Blossom a Romance in Paris!

Every once in a while, we all need a break from our monotonous routines, let down our hair and relax in an ambiance of beauty, serenity grasping bliss to rejuvenate ourselves. And what better place to indulge ourselves on a holiday than a romantic getaway at Paris. If you want to be alone with your loved one, walking down the street whispering romantic sweet nothings, oblivious to the busy world, Paris is the place for you.

Known as ‘A Lover’s Paradise’, Paris is a perfect amalgamation of modernity, romance, elite society features and plenty of warmth which attracts many who never want to leave this paradise.

Whether it is day or night, Paris is a haven to fall in love with. If you are not romantically involved yet, you shall fall in love with someone special in Paris, so the legend goes!! You inhale the euphoria of romance as you sip a chilled drink at attractive restaurants and watch the world pass you by!! Love is in the air and the sir of Paris is romantic to the core!!

Paris is a mystery by itself, waiting to be unravelled and discovered, by enthusiastic young hearts who want to live life to the fullest, experience the city of lights, pamper themselves in the most updated styles and fashion and be in the latest trends.

The western side of the city called The Bois de Boulogne is rich with seven lakes, one tennis stadium, a polo field, two race tracks, gardens and camp grounds as well.

The night life at Paris is beautifully active with exciting night clubbing institutions like the Folies Bergere, Crazy Horse or Paradis Latin or the Lido.

 Compiling Paris in a few words shall undermine its beautiful characteristics which simply cannot be defined. It’s a paradise on earth which must be visited, experienced and cherished eternally in many a heart.

Imagine walking with your heartthrob, finders entwined, under the dizzy heights of the Eiffel Tower,  shading you from the sun peeping from the clouds. Or walking in the drizzling rain and grasping the beauty of the Arc de Triomphe , the Pantheon, the Montmartre, the Mrasis, and the Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

The famous restaurants of Paris offer lip licking cuisines from all parts of the world. Whether its traditional food or anything to satisfy your palette, the brassieres’ of Paris are par excellence, each better than the other. Each corner of Paris is unique, different, intriguing and exciting for anyone who visits it once as it leaves within everyone, a desire to return again.

Not only beauty exists in the laps of Paris, one can find knowledge manifold as well. With a number of advertising, fashion or arts museums to its credit, Paris has some renowned museums like the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Centre Georges Pompidou and  the Institute du Monde Arabe.

Exploring Paris by slowly, with bated breath at each new exciting turn, is adventure by itself. Watching the golden halo cast over the sky at the sunset over the Pont des Arts seen from the Carré du Louvre, is a rare sight which brings an enigma to the soul. A feeling of serenity seeps in when watching the day leaving its bodice behind for dusk to take over and such a feeling can only be experienced in Paris itself not expressed in words!!

Romance is in the air in Paris. Whether it’s the famous attractive monuments of Paris, or the scrumptious cuisines served at the restaurants, or the local markets of Paris or simply the delicious pastries, passion and romance makes Paris complete.

 The breathtaking Luxembourg Gardens add to the glory of Paris. An ideal luscious green setting for a romantic couple sitting under beautiful autumn leaves and the winds softly ruffling the branches!!

 Paris offers amazing, affordable yet authentically romantic resorts to snuggle with your love don and forget the world outside. A warm romantic apartment, with the warm rays of the sun waking you up early morning and with latest amenities available for your comfort, what more could one ask for? Book the apartment of your choice and enjoy the perfect holiday away from the mad, mad world!!

Variety is the spice of life and we want you to explore and browse around for the best holiday resort which suits you. You must also visit online travel sites see the wide array of hotels, with their rates and the many attractive amenities which they offer. Its time you pamper yourself for that long awaited holiday which you always desired but would postpone for other important things!! Indulge yourself and spend some romantic, memorable moments which shall be evergreen within your heart.

With travelling becoming increasingly affordable and awareness rising amongst stressed individuals to take a break, the prize spots in Paris are being booked quickly every now and then Do not delay and book your favourite place now and enjoy a holiday. Book a romantic villa, apartment or a luxurious hotel  and avail discounts on early bookings as well. With the best and safest online booking procedure, you can be reassured your entire trip will be well taken care of.

