History Behind the Invention of Shin Guards

Shin guards as the name implies are equipments for protecting the shin (the front of the lower leg form below the knee to above the ankle) in the course of a sport. It is used in various games like ice hockey and rugby. These items were made popular by soccer otherwise known as football and base ball.

Soccer is a game played by eleven people in one team, against another team in a rectangular field. Whichever team comes out of the game scoring the highest number of goals wins the game. Because of the nature of the game, players get kicked and injured on different parts of the body with the shin recording the highest amount of kicks and injuries.

Shin guards were therefore, invented for the protection of the shin. They are made of plastic covered with clothes; they carry claps by the side, which the player uses to fit into size with the leg. In most cases, the player covers it with his hose commonly called socks. In the late nineteenth century, Samuel Weller Widdowson solved the problem of constant avoidable and manageable injuries in a game.

He invented the soccer shin guard in Nottingham forest. The team of that town was the first ever to wear shin guards in a soccer game. These products are the only protective covering permitted for players in football soccer game. For base ball, these accessories were invented by roger Phillips Bresnahan.

He was an American base ball player and later manager from 1901 to 1945. Born in the year 1879 in Ohio, Roger played his first game 22 years later in the American league with the Baltimore team. Following closely behind, he played the nationals with New York Giants. After playing virtually every possible position in the game, Bresnahan finally settled for catching.

He eventually rose in his career to become the coach of the St’ Louis Cardinals then he moved to Chicago Cubs and finally to the Detroit tigers. It was at this point that he realized that catchers need protection in the game. Therefore, the invention of these guards for baseball catchers was an execution of his thoughts and dreams.

Aside from these accessories, there is also other protective gear worn by base ball players. They include leather gloves that are padded for catching the ball, protective helmets for batters, protective chest gear and a cage like mask for catchers. Only catchers wear shin guarding items in baseball, unlike in soccer where every player wears it. The use of protective shin guards cannot be fully emphasized.

The shin, apart from the fore head, is the only part in the body without sufficient flesh covering. Injuries at the shin can be very painful and takes a lot of time to heal. A hit at the shin goes directly to the bone and at the moment of the hit destabilizes the player. Protective shin guards have been modified with better synthetic materials to offer protection at the peak and at the same time very light so as not to weight on the player.

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Why the Right Size Matters When Buying Soccer Cleats

Soccer shoes are very important because of the role they play in keeping your feet protected, creating traction and offering strong grip to ensure that your performance in the field is improved. Every player wishes to give their best performance in during matches and this is something that can prove hard to do without the right soccer cleats.

Fortunately, there are so many brands and designs from which players can choose what they find most suitable. But to get the best pair there are elements that matter most and size is one of these elements. No matter how beautiful a soccer shoe is or how many features it has to give you the best experience when playing, if it is ill-fitting, and then you stand to be frustrated when you are supposed to give your best. Your cleats should neither be too small nor too big otherwise they will interfere with your performance. It is of importance that you pay close attention to sizing so you get the perfect fit for your feet. If you are still wondering why size matters, here are a few reasons why.

· Soccer cleats that are too big will only hinder proper movement as they are likely to come off and they definitely will lag you behind.

· Too small a size on the other hand will keep your feet too tight and this is not only uncomfortable, but also exposes you to bruises and blisters.

· You are more prone to getting injured when wearing a bigger sized cleat because your feet do not have control since the conformity is all wrong. You may end up twisting your leg and probably even falling down as you run around in the field.

Getting the perfect size

The easiest way of getting the right size when buying soccer cleats is knowing your foot measurements. You also want to take into consideration factors such as wearing socks and how the type of socks you choose will affect the size of the shoe. Some socks are quite thick and they can make your cleat feel tighter and smaller.

Since there are manufacturers out there who make midway sizes like 7.5 or 6.5, you should consider such sizes if you have a hard time finding the right cleat size. The shoe should fit snugly but not too tightly. Think about the upper and what it is made of. The upper should mold to your feet as much as possible; remember that some materials like leather have a tendency of stretching over time.

When looking at the size, pay attention to areas where the ball will contact the show most. The toe box, instep, outer edge and upper edge are the most important to help you get a shoe that is proportioned to your foot shape. This will not only ensure you remain comfortable, but also reduces break-in time and gives you ball control in no time at all. Always try on your shoes if you can before making the purchase.

