Segmentation in the Spanish Property Market

Reports on the death of the Spanish property market are premature. The market is starting to recover slowly after two years of falling prices and the patent lack of lending from the banks. As the banks are now loosening up their lending for anyone with some money to put aside as deposit especially on their own repossessed stock they are wanting to finance 100% where possible to get the liability off the books.

The recovery is not everywhere though and not all types of property are recovering and I certainly do not expect to see price rises any time soon. With that in mind, I will give you some examples where I do not see falls abating currently and then tell you what a prime property consists of. This segmentation of the market is a very important concept to understand because without it you treat all properties in the same way and that is not how to look at the Spanish Property market, it is not a monolithic whole.

For a property to be considered «prime» it must have an intrinsic value which is easily measured. «Sub-prime» property does not have this same intrinsic value. Sub-prime is a lot more prone to sentiment and demand within the market. There is little or no demand for «sub-prime» property outside the big cities and their periphery. A good example would be a series of properties built on an estate where everything is similar inland and away from the beach with few facilities around and where everyone must use the car for all journeys. (It is impossible to segment the properties on this estate, they all fall into the same category of sub-prime). It is likely that transport costs will rise bit by bit over the next few decades and these properties will become less and less desirable as a result. The opposite is also true of course meaning that prime properties with little distance to travel in conurbations and with good facilities become more desirable. This will mean that their prices rise while the sub-prime group drops increasing the disparity in prices between prime and sub-prime.

Spanish coastal properties will be another sector to suffer if they do not have rapid access to the coast. The description «coastal property» has been abused so that it includes properties even a couple of miles or more from said coast and therefore it is easier to make a segmentation in this area. My own opinion is that if you cannot walk comfortably to the beach with all your things for a day by the sea in hand then you do not have what can be termed a coastal property. First line property with uninterrupted views of the sea and even second and third with good sea views will hold their value quite well because evidently they have a prime position and there is a limited supply. Anything further back can no longer be considered prime and the segmentation is evident in the disparate prices.

What type of property will hold its value? Large city centres are good bets as people move ever more so into cities and large towns to look for work. These areas keep their value as the demand curve outstrips the supply curve in almost every case. A city centre flat is a city centre flat and nothing can create more space in those cities meaning there are limited numbers available because of planning restrictions and replacement new for old. The centre of a city therefore is a segment. Spanish cities have no more land available for development in the centre of so there is very little possibility of supply outstripping demand if people continue moving to the city,something that continues to be the trend for the whole of Spain.

Other properties that will hold their values are those that have a little something special, spectacular views, fantastic and timeless design, built in and unobtrusive security features, shopping and leisure facilities and more. When you wrap all of these things up into a whole in just one property then you have the perfect property investment which is bound long term to hold its value and you also get quite a nice place to live too. It is the perfect segment.

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Holidays to Benidorn Are Attractive Around the Year

Benidorm is a coastal town in the province of Alicante, Valencia community, Spain. Situated by the western Mediterranean Sea, tourists love to enjoy holidays to Benidorm which offers skyscraper skyline offering beach and nightlife. This destination, a small village prior to the 1960 is presently an ideal destination for Cheap Holidays in Spain.

Benidorm holidays are popular and attractive particularly for the residents of Northern Europe. The nightlife here along with the presence of bars and nightclubs is attractive spot for many. The free cabaret acts from late evenings to the early hours of the morning is appealing to a huge. Those interested to spend life at the beach have the choice of selecting amongst the three major beaches, Llevante, Poniente, and Mal pas. The climatic condition throughout the year attracts tourists for holidays to Benidorm.

Cheap holidays in Benidorm attract visitors primarily due to the Benidorm International Song Festival, which is held every summer since 1959. The three theme parks located here are the Terra Mitica, Aqualandia, and Mundomar. This city comprises of the highest immigrants of any town in Spain. The ethnicity make up comprises of 56 % Spanish making it a Cheap Holidays Spain destination.

In addition to the beautiful beaches, Benidorm offers attractive golf courses for those fascinating in golf. The visit across the city is best made by the road. This place is considered as an ideal Cheap Holidays Spain destination.

People associate Benidorm holidays with Fun and Leisure. The temperature of around 29°C ensures that visitors enjoy maximum across the year. Those having a taste of visiting the modern disco, karaoke during late evening hours have to reason to regret Holidays to Benidorm.