Paris can be a visitors delight, especially if you are well equipped with the apt information about the places to sight see, experience, the restaurants to eat at and the resorts to stay at. Read all about Paris which has an enigma about it, which you shall be desperate to experience yourself. Check yourself in at some prestigious hotels and experience the beautiful monuments, museums and awesome moments of Paris simply at an arm’s length. Stay at comfortable resorts and watch the scenic beauty of Paris from your windows and experience bliss on earth itself.

Romance and Paris go hand in glove as this most romantic city in the world gives out an aura of subtle sophistication, unparallel scenic beauty and a euphoric feeling to the ones who visit it even once. If you are the adventurous types and enjoy meeting new people, you will enjoy getting acquainted with many Parisians who would eagerly greet you in French and enquire all about your native land. They emanate warmth and love even in their first meeting. So what are you waiting for, visit Paris and experience heaven on earth in a romantic ambience.

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UEFA Champions League Review: Lyon Vs Real Madrid

Following a blatant handball by a Lyon defender that the referees failed to call, Jose Mourinho made the obvious substitution and decided to take out Emmanuel Adebayor, who was playing as Real Madrid's lone (and extremely ineffective) striker, and put Karim Benzema on the field . Ozil and Benzema then forced the ball from a Lyon player, Ozil passed to Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldo passed it to Benzema. Benzema then refused to give the ball to anyone, on either team, ran parallel to the goal, and let go of a well-aimed strike that sailed into the back corner of Lyon's goal, of his former team's goal.

Karim Benzema has five goals in this UEFA Champions League. Real Madrid suddenly felt like they had the win. Until that goal, which came in the 66th minute, RM and Olympique Lyonnais were at each other's throats during the Round of 16 encounter yesterday at the Stade de Gerland. There were strong kicks and arguments, and physical play was in abundance.

The match was supposed to be RM's revenge after Lyon, a minnow that barely made it onto RM's map last season, managed to defeat RM in the Round of 16 tie of last year UEFA Champions League. And, when Karim Benzema, a former Lyon player, came on and proved Fiorentino Perez, RM's president, right, RM felt like the win was theirs. Suddenly, Ozil was subbed out for Marcelo, one of RM's most over-rated players, a defensive left wing whose defense is so poor that he went on yesterday as a midfielder. That should have been a signal, because it meant that Mourinho, RM's head coach, was going for an all or nothing win.

Yesterday, when previewing this match, I wrote that RM's biggest fault is its confidence. So, when they went into all-out attack mode, after an hour of measuring up Lyon's strengths and weaknesses, and of playing against Lyon with respect, and after respectfully scoring a goal against Lyon, I got a little worried. If a system was working and if it was clear that Real Madrid could score against Lyon without going all-out, and if Lyon should have been the one to attack, being down by one goal, why was Real Madrid suddenly advancing its lines just a bit? And then, of course, it would be a foul by Marcelo, one of the most over-rated players. Of course, the goal would come from a free kick following a stupid and careless foul by Marcelo.

Gomis scored Lyon's goal in the 83rd minute. Only a minute later, Marcelo lost the ball again and it would have been a very dangerous play, yet again, for Real Madrid had it not been for dumb luck that the team won the ball back. Real Madrid continued its attacks for the remainder of the match but the draw was there. They retain an away goal advantage over Lyon but should they lose by 1-0 in Madrid on March 16, that away goal will not be worth very much.

As Lyon showed throughout the match, they are up to scoring against Real Madrid and know how to attack the Spanish giants from the wings and to use the counter-attack effectively. Unfortunately for Lyon, they wasted most of the first half with bland attacks that were rarely threatening for goal-keeper Iker Casillas. The match in Madrid will be a fascinating one, given the fact that the first leg was, so far, one of the most evenly matched and exciting matches of the entire Round of 16. However, Real Madrid will know that they have now gone seven matches without defeating Lyon and that they had victory in their hands, and then they threw it away. Lyon might just advance (again).