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Tips To Buy The Most Suitable Soccer Cleats Online

Soccer shoes are very important in improving player performance. With so many kinds and technologies being used in the shoes today, players have all the freedom to select cleats that they find most suitable. Online stores make it even easier for the players to find the best cleats for their kind of play. Unfortunately, buying cleats online does not give you the advantage of taking your play socks, ankle braces, orthotics or shin guards to ensure that you get a comfortably fitting boot even with them on.

This means you need to be extra careful when making online purchases so you do not end up getting stuck with cleats that are not meaningful and valuable to you. Buying cleats online is quick, convenient and save on time and you also stand a chance to find cheap football boots from sales in the online stores. With a little caution, you should be able to find the most suitable pair for your feet.

1. Consider getting the cleats only from websites that you can trust and those that have a good reputation. The last thing you want is to end up with counterfeit cleats and this means being careful with where you source for the soccer shoes.

2. If you are looking for cheap soccer cleats, make sure you work with websites you can trust for quality. Prices that seem too low to be real may probably be because of the low quality of the cleats. When you are careful, you will still be able to find top quality cleats at very affordable prices so ensure you do some due diligence before the purchase.

3. Have your foot measurements handy before shopping around for the cleats. You may need to go a little higher than your regular shoe size considering that most cleats are designed narrower. If you have wide feet make sure you confirm the sizes even if it means calling the store for the specifications.

4. Choose online stores with a reliable return policy. When buying online, you really cannot be sure of what you are getting until it reaches you. A good website or store should make it possible for you to return the shoes for an exchange or refund in case it fails to meet your expectations. It is one of the most important aspects of buying online otherwise you could end up making costly mistakes.

5. Ensure that you always keep purchase receipts safe. Online transactions can be risky and since there is never telling what could happen, keeping the receipts safe can save you from situations with negative impacts. If you get tracking numbers for the delivery of your cleats be sure to keep that safe as well, so you have an easy time keeping track of your shipment or delivery.

6. Go through feedback from previous customers. They can be about the specific boots you want to purchase as well as their experience using the online store. Reviews and feedback help you in getting all relevant information regarding the cleats so you are able to make the best choice.

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How To Be An Excellent Football Player

Playing football looks like an easy task. But if you try it, you will find it somewhat difficult. Similar to any kind of sports, you have to learn specific skills. Also, you must know some of its places so you can enjoy playing it.

If you want to excel in this sporting activity, you have to practice. Also, you have to focus much of your time and effort so you can be a better football player. It would be a smart idea for you to learn only from the experts. This way, you are sure that you are getting the right knowledge and information.

Football Playing Tips

Boost your cardio – An excellent cardiovascular workout is running 3 miles per day. This will help you at your peak fitness. It would be wise also for you to run uphill as much as you possibly can.

Increase your speed – Stand on a barrel or on a safe object with the same height. After that, land on both feet in a squatting position and stand up straight as fast as you possibly can. Ensure you are well stretched and wared up prior to performing such activity in order to avoid injury. This exercise indeed will strengthen quick reflex muscles in your legs.

Learn new skills – If you see new tricks by a professional, you must watch it very closely, over and over again prior to trying it. Experts recommend spending about 10 minutes daily for learning and mastering the trick. You must not try it in a game until you really can do it perfectly.

Play with both feet – Plenty of footballers play better with one foot than the other. Experts say that by concentrating on your weaker foot, you may have a quick win. It would be wise for you to use your weaker foot when kicking a ball against a wall. Apart from that, consider having a scratch game in training where everyone can play only with their weaker foot.

Tips For Improving Your Weaker Foot

There are different drills in order to improve your control, touches and balances. First, kick ups with your weaker foot. Kick up the ball using the laces section of your foot for about 5-10 minutes. Once you become better, do not let the ball bounce on the ground as long as you can.

Second, trap the ball with your weaker foot. Throwing the ball upwards and trapping it by allowing the ball fall on your toe part is indeed the simplest way of doing this. Once you notice some improvements, throw the ball against a wall and trap it with your weaker foot when it bounces back towards you. After making successful traps, throw the ball with increase intensity. Try controlling it with a single first touch.

There are indeed a lot of things you can do to improve your skill. Watch live football games to learn new tricks from professionals.