Visitors undoubtedly enjoy the most attractive modern atmosphere at Benidorm amidst a touch of authentic Spain. The traditional shops and designer boutiques are also available amidst the tapas bars and restaurants. Another reason for Cheap Holidays in Benidorm being in high demand is due to the family oriented attractions.

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Mexico’s "Los Ninos Heroes" – Heroic Children

The Niños Heroes (Heroic Children) were six teenage military cadets who died defending Mexico at Mexico City’s Chapultepec Castle (which was the Mexican army’s military academy,) from invading forces from the the Battle of Chapultepec on September 13, 1847. Mexico has had many heroes through its long and eventful history but conceivably none have mesmerized the thoughts and stirred the hearts to the extent that Los Niños Heros have. These brave young men fought valiantly for their country during the Mexican-American War but sadly, they died defending México’s honor.

These cadets ranged in age from 13 to 19 years of age. Their commanders ordered them to fall back but the cadets did not and instead they resisted the invaders until they were all dead. The six young men refused to relinquish their posts and bravely met the superior forces of the Americans.

· The last survivor Juan Escuitia born in Tepic between 1828 and 1832 was a second lieutenant in an artillery company, and is said to have draped himself with the Mexican flag before jumping to his death to prevent it from being taken by the enemy.

· The other five were Juan de la Barrera, born in Mexico city in 1828 He was the son of an army general who enlisted at the age of 12 and died defending a gun battery at the entrance to the park. He was 19 and the oldest of the six.

· Francisco Marques, born in Guadalajara, Jalisco in 1834 and was the step son of an army cavalry captain. He applied to the Academy on January 14, 1847 and belonged to the first company of cadets. His bullet riddled body was found on the east flank of the hill. He was the youngest of the six;

· Agustin Melgar born in Chihuahua, Chihuahua between 1828 and 1832. He was the son of Esteban Melgar, a lieutenant colonel in the army and Maria de la Luz Sevilla, both of whom died while he was very young and he applied for the Academy on November 4, 1846. He was able to shoot and kill invaders before taking refuge behind some mattresses in one of the rooms but was mortally wounded.

· Fernando Montes de Oca born in Azcapotzalco, Mx., Mexico between 1828 and 1832 to Jose Maria Monted de Oca and Josefa Rodriguez. He applied to the Academy on January 24,01847 and was one of the cadets who remained in the castle. His personal record reads «Killed for his country on 13 September 1847»;

· Vicente Suarezborn in 1882 in Puebla, Puebla and was the son of Miguel Suarez, a cavalry officer and Maria de la Luz Ortega. He applied for admission to the Academy on October 21, 1845 and was killed at his post in hand-to-hand combat.

They were buried in the grounds of Chapultepec Park in an undisclosed location and on September 27, 1952, they were re-interred at the monument top of the Heroic Cadets in Chapultepec.

This grand monument was raised in their honor, «Los Niños Heroes Monument,» and stands proudly at the entrance to Chapultepec Park in Mexico City. This impressive monument was made of Carrara marble by architect Enrique Aragon and sculptor Erlesto Tamariz in 1952.

In 1947, President Harry S. Truman of the United States visited the «Los Niños Heroes» monument where there was a moment of reverential silence observed by the President as a sign of respect for the young boy cadets. When President Truman was asked why he stopped at the monument his response was, «I respect bravery wherever I see it.»

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Holidays in Andalucia, Spain

Being the largest region in Spain with a population of 7 million and 800km of coastline, Andalucia is a pleasure to visit because it is so diverse in landscape, culture and holiday attractions. Tourism here has been the main factor in making Andalucia one the richest regions in Spain.

The Costa del Sol is the most famous coastline of Andalucia and runs most of the length of the southern coastline down to Gibraltar along the Mediterranean Sea. Here can be found some of Spain's most famous holiday destinations including Marbella, Fuengirola Torremolinos, Mijas and Nerja.

The Costa de la Luz is situated on the western coast of Spain between Portugal and Spain's most southern town Tarifa. Beaches here are beautiful with miles upon miles of white sand overlooked by palm trees. The Atlantic Ocean can be spectacular with fierce winds making this a haven for wind surfers and kite surfers, although these sometimes harsh conditions has meant tourism along the Costa de la Luz has not been as popular as on the Costa del Sol.

