BENCH CAM | Norwich City 2-2 Arsenal | Premier League highlights

A special episode of Bench Cam as Freddie Ljungberg takes his seat in the dugout as interim head coach for the first time.

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This is the Official YouTube channel for Arsenal Football Club. This channel will aim to showcase the personality of Arsenal Football Club and give fans more of an insight into what it’s like to be at this fantastic club. This channel will look behind the scenes and get closer to the likes of Mesut Ozil, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Alexandre Lacazette, Bernd Leno, Granit Xhaka, Hector Bellerin, and more.


Arsenal Football Club were formed in 1886. They have amassed 13 League titles, 13 FA Cups and many other major trophies since then. Their greatest players include: Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Tony Adams, Ian Wright, Robert Pires, Liam Brady, Patrick Vieira, Cliff Bastin and Charlie George.

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Liverpool v Manchester City | Top 5 Premier League Moments | Salah, De Bruyne, Sterling

A compilation of the top 5 Liverpool v Manchester City moments in the Premier League. Liverpool ending Man City’s unbeaten run after a thrilling 4-3 encounter at Anfield, Man City’s 5-0 victory against Liverpool at the Etihad, Philippe Coutinho scoring the winner for Liverpool in 2014 to keep their title dreams alive. What’s your favourite Liverpool v Man City moment? Let us know in the comments.

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Every Premier League goal from Matchweek 9 | NBC Sports

Take in every single goal from a wild weekend of soccer in the 2019-20 Premier League season. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #Matchweek9

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The Premier League across NBC Sports Group launched in 2013 with their biggest and broadest programming commitment to-date in the United States. With live multi-platform coverage of all 380 games, analysis from best-in-class talent and extensive surrounding coverage all week long, NBC Sports Group has become the ultimate destination for new and existing Premier League fans.

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Every Premier League goal from Matchweek 9 | NBC Sports

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Soccer Cleats Styles And Accessories You Should Consider When Making A Purchase

Whatever your position in the football field, you will need to invest in soccer cleats that make it possible for you to put your best foot forward and be at your best. The good thing about manufacturers is that they have designed soccer cleats in all kinds of styles, designs and features so players can choose according to what they feel suits their play style, positions and preferences.

The numerous options readily available in the market may be a little confusing, especially if you are making your first time purchase. You can make the purchase experience easier by considering the elements that directly affect the functionality of the soccer cleats. The style they are made in is among the things you may want to consider if at all you are to select a pair that you will love wearing and playing in. The styles generally focus on the height and they are designed to serve the varying needs of the players in the different play positions.

The styles

High tops – The styles have the upper extending all the way up the ankle. This style offers extra support, especially when it comes to lateral movement and reduces ankle sprains in the process. Linemen seem to be most suited by this style considering that they are ever moving from side during the game and this ends up putting the ankles under a lot of strain and stress. The high top upper will in most cases come in the form of a comfortable sleeve so you can be sure to remain comfortable when wearing and moving around.

Mid cut – The style offers support but at the same time takes maneuverability to a whole new level. Skill position players love this style because it is comfortable and supportive in all important ways. Most manufacturers design mid cut soccer cleats to meet the needs of quarterbacks, defensive backs and running backs among other players who seem to have a personal preference for the style.

Low cut – They run below the ankles, making the soccer cleats quite lightweight to the preference of most players. The style provides players with extra maneuverability so they are able to make quick cuts in the field of play. Important to note is that the style does not offer much protection and support to the ankles and injuries to this area remain real.

Important accessories

Apart from ensuring that you get the best soccer cleats in terms of size, style design, you also should consider having helpful accessories handy for when you may need them. Some of the best every player should consider include:

Extra laces – They will save you from unexpected frustration of broken laces before or during the game.

Replacement cleats – They are great for those who choose detachable spikes. The best thing about the detachable option is that you have the freedom of using the same pair for different fields and conditions by simply replacing the studs to match the requirements. Consider getting them in different sizes to match all kinds of situations.

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The Features Of Soccer Cleats

Soccer cleats refer to a firm ground soccer shoe, fitted with studs or cleats to provide traction on most grass surfaces and outdoor soccer fields.

The first soccer shoes were ordered by King Henry VIII in 1526 when he wanted another pair to play football with. One that was tougher than his ordinary shoes. As the game got formalized in the mid 19th century, so did the accessories one needed to have while playing the game, the most important of which were the football shoes.

Vulcanization of rubber was an important invention for the manufacture of cleats whose primary purpose was protection of the players’ feet. And so on from there, many innovations and generations later, football boots have come to represent the advancement of shoe making technology and materials and its importance in football, a game which enjoys absolute popularity amongst all the nations of the world.