Mr Universe – The Road To – II

Bodybuilding And Insecurity

My own journey into bodybuilding innocently started out as a way to overcome a common teenage insecurity. This need to be bigger, stronger, and thus «more masculine» was coupled with a new found confidence that I could produce a desirable outcome in my life by progressive weight training.

As a teenager and a young adult seeing changes in my body exerted an influence as powerful as any drug because there was so much in my life I could not control. The gym served a two-fold drive. One to overcome an insecurity: and two, to become SELF-Directed as previous mentioned.

But here is where things went awry if you will.

After my first bodybuilding contest and then after grinding out another 3 more years of intense effort I came to the realization that I would not be able to be «successful» in competitive bodybuilding unless I started to use steroids. Note this is not a commentary on whether steroid is good or bad etc. I am using this to illustrate the «changing psychology» and the rationalizations that sprung up within myself.

Even though I had built an impressive physique form my efforts I was not satisfied. You see, once I started competing, I began comparing myself to others, and it was this comparison that got me into the sport in the first place.

It appears my own insecurity was only masked by a few muscles and had allowed me to succumb to the bombardment of fabricated ideologies propagated in muscle magazines about the value of winning a bodybuilding show, or better yet, reaching the pinnacle of human development and winning the Mr. Universe.

Of course I would have to start out, and work through the ranks to become like my Idol Arnold. Basically, my mind finally took the bait and I bought in as my «value system had been compromised».

My First Steroid Guru – Bill Phillips

I then set about «educating» myself about these drugs. I remember my excitement when I purchased my first copy of the «Underground Steroid Handbook 6th Edition» written by Bill Phillips. Yes the same Bill Phillips that brought us EAS and Body For Life.

To Bill’s credit the book was pretty good and certainly helped me understand the need to safely inject myself. It also provided numerous, graphs, charts, theories, and definitions as to what steroids did what, how to use them, side effects, counterfeits, and how to locate legitimate products at reasonable prices.

After hanging around the gym and «getting to know» some of the bigger guys who were competing I inquired about how I might obtain some of these drugs to enhance my own chances of bodybuilding success. It wasn’t long before I made friends with a local bodybuilding champion who took it upon himself to show me the ropes.

After the requisite exchange of cash, and the «duffel bag drop» off in the locker room I was in with the «Big Boys». I went home in a state of euphoria and nervousness as I took my new found «magic potion» to my apartment. I fumbled with the vials nervously for almost an hour before I figured out how to get the drugs out of the tiny vial.

Before you know it I managed to take my first injection of «Primobolan», Arnold’s favorite drug of choice according to our good friend and steroid advisor Bill Phillips. I also ingested a couple of «Dianabol» tablets a day for the next 8 weeks according to the diamond pattern recommended by the Guru.

I gained 25lbs on my first cycle drugs… it all seemed to easy. When I eventually came off the drugs I lost about 15 pounds and had a curious pain in my shoulder. The individual who sold me the drugs assured me this was normal. His reasoning I had just pushed to hard as my strength shot up so fast my tendons couldn’t keep up to my gains.

He advised me to be careful about lifting so heavy when I did my next cycle. Which came all too soon.

Drugs And My First Bodybuilding Championships

I took my first two cycles and experienced tremendous results with almost no apparent side effects other than a bit of acne, water retention, and some hardness under my nipples which of course was the dreaded «gynocomastia» commonly called «bitch tits». I had a predisposition to the condition as I had gone to my doctor as a teenager with the budding condition. Since it’s common in adolescent males my doctor assured me that I was okay.

Still it wasn’t serious and I was gaining size at a rapid rate so it seemed well worth the risk. Besides the magazine writers stated most of the pros simply get the tumors cut out as they advance up the ranks. Some of my newfound bodybuilding friends assured me that it was not big deal and just part of the process of «Getting Huge». I conceded to the opinions of my friends.

In just a year and a half my efforts were rewarded as I won my first ever Bodybuilding Show, which included the Heavyweight Title and The Overall Provincial Championships. My ego soared; «it was all working out as planned and I was on my way to becoming the next Arnold». Boy, it’s amazing how delusional a person can become when fueled by the ego gratification of a cheering crowd.

Booze, Bars, And Babes –

Finally I Was Living The Bodybuilding Dream

During this time I worked as a Door Man at a local nightclub as this was one arena that my newfound brawn qualified me for. It was also a great place to vent my increasing testosterone fueled aggression on unruly patrons.

