Leather Duffel Bag for Mother’s Day

Determining the type of lifestyle that your Mother has will give you a better idea of what style of leather duffel bag would best suit as a gift. Giving a beautiful but functional present will show Mom that you have really thought about her and care. There are many styles as well as sizes that fit any fashion as well as budget.

A leather gym bag is really a very functional bag. These bags have large top opening main compartments capable of holding sports equipment, such as a basketball, a soccer ball, or tennis balls as well as the necessary shoes, workout clothes, and towel. A deep or mesh exterior pocket is great for holding water bottles or sports drinks. With other pockets designed to hold cell phones, keys, membership cards, and toiletries. With a leather gym bag, any Mother will start her exercise routine with confidence.

A larger duffel bag for the traveling Mother should be within the airlines carry-on regulation size of 22 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches. This will allow her to have plenty of room for a couple changes of clothes and other items for a few days of business meetings. This carry-on duffel bag will also save time by allowing her to skip the check-in line and the baggage carousel. With the added security of not worrying about a lost bag at her destination. A classically designed bag will give the business Mom a sophisticated style.

Leather backpacks are great for the Mom on the go. Stylish and classy it can replace the diaper bag or purse. Most offer plenty of room with multiple zippered compartments and exterior pockets for easy access to frequently grabbed items. They can also feature comfortably padded should straps which allow a hands-free advantage. The biggest plus of all, for mothers everywhere, is that a leather backpack is easy to clean.

Business Mom would appreciate a leather laptop bag for organization and a modern look. This type of bag offers wide multiple pockets for laptop, files, and writing pads. Additional smaller pockets offer room for phone, passport, or other office supplies. Some bags also offer a shoulder strap for convenience as well as a cosmopolitan style.

A leather bag that offers functionality and easy care, as well as style would be a great choice for any type of Mother. Mother’s day is to show Mom that you care and by giving her a useful and luxurious leather bag, it will!

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Your Dance Sucks

If you play soccer or you are a fan of the sport, you will understand the joy that comes when the ball is in the net. Some of the scorers skid on their knees over the field while others break into a dance as a way of celebration.

Dancing is my preference when I score. My dancing style is to sway, and wiggle my trunk and elbows. Since you can only dance if you score, I try so hard to score. I might get three goals on a good day, and that is three opportunities every Saturday to show my celebration dance.

Don't stop to wonder why a man at age fifty-six would waste away his life and risk bodily injuries playing soccer. There is no way I can explain it; just know that I do, every Saturday morning, and if my knees permit (because it is the knees that are the problem) I intend to continue for the foreseeable future.

On this particular Saturday morning, the game did come to an end, but as usual too fast for my liking. I took possession of my sweater which I had left on a side table and began to walk among the other sweat-soaked players towards the exit sign of the indoor soccer arena.

Upfront, Alex and Pedro were sitting down on the Astroturf, taking off their soccer boots, stuffing them into duffel bags and putting their heads, their arms in their street clothes.

'You saw my four goals today and my dance?' I shouted as I approached them.

'Yes, we did! How many goals did you score last year? ' Alex responded.

'We lost count of the number of goals you scored,' added Pedro.

'You are a really scoring machine,' said Alex, 'but the problem is that you don't play defense, and that is why other players don't like you. Mix up your game, play defense sometimes. '

'You know,' I began to say, 'as long as my mother loves me, I don't care who hates ——-' a sentence which was interrupted by, 'Your celebration dance sucks.' I turned, and it was Mike speaking.

Mike is a short thirty-something; he could be younger or older, but estimating the age of a short man is like reading the oracle. In any case, Mike is one of those short-statured men who for some reason think that in order to mask their lack of height their voice must tear down walls; their shoulders are in constant elevation, and their entire muscle system humped and knotted.

Anyway, Mike had walked by, and on his way out of the soccer arena, very near the exit door, he decided to turn back. With a smirk on his face and two cold, unmoving eyes he said, 'You know what? Your goal celebration dance sucks. '

Silence came upon Pedro, Alex and me. Holy crap! How does one begin to respond? Is this an insult or banter? Some people, like my brother Vince, have the gift of quickly decoding this vital difference in a comment, but I don't. Vince reacts like a viper when he decides who to bite back or who to spare.

Though Mike and I have played pick-up soccer together for a couple of years, our contacts have been largely limited to when I chip a little on his ankles or pry the ball out from between his feet. On many occasions he has briefly stood, glaring in my face, both eyes in full beam; but in the end has backed down, with an understanding that what I have done is within the limits of a clean game.

What kind of response would 'Your celebration dance sucks,' deserve? Similar cynical comments are plentiful everywhere. It could have been an uncle or an aunt saying your soccer shoes suck, your ideas suck, your degrees sucks, your wealth sucks, your hair sucks, or your stories suck.

On a plain, tit-for-tat level, the comment deserves a 'Shut up, you short idiot' response. But it happened that on that day, in that moment, I was not at a shallow level of mind. I happened to be at a deeper level, which prompted me to brood over the comment. 'Where is this fellow coming from?'

