11 Best World Festivals

Nothing beats a good celebration and there are numerous festivals around the world more than willing to provide a reason to party. Below we have listed the top 10 best world festivals. Add them to your bucket list!

Las Fallas, Valencia Spain: This spectacular festival has to be seen to be believed. Celebrating the arrival of Spring the city is lit up with fireworks, bonfires and pyrotechnics. Each day at 2pm fireworks explode throughout the city. The main event is a visual feast of hand painted papier-mâché figures being burnt around the city.

Holi, India: A festival of colour and laughter. Holi is a Hindu festival celebrating the triumph of good over bad. People spend the day throwing coloured powder and water at each other while dancing and partying in the streets.

La Tomatina, Buñol, Spain: Join tens of thousands of people in the world’s largest tomato fight. While the event lasts no more than an hour, the week leading up to the fight is filled with festivities including live music, parades and fireworks.

Dia de los Muertos, Mexico: Celebrated throughout Mexico, the dead are honored with vibrant celebrations. The visual aspect of the festival is stunning with costumes, skeletons on stilts and sugar skulls.

Running of the Bulls, Pampalona, Spain: The annual Running of the Bulls is quite the experience, whether competing or spectating, the atmosphere is electric. Chaos is the order of the game, this is a wild experience, not for the faint hearted!

Songkran Water Festival, Thailand: This 3 day event is Thailand’s New Years celebration, traditionally based on the lunar calendar. A nationwide festival see’s locals take part in giant water fights, said to wash away misfortunes from the previous year, in the street.

Diwali Festival of Lights, India: The Festival of Lights, is one of Hindus biggest celebrations. Experiencing Diwali anywhere in India see’s homes lit up with candles and fireworks light up the sky.

Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan, Thailand: Join the 10,000 – 30,000 people on the beach of Koh Phangan to celebrate the full moon. The wild antics start at dusk and carry on late into the night. Expect loud music, fire-eating entertainers and occasional fireworks displays.

BaliSpirit, Ubud, Bali: A unique and spiritual festival, BaliSpirit focuses on community, yoga and world music. Through inspirational teachings the festival aims to lead positive change within.

Cannes Film Festival, Cannes, France: Celebrious with glitz and glamour, the annual Cannes Film Festival is internationally claimed. Previewing films of all genres from around the world, it is considered the most prestigious film festival in the world.

Queenstown Winter Festival, Queenstown, New Zealand: A celebration of winter, the Queenstown Winter Festival see’s a ten day extravaganza of street parties, live music and mountain races. The iconic festival is said to be the Southern Hemispheres largest winter party.

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Goodbye McLaren, Hello Mercedes!

Controlled aggression… Nothing sums up Lewis Hamilton more than his aggressive driving style. This is what sets him apart in the world of racing and his 55 overtakes for the season tells it all. Who would have thought that a 10-year-old kid lining up for Ron Dennis’ autograph, McLaren’s Executive Chairman and former F1 team principal, would one day be offered a Formula One contract 12 years later? From a simple radio-controlled car to karting at the local circuit, this boy racer has simply sped on to pursue his dreams.

Despite being connected with team McLaren since he was 13, signing with the Young Driver Support Program, Hamilton has decided to part ways and sign a three-year deal with Mercedes instead, replacing the great Michael Schumacher. Yes, it seems as if the 27-year-old has made an illogical move – a move that even have the experts and analysts saying that it is just sheer madness.

It was clearly a no-brainer for us onlookers to have noticed that something wasn’t right while he was standing on the podium after winning at Monza. For those of you keeping track, McLaren hasn’t really taken care of their star racer in instances where it mattered most. Like in Bahrain, where he was delayed twice in the pit by a guy who couldn’t screw back on the wheel nuts. Or in Spain where he was positioned last on the grid after they didn’t gas up his tank during the qualifiers. And who can forget about the crew dropping the jack before his front wheels were even screwed back on in Valencia?

McLaren was even reported to have offered him a third less than his previous contract to sign an extension deal to remain with them. It seems to me as if Hamilton was just plainly annoyed and had enough. But, Mercedes isn’t exactly a better team either. In fact, the odds of winning another championship are highly greater if he’d stay with McLaren since he surely won’t be able to join either of the remaining top-three teams, Red Bull or Ferrari.

What’s done is done and as a result, McLaren will become a slightly inferior team while Mercedes will surely have the fastest driver. If Lewis Hamilton wants to be immortalized, he has to make sure that he gets the fastest car for him to become as overly aggressive as he is. Whether Lewis knows something we don’t and Mercedes is planning a big surprise for us in the upcoming season or he’s just simply looking for a place to start anew, we’ll have to wait until March to find the answers to that.