In between bouts with the local drunks I discovered my muscles gave me the confidence to approach even the «hottest girls» in the club who were seemingly impressed or amused as I alternated between throwing out cheesy one liners, and «out of line assholes» from the fine establishment I patrolled like a Spartan Sentinel on red alert.

I felt unstoppable as I experienced the all too familiar rush of testosterone fueled adrenaline coursing through my veins whether I was in the gym, the bar or out on the town with my latest sexual conquest.

I defended the use of steroids, and would openly discuss them to anyone willing to listen. I justified my position and spent time with those who agreed with me. I learned everything I could about drugs, dieting, and carefully saved my dollars diligently as I prepared for my next show.

My whole life revolved around becoming bigger, leaner, and more powerful and bodybuilding became the driving force in my life. What I didn’t realize is how the drugs, the muscles, and the titles only masked the insecurities of the scrawny teenager who first picked up the Weider weight set.

Like so many before me my unsuspecting spiral into the underground steroid subculture had begun and my growing ego began to envision bodybuilding stardom. Still I knew very little about what I was doing (all to true with most athletes and bodybuilders) but I then discovered you could hire a professional coach.

Fortunately, I hired the best in the business Scott Abel.

I Meet My Mentor Scott Abel

After attending the 97 Nationals and seeing that the athletes had achieved a greater level of physical conditioning and size then myself I decided to hire Scott, as his athletes seemed to better than all the others on stage.

Even today almost 10 years later I can still remember my first letter from Scott, hand written as he was in the middle of a move. I won’t get into the details but I will share the line that had the biggest impact on me:

Scott said, «Your training is amateurish, your diet is not doing your body justice, and your «Drug Stack» is a joke. Good thing you got with me because you’re really spinning your wheels.» I was Elated because after 10 years at grasping at straws I had now graduated to the «big leagues».

I trained all year as always and followed Scott’s training to the tee although I could not afford «pharmaceuticals» until the last 14 weeks before the 98 Nationals. I worked three jobs, alienated my friends, and my family, and «sacrificed» everything for the ultimate… a pro card and a trip to fame and fortune… LOL Yep I was pretty naive.

Anyways the long grueling months of dieting, training, and endless posing sessions paid off as I achieved what then was my ideal condition. I remember specifically 3 days before the show posing in the basement of the then World’s gym on Yonge Street near Bloor in Toronto, Ontario.

I remember being filled with excitement as I stared at the rippling muscular body looking back at me in the mirror. I had finally achieved the look I had dreamed of for over 10 years. I secretly expected I just might be crowned the winner. The skinny teenager seeking the approval of others was still lurking behind the muscular shell I had created but I for one could not see him.

The Nationals – NOT What You Might Expect

Scott didn’t pull any punches when I went to see him the day before the show. He straight out told me that I might make top five in my class. He was right, I came something like 6th in the light-heavyweight division.

Backstage the show was a circus, and we were herded around like cattle set for slaughter.

Dye stained towels and half opened bottles of posing oil littered the floor along with the assorted bodybuilders lying around dehydrated, dazed and half dead, encased in several tracksuits while they listened to their posing music on headphones.

The smell of sweat, oil, and chocolate bars filled the air as one by one the classes are filed into the «pump room» at the regular and periodic cry of the stage hand stuck with job of organizing the motley crew of walking muscle zombies into some semblance of order.

The «pump room» might well have been a scene out of Gladiator. Bronzed men and women, with sunken cheeks and eyes, glanced nervously at each other while they pumped and flexed their muscles with reckless abandon. Hoping against hope to squeeze every ounce of potential improvement they could in these last seconds before they went onstage.

It was here in the few fleeting moments before there physique would be mercilessly pitted against the lights, their rivals, and most of all the critical eyes of the judges that the insecurities become exposed from beneath the mountains of muscle encasing the souls of the latest crew of «Arnold Hopefuls».

Each athlete knew the potential retribution that would be rained upon him from the lips of the audience members who are all too quick to point out the smallest flaw in any competitors physique. Competitive bodybuilding can be a cruel and unforgiving world.

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Soccer Psychology – The Difference Between Winning and Losing

In today’s game of soccer most would argue that the most important person in a team is the coach. But a new position has arisen from the depths of the grandstand and his importance has significantly increased. Can you guess who it is?

