sexiest Cities

On the night that I arrived to Madrid, I had slowly settled in to my friend David’s city centre flat. I slipped into bed and cracked open the window of the guest room and a cool Spanish breeze welcomed itself in. As I breathed in the chill midnight air and released a long sigh, I thought to myself, «This place is truly wonderful.»

The three months that I had spent in Spain I was able to visit a handful of cities; Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Bilbao, Toledo, Alcala de Henares, Córdoba, Aranjuez, Móstoles, and Patones (for climbing). Of those cities, I’ve spent the majority of the time in Madrid, and after the trip came to an end, I had come to the conclusion that Madrid is a seriously sexy city.

As discretion, I should add that I am in no way claiming that Madrid is «the» sexiest city in the world (although I’ll probably have a few Madrileños who will tell me otherwise). I am simply stating that Madrid is one of the sexiest cities. I also know that I was not the first to visit the cities of Spain and certainly was not the first to explore the subcultures of the country, but Madrid’s modern yet historical characteristics were nothing short of charming.

Of all the things I have considered, the following things on the list were the most significant:

Cost of Food:

Food is pretty cheap in Madrid, and while cheap is not often synonymous with sexy, your ability to enjoy luxuries (in some cases even like eating out,) is more probable, especially when your dollar is able to go a little further. In restaurants like «El Tigre», you order a drink and get a free platter of tapas. Granted they’re not mind-blowing, you can still have a great time socializing with friends without busting your budget.


When I had to take an early flight to Belgium, I had to take a cab at 4am in order to get to the bus stop in the centre of Madrid. I was afraid, very afraid, but also very determined.

Being the smart girl I was, I decided that dressing like I was homeless would be the most effective in deterring criminals. After all, criminals don’t mess with other criminals.

As soon as I arrived to my bus stop though, I was both amazed and relieved to see tons of people sprawled all over the streets. I’m not talking 20-something partiers or ravers, mind you. The people have the mindset of work-to-live, not the live-to-work mindset that most North American’s are familiar with. That meant two-hour lunch breaks as opposed to our one-hour (or even half-hour) lunch breaks. Thankfully for me, that also meant that at 3am, all sorts of people of all ages were still out on the street. There was no stigma that only partiers or ravers were out at that hour, people were out simply because they want more time to spend with their friends. How they’re still able to go to work in the morning? Don’t ask me…


In Madrid, fashion isn’t reserved for the runway. I’m sorry Vancouver, but you’re not winning any awards here. From what I’ve observed, people dressed better in Madrid, period. The choice of clothing that was worn on a daily basis, even on a grocery store trip, would be me, trying. I’m not sure if that’s knocking Vancouver’s style or just my own personal ability to dress myself, but I digress. Does it help that Zara was born in Spain? Probably not.


When I’m with friends in Vancouver, hanging out is going for a hike or heading to the beach to soak up the sun. We are after all, situated in a spectacular coastal location, surrounded by stunning and chiefly pristine nature… but in Madrid, a city far from nature or the coast, hanging out more often than not meant grabbing drinks at a Patio, or «Terraza» as the locals called it. (That’s pronounced Terra(tha), by the way.)

In this Spanish city, chances are there will be a terraza not far from your doorstep, and it will be quite good. It was also here that I learned the art of Patio-hopping. You see, as a North American, when I go to a restaurant to eat, I will eat, and then I will pay and leave. (We don’t like to be the inconsiderate jerks that occupy an otherwise empty table.) But when you’re in Madrid, you eat, and then you talk with your friends for an hour, and then you order more drinks. When you finally pay and leave, you head to another terraza and get more drinks. I won’t lie, it seemed like overkill to me, but that my dear friends, is patio-hopping… ( and I also solemnly swear that I am not an alcoholic).

Patio-hopping never-the-less is an art, or in my case, an art of being patient… or the art of not questioning why we have to stay for so goddamn long.


Modern yet classical; with a country this old, it’s hardly a surprise that a city as metropolitan as Madrid could stay fixed to it’s roots. From the Museo Nacional Del Prado (which boasts some of the world’s finest arts) to Parque del Retiro (which once belonged to the Spanish monarchy), the architecture somehow still remained relevant to this day. When you feel uninspired, you can also head to the Palacio de Cristal to get some creative stimulus.