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Spanish Cuisine

No one can deny that national cuisine in most of the countries is one of the things that might alert tourists’ attention, and Spain is not an exception. As any Mediterranean country it combines features of its neighbors; in particular, it is related to France and Italy, being one of the best in the world for quality and variety of products. In contrast, it is impossible to talk seriously about the existence of ethnic cuisine, but it is more appropriate to consider a number of regional cuisines, each of which was influenced by climatic conditions and lifestyle. In general, Spanish cuisine is likely to use such techniques as quenching in wine (red in the south and west of the country and white in the east), baking with feta cheese and roasting on a lattice (grill). Specific for all regional cuisines is the widespread use of green sage and crushed walnuts. Before starting the checkup of main peculiarities of regional cooking traditions it will be helpful to clarify its common issues and dishes:

1.Paella is a Valencia rice dish, which in its modern form emerged in the mid-19th century. The majority of non-Spaniards consider paella as Spanish national dish in contrast to Spaniards’ conviction that this dish is exclusively Valencia and is believed to be a symbol of the region.

2.Jamon (Hamon) appears to be the Spanish name of ham, delicatessen, jerked pork ham.

3.Tapas are a wide variety of appetizers, or snacks, in Spanish cuisine. They may be cold (such as mixed olives and cheese) or warm (such as chopitos, which are battered, fried squid).

4.Spain is a cheese country, where wide distribution is achieved by firm cheeses (Idiazabel, Majon, Manchego), fresh cheeses (Afuega’l pitu, Mato), blue cheeses (Cabrales, Picón Bejes-Tresviso) and cream cheeses.

5.Without any doubt wine is the basic element of all and each of the regional cuisines of Spain. Spain, along with France and Italy, appear to be three of the largest wine producers in the world.

Catalan cuisine has absorbed all that is best in Mediterranean cuisine. Basically, it is amazingly simple, based on maintaining an authentic taste of seasonal products, and traditional in its core. The Catalans are people who think in contrasts. They like to combine the incompatible ingredients and mix a myriad of using all that fresh that appears on the market. The most typical of this area is the cuisine called «Mar i Muntanya», which means «sea and mountain». This is a delicious and unusual way of mixing seafood with meat products. Such combinations include pork and scallops, tuna soup with snails, rabbit and chicken with crayfish. It is also important to note that it is here hot pepper sauce romesco is served, traditional flavored goulash with saffron, seafood, tomatoes and potatoes, which are often sprinkled on top with alioli («ali» means «garlic» and «oli» – olive oil).

Galicia (in the north-west, the Atlantic coast) is a center of fishery industry, which delivers the best seafood, especially scallops, which are known as «a symbol of Santiago.» In the city of Santiago de Compostela there is a tomb of the apostle of Santiago, and a traditional Spanish almond cake originated here, which is always decorated with a sword in the memory of the saint. The king of all dishes, of course, the octopus in Galician or pulpo a la feria, cooked in traditional copper pot, and is served on a wooden stand with potatoes, finely chopped, sprinkled with large sea salt and paprika. One more thing to taste is wines, which include also specific ones; particularly, besides simple fishermen wines, Albarino (Albariño) draws a big attention, being the white one with flavors of apricot, peach, almonds, apples and fresh herbs.

One more rich seafood region is the Basque Country, where the basic principle of cooking is a minimum of hot spices, but fresh products only. In almost every bar you will find tapas and every good restaurant participates in a competition for the best tapas of the year. However,tapas can be replaced by gambas pil pil (prawns fried in olive oil) and champerniogne pil pil (mushrooms, roasted with garlic), which are served in low round ceramic plates. Travelers also may try piperada – soft scrambled eggs with red pepper, tomatoes and garlic. San Sebastian in the Bay of Biscay is a popular fishing port from which the traditional salted cod (balacao) is provided. A special popularity is gained by cod in garlic sauce, fins of the sea pike, huge burgers made from beef on the grill and fry of the eel. There are many truffles and fresh mushrooms in the cuisine, which are fried, baked in casseroles or put in a pie. A big choice of cheeses might be a considerable question for both locals and tourists. It is worth tasting a traditional for this area cheese sort Idiazabalmade from raw sheep’s milk solely and is fermented for at least two months to acquire a delicate creamy taste.