Moving away from the coast you will soon discover what makes Andalucia such a fantastic place to visit and considered by most to be the soul of Spain. Throughout the region you will find beautiful examples of the many Roman, Arabian and Moorish influences whose civilizations have dominated Spain throughout her colorful history.

Seville, the regional capital and the towns of Malaga, Granada, Cordoba and Ronda are cities full of history, architecture and culture. Andalucia is still an agricultural region as can be seen from the huge plastic greenhouses occupying vast areas of the coastal plains. These were here before tourism and continue to produce the much required fruit and vegetables for Spain and export into Europe.

Seville is one of the most exciting cities in Europe with many elegant boutiques, bars and restaurants and the old quarter of Barrio Santa Cruz. Sevilla has many superb attractions including the Cathedral and the Giralda, along with a vibrant cultural and social atmosphere.

Cordoba is a smaller city and has more of a Spanish atmosphere that can be felt within the bars and throughout the city. The main attractions are the famous Alcazar royal palace with its fantastic Roman mosaics; historic synagogue in the Jewish quarter, and the world famous Mezquita mosque.

Granada is situated in the foothills of the great Sierra Nevada with a backdrop of snow-capped mountains rising above the green foothills of the Alpujarras. The mysterious Alhambra Palace dominates Granada, but there is much more to see including the Cathedral, fashionable modern shops and the bazaar atmosphere in the old quarter.

The Sierra Nevada is the location of some excellent winter skiing between the months of November and March. There are great skiing facilities available among the small villages surrounding the slopes, which offer good accommodation, bars, restaurants and some incredible views of the mountains.

With most of the coastline bordering on the Mediterranean Sea, Andalucia has a typical Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters. Temperatures can vary hugely throughout the region, but average values ​​range between 13C in the winter to 25C in the summer with daily sunshine averaging nine hours. Seville during the summer can hit temperatures approaching 50C, while Granada at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, enjoys white winters bringing snow to the skiing resorts for three months of the year.

For holidays in Spain, the eight provinces in Andalucia offer a magnificent array of scenery and attractions for the holiday visitor. These include skiing in the Sierra Nevada; the deserts of Almería; fantastic nature parks & reserves throughout the whole region; world famous buildings in Seville, Granada & Cordoba and of course the famous holiday destinations along the whole length of the Mediterranean coast.

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Timeshare Verses Travel Club – Which is the Real Deal?

Until recently, timeshares have been the way to go when someone wanted to get a good deal on yearly vacationing, but with the recent rise in discount travel clubs is it still a a smart move? I will compare the two vacation plans and show how discount travel clubs are the better choice for people who want to save on their vacations.

1) Initial costs- Purchase a timeshare at a resort or second hand from the original owner and you will pay anywhere from say $6,500 to $20,000 depending on where your unit is and how good you are at haggling when they try to close on you. Paid either in a lump sum or over time, you now own a week of time at a resort that you can exchange with others looking for something in your area. Let’s go midrange for a buying price of $13,250.

If you joined a discount travel club, you paid somewhere between $199 and $500 to get access to vacations around the world… Gotta give that win to the vacation club for a more affordable initial price.

2) Recurring costs- According to, ownership has its privileges because you now are responsible for ongoing maintenance fees, upkeep, furniture and appliances, roof and pool replacement, and of course insurance and property taxes. We’ll use their figures for time share resorts in Virginia Beach, which they found range from $390-$550 a year, and use a midrange figure of $475 a year. This annual fee would be adjusted for inflation and probably increase over time. Your total annual timeshare costs over 10 years, barring any roof or pool rework, is $4,750. If you trade for other units around the world, there are other costs involved that vary from group to group, so it would be hard to determine the exact costs other than to say they would be at least several hundred dollars more expensive a year.

Monthly fees vary between vacation clubs, so we will use World Ventures number for accuracy. Lets say you liked the presentation and went with the most expensive package that makes you a representative. You would pay $59.93 a month for an annual rate of $719.16, but there is a way to not have any monthly fee by bringing in four people who buy any package that is offered. So if you know four friends who like to travel and join the club, you’ve just erased your annual costs! That is something to consider, but let’s pay the monthly fee for the sake of the exercise.