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Signs Your Soccer Cleats Need Replacing

A good pair of soccer cleats keeps your feet feeling cozy and nice, offers you the right strikes and makes it possible for you to run around in the field during play. Good care for them ensures that they last you a long time serving you diligently. Whereas it is not advisable that you stick with only one pair because then it means faster wear and tear, at some point your favorite pair will still call for replacement.

The conditions of your soccer cleats can determine functionality wearing and playing. It helps to ensure that they remain in good shape and as a player and the wearer you would need to know when it is time to replace your good pair. Here are some of the top signs that you should consider making a replacement for keeping the pleasant experience going.

They look so much better when dirty. This could be because the uppers are worn out so bad that dirt helps in covering them up than a thorough clean does. If you find them looking better when they are dirty, then it should be time to make a replacement.

You can hardly tell the brand. Soccer cleats come branded so it is easy to distinguish between brands. If at some point it becomes hard to even tell what brand symbol or name is on them, you have used them too long and they are pleading for a rest.

They have become all crackly. Crackling noises, especially when you bend the forefoot means the leather has probably dried out under the years of use and is no longer the highest quality material you purchased. Even if you have been careful with how you wash and dry them, at some point the material will give and lose quality and it should be time to make the necessary replacement.

You find more protection from socks than the soccer cleats. The inners may be so worn out that they hardly offer the protection needed during play. The same could happen for the sole and the uppers, making them quite uncomfortable that you end up enjoying more protection from the socks. Without proper protection you may find your heels hurting and other parts of the legs and once this starts happening you should check the condition and do what needs to be done.

Repairs fail to do the trick. Sometimes all your pair may need are a few repairs and they are back to normal. However, if after repairs they lose their appeal, comfort and functionality, head to the stores and find yourself a new pair.

You can’t remember their price. This is probably because you bought your soccer cleats so long ago that you have forgotten the details that once were important to you. If you can’t seem to remember much about the purchase, then you have used them long enough and a replacement may be the next big thing you can do. They may be a favorite, but a change once in a while is definitely worth it.

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Messi Vs Maradona

Who is the world’s greatest footballer? Many currently place that mantel at the feet of the talismanic Barcelona front man Lionel Messi. But is Messi the greatest EVER player? This is food for thought and in order to come to a conclusion it is important to compare Messi with another Argentinean, a man so often lauded as the greatest footballer of all time – Diego Maradona.

To adequately compare Messi and Maradona it is important to examine their playing styles, abilities, achievements at domestic and international level and the eras in which they both played.

Lionel Messi

Messi began life as an attacking midfielder, but in recent years has been deployed as a forward (rather than a traditional striker). His skill and creativity on the ball means he can dictate the game by dropping deeper, but can push forward and score goals with terrifying regularity.

In the 2012/13 season Messi broke Gerd Müller’s goal-scoring record of 85 goals in a calendar year, a record that stood for 40 years. This has led to many pundits, fans, players and media outlets to proclaim him the greatest player of all time.

Messi’s ability is undeniable, especially as, at the age of 11 he was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency, which lends to his small stature and meant he had to develop pace, touch and skill at a young age in order to compete at the highest level.

Despite having won everything at domestic level, question marks still remain over Messi’s ability to transfer his form to the international stage. In an Argentina shirt he doesn’t appear to possess the same magic as in a Barcelona jersey.

There are also reservations as to whether Messi could deliver playing in other European league’s; the Premier League for example. The game in England is much more physical and fast paced than in Spain and some ponder whether Messi would be as good playing outside of Spain.

Diego Maradona

A generation (or so) before Lionel Messi there was another Argentinean who wore the famous scarlet and blue of Barcelona. His name was Diego Armando Maradona.

The mercurial Argentinean was technically gifted, a playmaker and great strategist. His skill on the ball was unrivalled and despite being an attacking midfielder, Maradona regularly scored at a rate that would have rivalled most strikers.

Many fans, pundits, experts, players and critics regard Maradona as perhaps the greatest footballer who ever lived.