Today’s soccer cleat

Is not built so much for protection as for performance enhancement of the player! It does not even cover the ankle of the player. The cuts and organization of the studs are to suit different purposes. Amateur players use plastic studded cleats for hard ground. A wet ground requires detachable studs for better grip. These could be metal, plastic or rubber. Rubber soles are provided for indoor football shoes and there are special shoes for artificial turf.

Football blades where the studs have blades facing in different directions to minimize ankle injury to the wearer and deliver excellent grip are also an innovation that has drawn flak for causing a disproportionate number of injuries to other players.

A combination of synthetic fibers with or without leather is used for the upper, nowadays, with emphasis on the lightness of the boot. Carbon fiber as a new material, provides extreme lightness and is extremely flexible.

Additional features have been introduced like rubber ridges and shaping the boot for the ball enhance the player’s performance. There are shoes fitted with microchips that capture’s the player’s performance metrics and transmits it to a tablet or PC.

The latest is the environmentally friendly shoe, made with recycled and renewable material. This is also extremely lightweight.

Football cleats of the Future – Some interesting crystal ball gazing

· One young player predicts that the cleats of the future will have retractable studs, allowing him to use them as ordinary shoes

· Autolacing capabilities which will be good – the wearer, after tying the laces steps back into the heel of the shoe. While stepping back, he pushes a lever which lock the laces in place. Then the lever is disconnected in case the player steps back again while playing.

· Recyclable material and carbon fibers used in building aircraft will definitely be the order of the day in creating lightweight boots that contain material used in the last world cup! Not only that, each pair of boots will be recycled and rebuilt to suit that customer’s requirements.

Boots that fit like a sock… such silhouettes will be more in demand for better performance and comfort.

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Culture Deconstructed – Intercultural Communications As an Instrument

It was in the summer of 2014 that I first decided to study and live abroad. I wanted a taste of the outside world and figured that I needed to make the most out of my youth. Fast forward to 2017, I turned my back on my little town in the mountains and turned my idea into reality.

I come from a country where getting burned by the sun is as normal as it gets and riding a minivan without air conditioning and a door is the ideal form of transport. But it’s not all that bad. I realized how great living abroad is. My father once told me how he’d wish he had the opportunity to study abroad as part of his education and that I should make the most out of this opportunity. I’ve come halfway round the world for an internship, but I think the perks go beyond work experience.

I thought living abroad was supposed to be an adventure or a new chapter in life. Not necessarily fun, but more of; getting a new girlfriend or engaging in activities. Instead, I spend half my day saying, «English please?» or «Sprichst du Englisch?» as they say in Germany. I don’t completely murder the German language when I speak it and I do get my way around fairly easily, but I was hungry for more.

But my ineptitude doesn’t mean the end of the world for my life in Germany. For one, living and learning another language has shaped me more than any internship can offer. Of course, doing an internship in a foreign country is good for me and the look on my CV is second to none. Aside from the fact that I get to work in an intercultural environment, living and learning a new language/culture exposes me to the ‘real world’.

It made me realize that there’s a big difference between theory and the real world. I very quickly realized that living abroad is a continuous learning process. Just when you’ve thought that you know it all, there’s more learning to do, and a foreign country is the best teacher. The syllabus? Everything you do.

I always get the feeling that when you learn and understand a language, it’s almost like as if you’re stepping foot in a new world. When you hear two people having a conversation and you think to yourself «what are they saying?» you’re like an alien. Completely foreign, like you’re a different species and you don’t have a clue of what’s happening. But, when you do understand and become fluent, you don’t realize how much knowledge that is.

I do miss the searing sun; the long walks along beaches that won’t freeze you and most importantly, the food. But as an expatriate, I realized there’s more to life than that. In order for me to really get a taste of life, I had to put my money where my mouth was and that was living abroad.

Having a cup of tea with my colleagues is great, but what’s even better is talking to people with different backgrounds. Understanding how life is like in that city here, or that little island over there. Furthermore, learning their perspective on certain issues, as well as learning from them in general. In the real world, I learned that failing is a part of life. The amount of times I stood there, arguing with a cashier, in a language I am not that good at, taught me to learn from my mistakes. Learn how to order food or study the meaning of every single word. There is no finish line.

Living in Germany, I learned that everyone is the same: different.

Why Invest In Real Estate Properties Now?

There are places which has always been the bright shining star of the entire world. On the other hand, there are also states or regions which are regarded as the richest around the world. However, many people have cottoned to some desert countries because they get to live similar to kings. The opulent as well as luxurious lifestyle is very accessible as it is the standard – considering the existence of many five-star hotels or even perhaps some five-star airline. This is why a lot of people wanted to go to these desert countries and live there.