Over 10 years, club costs are $7,191.60. There are no additional costs for staying at resorts or hotels around the world, but vacation packages are bought in bulk and offered to the members at cost. Other advantages with travel clubs include discounted rates for air travel, hotels, car rentals, vacation packages, and travel insurance that can be used any time of year as many times as you need. There is even concierge service which you can use anywhere and anytime to get information on just about anything you need while home or abroad. I’ll give this one to the timeshare with an asterisk just using the base numbers, but there is more value built into the vacation club membership.

3) Variety of vacation experience- Timeshares give you the same vacation every year staying in the same unit or a similar one every time and swapping is only available at participating resorts in their network.

Travel clubs offer you many different experiences all over the world- you don’t have to repeat the same trip twice (unless you want to). Over 60,000 vacation and rental properties available in over 160 destinations. World Ventures even has a program called DreamTrips where all the reservations and planning are taken care of for you. You have your choice of event, cruise, sport, or theme packages at deeply discounted prices- examples from 2009 include a Cozumel cruise, 5 day/4 night for $179 per person including taxes and fees, trip to Madrid, Spain for $150 per person taxes included, and so on. Get lodging and tickets to the Masters, the final four, even the World Cup in South Africa for hundreds less than you can find online. The vacation club gets this vote easily.

So while the timeshare won the recurring cost section with a handicap, the best overall bargain is the travel club membership for its low initial cost, variety of vacation experiences offered, and the abilities to save on all travel expenses and make money by becoming a representative. The numbers aren’t exact, but do represent a fair comparison between the two vacation choices.

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Which of Them Will Qualify For The Last 4?

The draws of the quarter-finals have been made and soccer fans which are current know the fixtures. It is Chelsea up against Man U, Real Madrid against Tottenham, Barcelona against Shaktar and Inter taking on Schalke. These are the pairings of the teams that made it up to the last Eight.

Looking at the draws made, the two toughest of them analyzing on paper is the encounters between Chelsea and Man U and the one between Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur. At first glance, these 2 matches appear to be the star games of the quarter-final stage of these season of the UEFA Champion’s League. This is because of the reputation of these four teams in question. Games between Man U and Chelsea have always been known to be very tough encounters. One must not fail to mention that both sides are English clubs and encounters between clubs of the same country on the continental or global scene such as the UEFA Champions League have been known to be very difficult. This is either of the 2 clubs will want to prove to their domestic fans back at home that they are a world class soccer playing club. Again Chelsea and Man U have been known to be bitter rivals of each other both on the local and the international scene.

The other interesting one is between Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur. Why this is a tough one is because of the quality of managers and players both teams have. Jose Muorinho being the manager of Real Madrid is a very good and intelligent soccer tactician who knows how to read the game. The same can also be said of the manager of Tottenham, Harry Redknapp who has also proved his worth at this competition. To the credit of Harry Redknapp, he has led his team to the quarter-finals at the very first time they are participating in the UEFA Champion’s League. Also the team has some good players. We must not forget that Tottenham led their group to reach the second round before eliminating another soccer giant AC Millan before reaching this stage.

The other 2 fixtures look easier than the two matches previously discussed but Barcelona must not underrate Shaktar and Inter not despise Schalke. No team that has reached this stage of the competition should be considered a pushover. Schalke produced a very big upset when they defeated Valencia at home to reach this stage. For Inter they really struggled to reach this stage. Again Shaktar has proven to be a very hard nut to crack. Therefore Barcelona and Inter cannot afford to underrate their opponents because if they do an upset is imminent.

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Something About Madrid That Need You to Discover

When we are talking about Europe, what is the first thing comes to our mind? Perhaps it is Spain, or Great Britain, or Italia, or so. And, if we are talking about Spain, what comes next? For some people the next thing is all about soccer team called Real Madrid and also holiday trip. Actually, when these two things are mixed, you will get the perfect combination ever for both your lifetime experience as well as pleasure.