He began his career at Argentinos Juniors before transferring to Brazilian heavyweights Boca Juniors, where he spent a season. It was then that he moved to FC Barcelona for a (then) world record fee of £5 million. A record he himself would later break with a £6.9 million move to Napoli. Maradona spent two injury plagued seasons at the Nou Camp, but still managed 38 goals in 58 games and helped the team to win both domestic cups.

Following several disputes Maradona transferred to Italian club Napoli in 1984. It was here he enjoyed the most successful spell of his career, winning 2 Seria A titles, the Coppa Italia, the Italian Super Cup and the UEFA Cup. He also finished as top scorer in Serie A at the end of the 1987/88 season.

Maradona also produced on the international stage, where he was instrumental in Argentina’s World Cup win in 1986 and runner up finish in 1990. He also won the World Cup Golden Boot in 1986.


Whilst Messi may have won more domestic trophies and broken more goal-scoring records, there is no doubting that Maradona played in a much tougher and more physically demanding era of the sport. He also played in weaker sides than Messi and perhaps most importantly, produced at international level. Its unlikely Messi will move to a smaller unfashionable team to elevate them to greatness like Napoli. After all his current Barcelona side is built to accommodate him. The support of numerous talented Spanish internationals such Xavi and Iniesta combine with Messi to create a potent attacking force. One could argue this set-up make the diminutive Argentinean look better than he actually is.

It is worth noting that Maradona is an outspoken and patriotic man, whilst the young pretender is more introverted and timid in nature. This is partly the reason why he doesn’t enjoy the same level of adulation from his home country.

Comparing them is difficult as the eras they played in were so different, but taking everything into account Maradona edges Messi as the greatest ever footballer. With the world Cup 2014 looming in Brazil Messi does have the opportunity to turn this round.

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Healthy According to Lionel Messi

Who does not know Lionel Messi? Miracles in the world of Argentine football this star could glint, though arguably somewhat dimmed in the period 2013-2014. The appearance of stars who often called Leo is somewhat decreased throughout 2013-204. He only packed 41 goals throughout the season, the lowest record since 2008-2009.

He even failed to deliver Argentina to the 2014 World Cup champions after the German bent 1-0. In order to improve performance on the ground, this footballer changes lifestyle and diet. With the help of his friend, fellow Argentine Martin Demichelis, Messi met with Italian nutritionist Giuliano Poser.

The meeting agreed earlier this year, Messi routinely visited Poser and got a good nutrition recipe. «After the World Cup, something has changed for him, Messi knows what to change, he has the humility to make a change in his professional career since January, he looks stronger,» Poser said. Investigate a calibration, one of the causes of decreased appearance Messi due to his hobby eating pizza.

Barcelona attacker was also experiencing weight gain due to lifestyle and eating patterns that are less attention. In order to improve performance, Messi decided to reduce the consumption of animal-containing menu. Well, since following the direction of Poser, in a relatively fast time, proved his appearance changed drastically.

Physical rapidly changing his fitness fit throughout the game. «He changed his diet, did not eat processed foods and replaced them with foods rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre contained in grains, fruits, vegetables, fish and olive oil,» Poser said as quoted La Gazzetta Dello Sport. Apparently, not just Messi who became a client Poser.

Manchester City striker, Sergio Aguero, also adopted the diet advocated by Poser. «We (Aguero and Messi) are undergoing a normal nutritional examination to check the condition of the body, he recommends food to improve our physicality, I am happy because it is important to look at the body and know what I want,» Aguero said.

No one denied the fact that Lionel Messi is the best footballer at the moment. Behind the performance that good, FC Barcelona star has a good diet.

In order to perform well on the pitch, Messi runs a diet program. There are some foods that must be consumed every day, but some are forbidden.

Dietician Messi, Giuliano Poser, revealed that sugar became one of the strikers petty striker with the nickname La Pulga it.

«Sugar is the worst thing for muscles,» Poser told Mundo Deportivo.

According to Poser, sugar contains many calories that can damage the body’s metabolism and interfere with muscle development. The more Messi away from sugar, the better.

In the meantime, there are 4 mandatory meals on Messi’s diet menu list. Is that?