The old and new Castile is a home of many traditional Spanish dishes, where chickpeas (nutes), beans, chorizo and pisto (paste of garlic, herbs and olive oil) are in favor. The distinctive feature of this cuisine is held in Arabic influence; particularly, nutes are imported initially by Carthaginians. Traditional potato tortilla (tortilla) also hails from this area as well as it is worth tasting local roasted suckling pig and lamb steak. The pig must be weighing from three to four pounds, and only 15-20 days old. To cook it an old oven is used, in which meat becomes more tender. Visiters should not forget about the magnificent fish dishes of this area. The most popular ones arebacalao al ajo arriero (cod with garlic sauce),dos y pingada (ham and eggs), arroz a la zamorana (ricein Samoranian) and sopa de ajo (garlic soup). Wine lovers can test local winery achievements of such areas as Ribera-del-Duero (sophisticated and expensive red and rose wines), Rueda (light, fresh and fruity white wines) and Toro (highly concentrated sorts).

Moroccan culture has made a huge impact on the Andalusia cuisine as far as the Moors helped locals to get acquainted with citrus,almond and rice for paella. Cold soup gaspachois bornin Andalusia. Today it is cooked with tomatoes, olive oil, apple cider vinegar and garlic in contrast to those times, when there were no tomatoes in Europe and gaspacho was prepared from white grapes and almonds, frayed along with Moorish mortar and pestle. Andalusia can also both with classic salad of oranges and remojon (salted cod), escabeche (pickled fish) and many tapas snacks.

To sum up, it is appropriate to admit that the whole variety of Spanish cuisine can be met in Madrid’s restaurants, where both mixed and solely regional cuisine might be tasted. As one can see an influence of both Europeans and Arabs is observed, which reflects Spanish history within cuisine boundaries. That is why Spanish cooking traditions are acknowledged as one of the tourist attractions in this country.

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The ABC's of Sailing in Palma De Mallorca

Setting sail from Palma de Mallorca – How to get there?

Amongst other reasons, a Mallorca yacht charter is so incredibly popular because of the easy accessibility of its international airport from all major European destinations. There are hundreds of daily flights coming in during the summer, making it a real hub for sailors and seasoned yachties from all over the world. In addition, the airport is a mere 9 km away from the capital `Palma`, as it is simply known to the inhabitants.

Its favorable location in the western Mediterranean Sea sets this gorgeous island and the surrounding Balearics in the immediate vicinity of the Spanish mainland and the port cities of Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Denia. Often sailors will use Palma as a resting point when crossing the Mediterranean. The area is a great cruising ground for yacht rental because of the diversity of the different islands that make up the Balearics. Ibiza, Formentera and Menorca are reachable within only one sailing day. Yet they each offer something completely different in terms of culture, landscape and atmosphere.

Which marinas in and around Palma de Mallorca are there for a motor or sailing yacht charter?

There are some very established and some pristine new marinas to choose from for your yacht charter in Mallorca. The yacht harbors in Palma itself are offering quite a lot of both, luxury and bareboat charter, whereas the exclusive marinas of Puerto Portals, Port Adriano and Puerto Andratx are perfectly suited for luxury boat charter in Mallorca. In Palma there is the Club de Mar, La Lonja Marina Charter, the Real Club Nautico and the Marina Naviera Balear. A lot of day charter, especially for motor yachts, is available here. Very nice as well is the newly redone `Muelle Viejo` directly adjacent to the magnificent Cathedral. There are some fantastic new restaurants right opposite which even bring you some take away on board. There you can then sit on your own deck for dinner, enjoy the enchanting view of the lit up cathedral and feel the pulse of the vibrant center of the city. Puerto Portals is only a 10 minutes´ drive away and has long been renowned as a prime port for luxury yacht charter Mallorca. If you sit in the restaurant `Flannagans`, for example, you may even be table neighbors with the likes of the King of Spain or Rafael Nadal. And Port Adriano (about 20 min drive from the city center) with its cutting edge design by Philippe Starck is a true superyacht harbor with the flair of sober elegance, yet undeniable beauty.

What has Palma de Mallorca got to offer for après sailing?

Now you may have come here for sailing holidays, but there is way more to do if you only know where and when … Not a day goes by in Palma that there isn't some sort of party or event. From January to December, there's always something going on here. If you have not attended it yet, seeing the Three Kings arrive in the port on the Spanish Christmas day, January 6, is a sight to behold. And in the end of January there is a whole week of festivities called San Sebastian. Numerous life bands play in the streets, you can `run with the devils` or join in for the huge barbecue at the very end of the week. In summer you can pick your choice of regattas: Be it the Superyacht Cup in June, the Princessa del Rey in July or the Copa del Rey in August.