Big clubs all over the world are employing Sports psychologists for help and some have even put them on as full time staff. Sports psychology has become the next boom industry as clubs and coaches have discovered the power of soccer psychology.

The difference between winning and losing at the highest level can be separated by a thin white line. All players are extremely fit, skillful, strong and quick. But how many players are confident and mentally strong? Clubs have discovered this and have added psychology to their growing list of weapons.

Players these days have pushed their physical capabilities to the limit and the competitive edge has virtually flattened out. That’s until mental warfare stepped in with the arrival of soccer psychology.

Science has proven that psychology and the right mindset influences and improves soccer performance. Sports psychology also identifies weaknesses and offers counseling to players who might be suffering from a lack of confidence and low self-esteem. They can also monitor motivational levels within a team and assess the whole team on an individual basis.

Soccer psychologists can also identify the different personalities within the team and ensure that these personalities don’t clash and work together. Remember, a champion team will always beat a team of champions. Soccer psychologists make the transition from a team to a championship team look very simple. By correcting the mindset of the players and increasing the player’s confidence the dream of winning silverware becomes a reality.

Soccer over the years has claimed its fair share of victims. Players that have lost all confidence and cannot perform at the levels required have inevitably been shown the door at their respective clubs. How can we stop this? Most players that have lost their confidence also suffer from low self esteem. With low self esteem comes the nerves and anxiety. If you have this problem within your team, the use of a soccer psychologist will solve all your problems. They will help your players relax and also use mental imagery to build on their shattered confidence without even touching a soccer ball.

Sports psychology has been directly linked to team spirit. The greater the team spirit, the greater chance you have of winning trophies. That’s why we see the smaller clubs of Europe beating some of the heavy weights in the champion’s league. Are the players better at the smaller clubs? Or do they have team spirit? From watching the champion’s league, it’s clearly evident what the smaller clubs lack in talent they make up in spirit and confidence.

The main purpose of psychology in soccer is to prevent the players feeling like failures when they lose. By eliminating this feeling, psychologists are protecting the players self esteem. Could self esteem and confidence be the secret ingredient all the big clubs share?

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Does Mo Salah Have a Shot at Winning the Ballon D’Or?

This question has been on the minds of many football fans as they witnessed the performance of the 25-year old Egyptian forward over the course of the season. Sir Alex Ferguson had once told that Inside Forwards are more dangerous than traditional forwards. The Egyptian seems to be trying to prove Ferguson’s remarks true. He has shown explosive bouts of pace, exceptional fitness levels, extraordinary shooting accuracy and the form of his life.

So, once again, does Mo Salah have a shot at winning the Ballon d’Or? Not Quite Yet!

The reason is rather simple- Liverpool as a team have not won any silverware this season as of yet. So does this count? Yes, it does. Despite all his exploits, the team has not been successful in any major competition apart from the UEFA Champions League. Liverpool just won the first-leg of their semi-finals against AS Roma 5-2. Salah proved to be instrumental in this trashing of his old club yet again as he ended the match with 2 goals and 2 assists. He had managed to score seven goals in his 7 outings in the Champions League during the leadup to the Semi-finals. He has shown out of the ordinary striking form through-out the Premier League season. But unless Liverpool win the Champions League, his dream of winning the Ballon d’Or will remain just that, a dream.

But things have not always gone according to script for the Egyptian. His initial entry into the Premier League was with Chelsea, who bought him from FC Basel. But he could only make 13 appearances and score 2 goals before being loaned-off to Italian side, Fiorentina. He was then loaned to AS Roma who bought him from Chelsea for a complete transfer. He enjoyed considerable success at the club. Liverpool then bought from Roma before the start of the 2017-18 season. Many of the experts voiced their doubts about Salah’s ability to adopt to the Premier League. But all of them have been silenced now, given his performance and sheer attacking prowess he has shown.

Salah also helped Egypt qualify for the FIFA World Cup 2018, their first appearance since the 1990 World Cup. He emerged as Egypt’s top scorer during the qualifying tournament and scored both the goals in the all important match against Congo. He has so far scored 43 times for Liverpool during this season and is only behind Ian Rush in the all time top goal scorer’s for the club in a single season.

Mo Salah has already been named as the Professional Footballers’ Association Player of the year. So let us hope Liverpool will maintain their momentum and take their current form into the second leg against AS Roma.

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