Talking about Spain, Madrid of course is the number one thing that comes as topic. Being the main capital city of Spain, Madrid is the largest city of all and at this time the city has about 3.3 million populations, not to mention the urban and suburb areas. Being the number one city of Spain, Madrid has a plenty of attractions for tourists all over the world and these are the architectural buildings, environment, and cultures. Every traveler who comes and visits Madrid has his own favorite and if you think that Spanish cultures would attract you so much, Madrid has a billion stories for you.

By the time you decide to come over this city just to see the local culture, you will be greeted by several common attractions and festivals such as the bullfighting show in Las Ventas. First began at 1929, Madrid has been hosted the Plaza de Toros and becomes the world's largest bullfighting center. As for the local festivals, there are several days to celebrate several special moments, 10 August to celebrate the San Lorenzo, 13 June to celebrate the San Antonio de la Florida, and so forth.

There are also other Spanish hidden treasures that you can discover and feel it for yourself, but the thing is that you need to go there to find out what they are, because even the Internet cannot really describe what it feels to travel to Madrid. Therefore, if you wish to have some trip over this biggest city, there are several things you need to prepare. It is a sure thing that you will need a perfect accommodation but as for your additional need, the car hire would be a great offer for you to think about. Car hire Madrid airport is the name of local tenancy service type if you wish to travel around the city on your own as well as to get picked by the car right after arriving at the Madrid airport.

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Football Stadiums of Istanbul

Turks are one of the nations that are fond of football. They try not to miss any match of their favorite teams, and are avid fans. It is by no means surprising, that in Istanbul there are many stadiums, and the majority of them correspond to the standards of the IOC. The most famous stadiums of Istanbul are Ataturk Olympic Stadium, Fenerbahce Sukru Saracoglu Stadium, Besiktas Inonu Stadium, and Ali Sami Yen Stadium.

Besiktas Inonu Stadium

The project of this stadium was elaborated by an Italian architect Paolo Vietti Violi. It was opened in Besiktas district in 1947, and had 16,000 seats. Then its name was the Mithat-pasha (the drafter of the first Turkish Constitution) stadium, and Ismet Inonu, the follower of Ataturk and the second presdient of the Turkish Republic participated at the opening ceremony. In 1973 the stadium got its new name in honor of Ismet Inonu, and till nowadays it is called Besiktas Inonu Stadium.

The place of the construction is very convenient: the stadium was built on the spot of the Dolmabahce palace stables, near the Bosporus. It is, probably, the only football stadium, where the two parts of the world – Europe and Asia – are seen from. In addition, magnificent views of the Dolmabahce palace and mosque, and the Bosporus open from the upper grandstands of the stadium. After being reconstructed in 2004 according to the standards of the UEFA, the stadium got the highest category Elite.

In the nearest future there will be another reconstruction, when the stadium will nearly completely be pulled down, and a new stadium, with 42,000 seats and transparent slip roof, will be built. Only one grandstand will be restored and preserved – Eski Acik – for it is considered the architectural monument. In addition, architects plan to build near the stadium a 5 star hotel, congress-center, shopping center, and parking area.

This stadium is the host field of the Besiktas football team, but other clubs as Galatasaray and Fenerbahce played here. However, it remains a place, where Black Eagles (an unofficial name of Besiktas players) defeated the teams of Barcelona, Liverpool, Milan, and Paris Saint Germain.

Ali Sami Yen Stadium

This stadium, which hosts Galatasaray football club, was opened in 1964. It was named after the founder of this team and their first president Ali Sami Yen, who later became the President of the National Olympic Committee of Turkey. Now the stadium has only 23,785 seats, and their matches of the European Tournaments Galatasaray holds in the Ataturk Olympic Stadium. However, Ali Sami Yen Stadium remains a place, where Galatasaray won Barcelona, Real, Manchester United, Fenerbahce, and Besiktas.

The unofficial name of Galatasaray players is Lions, and their fans name the stadium Cennehem (hell). Nowadays, Galatasaray meet their opponents with the motto Cennehem Hosgeldiniz, meaning Welcome To The Hell.

The Ali Sami Yen Stadium is in Sisli district, near the street, which leads to the Bosporus bridge. In 2007 Galatasaray started the construction of their new football stadium called Turk Telekom Arena. Besides the stadium with 58,000 seats, there will be built a covered sports hall with 15,000 seats, subway station, shopping center, and parking area.

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Pay Attention! The French Are Not Rude!