Downtown Palma is wonderful to behold, as is the old quarter. You'll find the overall architecture is a blend of the intricate eastern style and the imposing western style. The famous Palma Cathedral, commonly referred to as ´La Seu´ is second to none in the world. Also a must is the impressive Castell de Bellver that towers over Palma and boasts some unbelievable views over the whole bay.

Apart from seeing the abundant sights, sampling the local specialties like the famous Sobrasada sausages or the popular `lomo´ (pork loin) along with some Mallorquin wine is a pure joy.

Shopping facilities for souvenirs or in preparation for your yacht charter in Palma de Mallorca are plentiful. Just head to the big department store El Corte Ingles (they have a luxury delicatessen department too) or to the shopping mall Porto Pi that is situated just around the corner from Club de Mar. You can purchase fresh produce in abundance in the centrally located Santa Catalina market during the mornings. And in the Old Town and the city center there is an endless array of gorgeous boutiques and shops for you to choose from.

The nightlife is splendid; you just need to head down to the water towards the promenade known as Paseo Maritimo. There you'll find the best clubs, bars and terraces, all overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and all packed full with happy yacht charter visitors.

What are the best day charter trips from Palma de Mallorca?

Off course Palma is the heart of Mallorca, yet it isn´t everything there is … By car you can do many excursions, head into the spectacular Tramuntana mountain range and visit some of the enormously charming little villages there. Deia, Valdemossa or Puerto de Soller are just a few names you should remember. There is a very cute, over 100-year-old train that goes from Palma to Soller and from there you can take the equally quaint tram to the port. A recommendable trip on the water would be going on a guided tour to the island of Cabrera, which is also a nature reserve. On the way they will tell you a lot about the interesting history as well as the fauna and flora of this place. Go swim in caves with crystal clear water and soak up the Mediterranean sun. A day yacht charter, most likely on a motor yacht from Palma would be another option to go there. One of those motor yacht charter boats can fit up to 6 to 8 people and you get a skipper to take you to the island, where you can snorkel or dive and admire the unspoilt underwater world.

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Looking For the Bobolee – Easter Traditions in Trinidad

Temperate countries have seasons of winter, spring, summer and autumn, driven by the weather. Very often we hear that tropical countries only have a dry and wet season. Trinidad and Tobago, located in the Caribbean Sea, however has many seasons and they are driven by the major activities in the country. Hence we have the Christmas season, the Carnival season, Lent, the Easter season and Divali season. Each of these seasons has its unique traditions and while the origins of some have become obscured with time, Trinidadians continue to follow the traditions. Easter is such a season in Trinidad in the Caribbean.

A very old tradition that continues to survive is the beating of the Bobolee. The origin of the word «bobolee» has become obscured with time but the actual word is still widely used. A bobolee is an effigy of Judas Iscariot made from old clothes stuffed with rags or dried grass. It is placed in a public place on Good Friday and anyone who passes is welcomed to «beat the bobolee» with sticks, kicks or slaps. The beating originally symbolised retribution for Judas for betraying Christ. With the passage of time the bobolee has also come to symbolise anything that is unpopular whether it is inflation or unpopular politicians. One would think that only children would «beat the bobolee» but adults are often immersed in the fun. The actual word «bobolee» has now become such a part of Trinidad culture that it is used to describe any individual who is taken advantage of by others or who has received a severe beating.

Finding a bobolee on Good Friday was once very easy as they were erected in every community. As time has gone by, it has become more difficult to find a bobolee in the city areas of Trinidad but in country districts you can still see them on Good Friday morning. The ones that are well constructed often surviving the beating and lasting into the evening. In the eastern parts of Trinidad, in the districts of Valencia, Sangre Chiquito and Sangre Grande you will still find bobolees placed at the side of the road. In the area known as the Valencia Stretch, one man has, for several years, faithfully constructed a bobolee every Good Friday and placed it in a chair at the side of the road. This effigy is so well made that as you drive past you often do not realise that it is a bobolee.

Bobolees however are not the only Easter tradition in Trinidad. Another Easter tradition is the flying of kites that is made easier by the strong breezes at this time of year. Kites were traditionally diamond shaped with wooden cross struts being in the shape of a cross and so symbolising the cross on which Jesus died. Their flying in the sky symbolised his ascension into heaven. Nowadays the tradition survives without any religious symbolism even though many have forgotten how to make a kite and most kites are purchased. The attraction is simply because it is good clean fun that can be enjoyed by persons of all ages. There are now several kite flying competitions at Easter.

Traditionally Catholics abstained from eating meat on Friday during Lent. This has now become a tradition that is followed by many of all faiths although some only observe it on Good Friday, when only fish is eaten. Another tradition whose origins have become obscured with time is the eating of ground provisions (yam, cassava, dasheen (taro), eddoes) on Good Friday. Yet another Good Friday tradition is the eating of Hot Cross Buns where the cross is a symbol of the crucifixion.