At the end of the day, I could only chalk it up to culture. The overwhelming feeling of unity, when Real Madrid played against Atlético Madrid in the Plaza de Cibeles during the World Cup of 2014, was enough to explain why the city was so sexy, and it all boils down to passion. Madrileños feel a strong passion towards their city, the same way that Vancouverites feel a strong passion towards the outdoors, and it’s a thing I quickly learned to respect. I love my own city of Vancouver to bits, and as an overall outdoorsy girl, I would have it no other way. But after living in a city like Madrid where the allure of the city will reel you in one way or another, I can honestly say that this city will no less place as one of the sexiest cities in my books.

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Coronavirus: English Premier League suspends all matches until 3 April – BBC News

Elite football in Britain has been suspended until at least 3 April as a result of the spread of coronavirus.

All games in England’s Premier League, EFL, FA Women’s Super League and Women’s Championship are postponed.

The Premier League said play will start on 4 April subject to «conditions at the time» but BBC sports editor Dan Roan says resuming on the date is privately deemed «almost impossible».

Matches in Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland are also off.

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We had a tough loss in the Premier League against Manchester United at Old Trafford – see the highlights from this match as goals from Anthony Martial and Scott McTominay saw Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s men gain victory.

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Man Utd legend Keane savages De Gea for Everton howler and raps: ‘I’d kill him. I would’ve lynched him at half-time’
United fans themselves were in meltdown over the Spain star’s monumental error, which gave Everton the lead at Goodison Park.
But it appears no one was an angry as Old Trafford icon Keane in the Sky Sports studio.
Reacting to the howler, Keane roared: «I’d kill him.
«He takes way too long. What are you doing?
«These are huge moments for [the race for] top four. It’s a bit of arrogance to it.
«I would’ve lynched him at half-time.»
De Gea was indebted to new-boy Bruno Fernandes though, after his long-range effort saw United equalise before the break.

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But Keane wasn’t willing to give the Portuguese star the credit, instead opting to have a pop at Everton and England stopper Jordan Pickford.

The 2018 World Cup hero arguably could have done better as he allowed the ball to sneak past him at his near-post.

And Keane slammed him, adding: «The ball is moving… of course it’s moving.»
After being shown stats on goalkeepers to make the most errors leading to goals this season – with De Gea and Pickford level-top on seven howlers apiece – Keane went in even harder.

The Irishman said: «I don’t need to see those stats. I know Pickford’s not a good goalkeeper.

«We said it before the game, he’s not up to it. I don’t care, he’s not a good goalkeeper.»
On Everton’s disallowed goal: «The decision was difficult. From our side we say Gylfi [Sigurdsson] didn’t affect the vision of the goalkeeper and they decided differently. Sometimes it is right sometimes it is wrong. But the performance gives us more confidence that we can compete with these teams.

«I don’t think [David de Gea’s view was obstructed]. His vision was clear, but the ball moved past really close to [Sigurdsson] – it’s really difficult, it is not an objective decision, it is subjective.»

Ole Gunnar Solskaer to Match of the Day on David de Gea’s error: «It’s something that happens in football once in a while if you take too long on the ball. Calvert-Lewin always chases everything and it’s unfortunate that it goes in the goal. We responded and got the goal we deserved.»

On the impact of Bruno Fernandes: «He’s a good player and we have been missing that type of player to do that for us, I’m very pleased with his contribution.»

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Pablo Fornals fires West Ham in front of Liverpool | Premier League | NBC Sports

Pablo Fornals sidefoots Declan Rice’s cross on the volley and slots his shot into the corner to give West Ham a stunning 2-1 lead at Anfield. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #WestHam #Liverpool #PabloFornals #DeclanRice
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Pablo Fornals fires West Ham in front of Liverpool | Premier League | NBC Sports

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Srinivaspur Premier League | Season 2 | Srinivaspur Kolar

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source Tras la sorprendente futura equipación del FC Barcelona, repasamos algunos equipos que han vestido a cuadros en la historia del fútbol. camiseta de la real sociedad 2018