A certain city of one of these desert countries is actually going to host the 2022 World Cup, and preparation for such event is already bringing in investors as well as workers from anywhere all around the world. But as of the moment, things are pretty much in the state of transition, which makes this the perfect time for investment. While work is underway, you can still be a part of the development and later get your share of the profits if the finished product is already ready for enjoyment.

The good news is that with many foreign investments going on along with expats galore, the real estate market is striving to meet the increasing demand for properties. Left and right, sleek, classy and modern apartment towers are rising to provide homes for transients as well as permanent residents. They are actually meant to give a vibrant ambiance, stuffed with all type of conveniences like one-of-a-kind amenities, excellent services and 24-hour security. A lot of developers aim to establish a healthy mix of modern appeal and local culture in the design of their properties. In any case, the overall byword is luxury and investors can assure enjoyment in any choice they make.

Desert countries that are backed up by its reserves of natural gases and oil continue to flourish because there are other industries that contribute to the countries’ growing wealth. Apart from that, the tourism sector is actually thriving with an increasing number of tourists flocking to these countries annually. Thanks to the programs that guarantee all types of developments are happening, the real estate market is likewise enjoying more excellent conditions.

Visit some of these desert countries now and experience truly having it all. With the many natural resources that are considered as one of the world’s best tourist spots, you can truly appreciate the beauty of living in such countries. For more info, click here.

Buying Your Tickets For The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

The ICC Cricket World Cup is one of the most popular sporting events that brings together cricket teams from across the world. It features more than 40 matches played between 10 national teams. The 2015 World Cup slated to be held in New Zealand and Australia is also expected to be a huge public spectacle.

This simply means that thousands of tickets will be up for sale to the cricket fans who wish to watch the matches for their favorite teams. It’s a major sporting event and if you are a cricket fan, you cannot miss out on these amazing matches.

You will of course be required to have tickets to gain access to the matches. Fortunately, there are different ways through which you can purchase your tickets, whether you are a local based attendee or an international one. The earlier you can purchase your tickets to the matches you are interested in the better it will be for you. You can use the World Cup 2015 schedule to pick the matches to buy tickets for. It is a simple way of ensuring that you get to watch all matches you consider important.

Buying your tickets when based in Australia

If you are located in Australia, buying your Cricket World Cup 2015 tickets is made very easy. You can use the official website to purchase the tickets online for all your preferred matches. Using a credit card, you can buy all the tickets that you need. You also have the option of purchasing the tickets directly from the official provider for the cup Ticketek. It has portal links to the official website and you can buy using a credit card or cash. You can also purchase your match tickets via phone from Monday to Fridays.

Buying your tickets when based in New Zealand

If you are based in New Zealand, you have the option of making an online purchase from the official World Cup website. Ticketek agencies based in New Zealand will also offer you an easy time buying your tickets for the matches in person. Orders can also be made by phone during normal business hours. It is however important to remember that the phone service is not open during public holidays and is open between 9 am and 5 pm.

Buying your tickets when you are an international attendee

Just because you are located far from where the matches are taking place does not mean that you cannot attend the matches you love the most. International attendees have the official Cricket World Cup 2015 website readily available for all their ticketing needs. The online portal is designed to be user friendly. Hence, they are very easy to use. You can also take advantage of travel packages that come complete with the tickets for selected matches and accommodation. The other option is to buy the tickets that you need on the phone, but you would have to cater to the calling fees. You will never miss out on a plan you feel is most suitable for you.

A Short Biography of Famous Soccer Players – Diego Milito

His complete name is Diego Alberto Milito. He was born in Bernal, Argentina on 12 June 1979. Diego Milito is a professional soccer player and now become a part of national team of Argentina. In club level, he presently plays for F.C. Internazionale Milano. In the field of arena, he is always played as a center-forward.

For international career as professional player, Milito made two goals on his first appearance in opposition to Uruguay in 2003. He participated for Argentina national team in the 2007 Copa América competition.

Milito is so powerful with a keen eye for goal. And he is considered as one of the finest headers of the ball in the modern game. In addition, he is also considered as a productive and consistent striker. His nickname is Il Principe (Italian for «The Prince»).

During his career as a professional soccer player, he ever played for some senior clubs. Some of them are Racing Club (1999-2004), Genoa (2004-2005), Zaragoza (2005-2008), Genoa (2008-2009), and Internazionale (2009- ). He got some honors with his clubs. And some of his honors are Primera División Argentina (Apertura 2001 with Racing Club), and Serie A: 2009, Coppa Italia: 2010, UEFA Champions League: 2010 (with Internazionale).

At Real Zaragoza, Diego Milito was a captain for the club, taking over this position from Gabriel who leaved for Barcelona in 2007. In the La Liga 2006-2007 season, he was one of players who got the top scorers. His goals assisted the club to a sixth position finish in the league.

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