Is his comment, the longest sentence he has said to me in two years, an overture for a better relationship in the future? If it is, then hurling an insult at him would destroy such a budding intent.

But what if his comment is an outright decision to ridicule me, a way to project an imaginary dominance of a diminutive physique? Then a kindhearted 'turn the other cheek' response could actually embolden him further. Did he need to be confronted, an eye for an eye, while we wait for Judgment Day?

Throwing one insulting word to counter another insulting word is easy; what is hard is to tell what is in the heart of the men and women who throw insulting words around, and whether, as my seventeen-year-old son said, they deserve a compassionate response.

Some highly emotional people have reacted forcefully to mere banter, only to recognize their folly shortly afterwards. They apologize profusely, but the harm has been done; they have let their guard down, exposing the childishness lurking inside every adult man.

Misinterpretation of a comment is a common mistake many people make. My late uncle Ralph, though everybody in the village said he was a kind man with a good heart, prospered on benign mockery, and was always on the edge between praise and criticism; he lived to be one hundred and four years old.

Without a doubt, the world unfortunately is filled with people who are out to destroy others with venomous words. How do you recognize those people so that you can respond adequately, because if you don't they will walk all over you all the time?

If you are the recipient of a negative comment, asking for clarification may help gain insight into the heart of a detractor. However, enemies always muddy up their original intent during clarification.

While negative comments spur some men into creative energy, they may devastate a child, a young adult and even adults who lack confidence or self-awareness.

But that very Saturday I was immaculate in my mood and would not allow anybody to steal my joy. After a thoughtful, brief moment, and with a broad smile, I looked Mike in the face and answered, 'I will come up with a new and a better dance next week.' A response which soothed his disturbed little soul.

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What Coffee Capsules Are Compatible With Nespresso

Not all Nespresso machines work with any coffee capsule.

Water in the capsule container instead of Coffee in the Cup: The new Nespresso Machine models create incompatibility with Capsule Clones. In the test performed by K-Tipp, a large European Consumer Magazine, in January 2014, especially capsules from Coop, Jacobs and Aldi did not work, whereas Pressogno, Café Royal and La Caffè Mocha achieved 100% compatibility.

Nespresso has changed the way capsules are pierced, causing some compatible capsules to no longer function properly. The needles in the latest Nespresso models are so thin, that they are not able to pierce the capsule of some competitors and in the extreme case, will crush the capsule.

The Nespresso machine models «Pixie», «U» and «Inissia» are using the new, thinner injectors. This is «part of our ongoing development» of the capsule system says Nestle.

The problem for customers: While the new, thinner needles work well with the original Nespresso Aluminum capsule, they struggle with some plastic capsules from other manufacturers, as the needles are too thin and can’t pierce through the hard plastic.

The result: crushed capsules, half-full cups and plenty of water in the body, or the machine simply refused their service and turned off.

Our advice: Anyone who has previously used coffee capsules from other manufacturers should keep their Nespresso machine as long as possible, as the new machines do not work with all capsule clones.

K-Tipp performed a test with 12 Nespresso coffee machines and 8 Coffee Capsule brands

The most important outcome:

Capsules from these brands fit into all machines and are 100% compatible with the machines tested:

  • the Pressogno capsules «Espresso Medium» (SPAR and Volg),
  • the «Espresso» capsules Café Royal ( Migros) and
  • the capsules «Espresso» La Caffè Mocha (Coop, Fust and InterDiscount ).

These capsules did not work

By far the most problems occurred with the following brands:

  • the capsules «Espresso Classico» Jacobs Momente and
  • the capsules «Espresso 1882» Caffè Vergnano.

None of these capsules worked in the Nespresso «U» of Koenig. The needle could not pierce the capsules from Jacobs and the machine shut down.

Water ran passed the Caffè Vergnano capsule straight into the cup.

Jacobs manufacturer Mondelez says: «We are working to regain compatibility as soon as possible. There was a similar statement from Coop, stating that the suppliers would adapt to the changes.

The capsule «Supremo» from 100 % Espresso (available at Aldi) also proved incompatible: The Aluminum foil came off the capsule in almost all the testing. Particularly annoying was that in some cases, the foil was caught in the machine and had to be scraped off with a knife. Aldi is aware of the problem and says that in the problem with the foil has been resolved.

How the test was performed:

K-Tipp bought 12 standard editions of current Nespresso machines from De’Longhi, Koenig and Turmix. 10 Capsules from 8 different manufacturers were tested in every single machine.

  • Did the mechanism work properly?
  • Did the needles pierce the capsule or crush it?
  • Did we get a cup of coffee or some watery broth?
  • Not every deformation of some plastic capsule necessarily led to a loss in quality. However if there was more water in the cup than expected, this was considered a malfunction

At The Dinner Table One Weekend – What Matters Is The Orange Juice – Not The Cups: A Narrative

A wave of nostalgia overtook Mama, as she tried to recall the halcyon days of her youth. Using her bare hands to wipe our tears drooping freely down her shoulders, she continued:

"Your Grandpa had been a very jovial person. During his lifetime, he behaved with others with benignity and good mannerliness. He led such an agreeable life that no one had any complaint against him, nor did he cause any harm to any one during his lifetime. Undoubtedly, a tree that has a thick trunk tend to have many branches. "

Trying to balance her self on the stool she was sitting on, she continued:

"As Jemima, Umayyad, Beatrice, Alberta and myself sat around the table eating our dinner, little did we realize that it was going to be an unforgivable dinner." Indeed, the mother of all dinners. " Pausing for a moment, she continued:

"Your Grandpa had realized Jemima's gorgeous costume and said:

"Jemima, who's that lucky guy in your life?"