In June of 2007 Mrs. Winer and I retired.

When one achieves a milestone, rewards equal to the accomplishment should be given. So on Sept 9, 2007 Mrs. Winer and I arrived in Paris France. For the next 24 days we enjoyed ourselves more than should be allowed by law. We choose this time of the year mainly because it is the ending of the tourist season but before the nasty winter weather. Instead of getting accommodations in downtown Paris, we chose a small comfortable hotel in Maison-Laffitte (ML). The town is about 20 minutes by the REI A line red train north of Paris.

While at times it was a bit inconvenient since we spent the bulk of our waking hours in Paris, it afforded us what we wanted: a quiet refuge from the hectic Paris life. We also love the interaction that comes from repeated visits to a restaurant. Mrs. Winer and I are food junkies. I am the journaler and have a record of all the food we ate, where we ate it and the wines we drank.

After arriving in ML and getting situated I left Mrs. Winer resting and went to a recon mission. The objective was to find a small restaurant that would reflect the cuisine of this area of France. Found it. L’Olivier on Avenue de Saint Germain. Talk about hitting the jackpot. Olivier the owner was the waiter, the maittredi, the floor sweeper and sommelier. The restaurant was very cozy with tables for about 20 patrons. (At another time I will tell you a couple of wonderful experiences we had in Olivier’s.) Suffice to say that we loved the restaurant. We actually ate our way through his entire menu during our stay in ML.

The following day, September 10 was Mrs. Winer’s «39th» Birthday. I really can’t remember what anniversary it was of that auspicious day. It is best forgotten. She wanted to go to the Eiffel Tower. Since the Old Winer hadn’t figured out the subway system we disembarked from the REI train at the Arc de Triumph and meandered through the center of Paris in the general direction of the Eiffel Tower. My navigation skills are quite suspect but since the tower is the tallest item on the horizon we managed to find it. (I’m somewhat of a world traveler.) I’ve seen the Space Needle in Seattle, the arches in the Los Angeles airport, the church of the Blessed Family in Barcelona, and the Grand Canyon so I’m not that easily impressed.

Standing under the Eiffel Tower was impressive. Standing on the top was VERY impressive. Mrs Winer had her birthday lunch in the small café-restaurant located on the second level overlooking the River Seine with its boat traffic and bridges. We then choose (a very weird choice) to walk down the stairs. Mrs. Winer had heard that some famous people had done this and thought it would be a good idea. By the time we got to the ground it was obvious that they were a bit younger than we were. Having climbed a mountain or two in my day, one has learned that going down is actually more difficult than going up. But we made it. That evening for our dinner we went to the supermarket, bought some wonderful French goat cheese, ham, French (what else) bread, an apple, a bottle of 2005 Chateau du Calvaire St Emilion Grand Cru wine for 6 dollars and a bottle of 2005 Domaine St. Antoine Sablet Cotes du Rhone Village for 5 bucks and chocolate for dessert. Brought our purchases to our hotel room and indulged ourselves.

Happy Birthday Mrs. Winer!

At a later time I will tell you about our wondrous 10 days wondering up from Lyon to Paris through the Boujourlais, Burgundy wine country. We smote with vigor the most pernicious error perpetrated by disgruntled travelers: «the French are rude to Americans especially if you can’t speak French.» The French are not rude! I can disgorge my total accumulation of the French language in about 45 seconds. My Spanish is quite good. My English, as you know, somewhat suspect. We ate in small cafes and fancy restaurants in downtown Paris; in tiny places in the mountain of the wine country where English was grade school at best; we talked to wine growers, to people on the streets, etc and I can say that we did not experience a single incident where we felt badly treated by a French person. Will we go back?…you betcha. Right after our trip to Tuscany and Spain.

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Liverpool vs. Everton 5-2 Goals & Highlights | Premier League | Telemundo Deportes

Video oficial de Telemundo Deportes. Los Reds se anotan otra goleada y le sacan ocho puntos de ventaja al Leicester City rumbo al título de la Liga Premier

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Liverpool vs. Everton 5-2 Goals & Highlights | Premier League | Telemundo Deportes

source Tras la sorprendente futura equipación del FC Barcelona, repasamos algunos equipos que han vestido a cuadros en la historia del fútbol. camiseta sevilla 2019