«Water, good quality olive oil, grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables that are not contaminated by pesticides, therefore can cause massive damage to the body,» Poser said.

«My method is unquestionable – everyone can see how Messi looks from week to week,» Pose said.

A healthy and balanced diet leads Messi to the top of his career. At the age of 28 years now, the captain of the Argentina national team has already bagged 7 La Liga titles, 4 Champions League and 5 Ballon d’Or trophy.

Only one event that has not been conquered Messi, namely the World Cup.

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"The El Clasico With Nothing to Play for" or So They Said

The match ended with 4 goals, 8 yellow cards, a red card and lots of controversies. Pretty explosive for an El Clasico with no stakes.

The El Clasico has always been one of the most awaited football matches that features FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, two of the biggest football clubs on the planet. The clash is not just limited to the contrasting football styles of the clubs as it is also seen as a clash between Spain and Catalunia. With such importance attached to the match, it has always lived up to the expectation of football fans. Emotions run high on the field as tempers flare and controversies and fights ensue. This Sunday’s El Clasico had been described as a damp affair even before its start as Barcelona had already won the league while Real Madrid were being cautious in preparation for the Champions League Finals. The fact that this was Iniesta’s last Clasico was the only reason most fans looked forward to the football match. There were others who reminded the fact that Barcelona had remained unbeaten during the league and cup season so far and a defeat would mean they would fail to go the full season unbeaten.

But all of that damp El Clasico talk turned into dust as Barcelona took an early lead through Luis Suarez who perfectly connected with a Sergio Roberto cross. Real Madrid soon equalized as Cristiano Ronaldo connected with Benzema’s headed pass that was set up by Toni Kroos. Both teams continued to threaten each other’s goals as chances were being created left and right. Ronaldo also picked up an injury that saw him hobbling during the rest of the half. By the end of the 40th minute, two of Real Madrid’s defenders were shown yellow cards and so were Barcelona’s Messi and Saurez. But the real controversy started when the referee failed to notice Gareth Bale’s horrible challenge on Samuel Umtiti that should have earned him a straight red card.

Things soon started getting heated up as half-time approached. A Real Madrid attack on the left flank saw a clash between Marcelo and Sergio Roberto. The latter lost as cool and threw his fist into Marcelo’s face. The referee had a clear view of this clash and showed a straight red to Roberto just at the half-time break. This meant that Barcelona had to play the entire second half, one man down.

While Barcelona were down to 10-men, Real Madrid had to substitute Ronaldo due to his first-half injury that caused a swollen ankle. Real Madrid dominated the half but were not able to create many chances. Barcelona once again took the lead as Messi scored from Suarez’s pass. There was a fierce protest from Real Madrid players as Saurez had fouled Varane in the lead up to the goal but got away with it. Real Madrid struggled to find the equalizer against a 10-man Barcelona and it was Gareth Bale who curled it in the 72nd minute to level the scoreline.

Barcelona continued to attack as a super effort from Lionel Messi was beautifully saved by Navas. Messi once again ended up close to scoring as a curling shot from him ended just wide from the post. Real Madrid too were starting to take advantage of 10-man Barcelona. Marcelo was brought down inside Barcelona’s box but the referee once again made a controversial call as Real Madrid were denied a clear penalty. Barcelona, having given a clear lifeline, continued to resist all advances from Real Madrid and hang on to dear life. Nelson Semedo brought on for Coutinho to take up Roberto’s position in defense, impressed with his speed and stamina. Finally, Semedo cleared the ball with a header as the referee blew the final whistle.

Andres Iniesta’s final El Clasico had exploded into life early on and lived up to the billing. There was applause all around has the Maestro took his one last bow.

Despite all the controversies and bad refereeing decisions, everyone was satisfied with the result. Barcelona’s manager Ernesto Valverde later exclaimed that it would have hurt if the unbeaten streak had been broken by Real Madrid, so a draw was a fair and acceptable result. As they say, even a draw means unbeaten. Everyone who saw Sunday’s El Clasico will agree that the players took to field as if everything was at stake, contrary to the belief that nothing was.

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