"There's nobody yet."

"Are not you dating at the moment?"

"I used to, but not these days, I have stopped."

"Stopped permanently?"

After a brief silence, and speaking as if a bone had been stuck in her gullet, Jemima answered:

"No, temporarily."

Mama continued:

"I felt uncomfortable all along as your Grandpa continued asking my friend about her private life. I had invited Jemima, the most beautiful among us, to my birthday party and nothing else. your Grandpa's business. "

"Do you mean you have not given up on men yet?"

"No, not at all. It's only that I've now gotten frustrated because I can not find the man of my dreams."

"The man of your dreams?"

"Yes, a smart, handsome, tall, intelligent, well-educated and wealthy man."

Turning his attention to my other friend, Umayyad, who was nineteen, he asked:

"Are you also in the same dilemma?"

"Of course I am. It seems to me that all the smart guys have, together with the been extinct." Replayed Umayyad.

Mama continued her narrative as we sat in a pensive mood around the dinner table:

"A feeling of shock and discouragement engulfed all of us at the table. Your Grandma had not spoken a word until now. I watched in blank dismay as she got up and headed to the kitchen. a large jar of fresh orange juice. She then went back to the kitchen and later returned with an assortment of cups-porcelain, plastics, some plain-looking and some expensive and exquisite, asking us to help ourselves to fresh orange juice.

Mama continued:

"When all of us had a cup of fresh orange juice in hand, giving a chuckle of delight, Your Grandma said:

"If you all notice, all the nice-looking expensive cups have been taken up, leaving behind the plain and cheap ones. all of you really wanted to drink was fresh orange juice, not the cups.

Leaning toward Jemima who had been sitting next to her on her right side, Your Grandma continued:

"These cups are like the sort of men you young girls have been searching unsuccessfully for. These cups are nothing but tools that contain the fresh orange juice you are all drinking. cheap and plastic one or an excellent one does not change. What matters is the orange juice – not the cups.

Pausing for a moment, your Grandma continued:

"The orange juice is what would have given you nourishment, not the cups. The orange juice is the love that would sustain you and who ever you choose to date and later get married to. – not the quality of these cups. The cups represent those men you are all aspiring to date, and the orange juice also represents the love you should have been more concerned about. Even though, outwardly they could be pleasant-looking like those cups you all chose. , the old lady said:

"Now you girls, tell me, what is the use of an exquisite and expensive cup if it can not contain liquids? Mama concluded her narrative.

Buying Your Tickets For The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

The ICC Cricket World Cup is one of the most popular sporting events that brings together cricket teams from across the world. It features more than 40 matches played between 10 national teams. The 2015 World Cup slated to be held in New Zealand and Australia is also expected to be a huge public spectacle.

This simply means that thousands of tickets will be up for sale to the cricket fans who wish to watch the matches for their favorite teams. It’s a major sporting event and if you are a cricket fan, you cannot miss out on these amazing matches.

You will of course be required to have tickets to gain access to the matches. Fortunately, there are different ways through which you can purchase your tickets, whether you are a local based attendee or an international one. The earlier you can purchase your tickets to the matches you are interested in the better it will be for you. You can use the World Cup 2015 schedule to pick the matches to buy tickets for. It is a simple way of ensuring that you get to watch all matches you consider important.

Buying your tickets when based in Australia

If you are located in Australia, buying your Cricket World Cup 2015 tickets is made very easy. You can use the official website to purchase the tickets online for all your preferred matches. Using a credit card, you can buy all the tickets that you need. You also have the option of purchasing the tickets directly from the official provider for the cup Ticketek. It has portal links to the official website and you can buy using a credit card or cash. You can also purchase your match tickets via phone from Monday to Fridays.

Buying your tickets when based in New Zealand

If you are based in New Zealand, you have the option of making an online purchase from the official World Cup website. Ticketek agencies based in New Zealand will also offer you an easy time buying your tickets for the matches in person. Orders can also be made by phone during normal business hours. It is however important to remember that the phone service is not open during public holidays and is open between 9 am and 5 pm.

Buying your tickets when you are an international attendee

Just because you are located far from where the matches are taking place does not mean that you cannot attend the matches you love the most. International attendees have the official Cricket World Cup 2015 website readily available for all their ticketing needs. The online portal is designed to be user friendly. Hence, they are very easy to use. You can also take advantage of travel packages that come complete with the tickets for selected matches and accommodation. The other option is to buy the tickets that you need on the phone, but you would have to cater to the calling fees. You will never miss out on a plan you feel is most suitable for you.