An old tradition that has more to do with myth than reality is the avoidance of bathing in the sea on Good Friday. In earlier times Trinidadians did not go to the beach on Good Friday. There was the myth that if you went into the sea on Good Friday you would either turn into a fish or you would drown. Why this tradition developed is unknown but now the tradition has died to the extent that only senior citizens avoid the sea on Good Friday.

A relatively new tradition is camping during Easter. With a public holiday on the Friday and another on the Monday, the Easter weekend is commonly called a «long weekend» and Trinidadians flock to the beaches in droves to camp along the shore.

So if you are in Trinidad during Easter go and look for a bobolee to release your tensions and experience the other Easter traditions.

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Manchecter United V Everton Preview (Monday Night)

United officially start their Premier league campaign on Monday night against Everton. After last season’s dramatic final day title loss to City, United must want to get a good start this time around.

United performed well in most of their pre-season games. Their only loss came against Barcelona in a curtailed penalty shootout. Most of the players looked in good touch. The defense looked weak however, and we leaked in a lot of silly goals throughout pre-season.

The good news is that most of the Squad is fit and available for the first match of the season. Darren Fletcher still remains absent with a stomach condition. He did play in the midweek testimonial but looked really thin. He will have to do a lot of fitness and strength training before he can step back up on the pitch.

With the signing of Robin Van Persie almost done, United arguably have one of the most potent strike forces in the premier league. What needs to be seen is how well he partners with Rooney up front.

Everton are always a tough opponent, especially at home. We need to be careful not to attack too much as we could get hit on the break. We need to keep a patient build up and try to break them down with our wing play. Steven Pienaar is big threat down the left wing and needs to be kept in check. They way he ran the show at Old Trafford last season really amazes me. Whoever of Rafael or Valencia starts at right back will have to do a good job.

Anderson looks set to start in midfield along with Cleverly or Carrick. Nani and Young should start on the wings with Welbeck and Rooney in attack. Kagawa looked really bright in the pre-season matches however I think he will start on the bench and come on later. United now have good strength and depth in their squad. Many fans are calling for a new signing in center midfield. I think Sir Alex is content with the midfield and might give a few chances to the youngsters throughout the course of the season

Really hoping to see a good game and a good result to start of the premier league season with.

Probable starting line up:

De Gea, Valencia, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Nani, Carrick, Anderson, Young, Welbeck, Rooney

My Prediction:

United to just nick this one with their superior attacking line up. Everton 1-2 Man Utd

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Villa Costa Blanca – Senomar – The Perfect Place to Explore the Region

The Costa Blanca is a vast stretch of coastline in Spain. There are beautiful sandy beaches where you can enjoy a wonderful vacation with your family or friends. A villa near the beach is the perfect way of enjoying your holiday. You can spend a day on the beach, or lounge in the private pool and can explore the region on foot. The beautiful Costa Blanca offers something for everyone. You can enjoy the peace and calm atmosphere. If you are looking for a perfect villa to spend your vacations and explore the region, you can book villa Senomar. It is a family villa and you can stay in luxury and comfort with your family.

The Villa Senomar is located in Benissa in the Valencia community region. The Cala Advocat beach is within easy reach. The beach is located just 1 km from the villa. The villa offers all the modern amenities such as Wi-Fi, BBQ facilities, an outdoor swimming pool, and private parking.

All the rooms in the villa have a flat-screen TV and DVD player, a private bathroom with a shower, and a balcony to enjoy the fantastic views of the sea. The villa is air-conditioned and also includes a seating and dining area. You can also enjoy hiking and cycling nearby or sit in the garden to enjoy beautiful views. The villa has a spacious living room and a large kitchen equipped with all the modern amenities such as a fridge, gas stove, a coffee table, and a dishwasher. There are two spacious bedrooms with a comfortable double bed in each bedroom, spacious closets, and a bathroom with a shower.

You can enjoy a beautiful view over the valley, garden, and sea. Each room has a private terrace where you can sit and soak up the sun and can also enjoy fantastic views. There is a private parking space where you can park your car. The garden is full of palm and fruit trees and you can sit in the shade of the trees and can relax. There is a shared sun terrace around the swimming pool which is equipped with comfortable sun beds. The nearest airport to the villa is Alicante airport on the Benissa coast.

The villa is located at a short distance from the necessary amenities such as shops, restaurants, and shopping malls. You can enjoy delicious and freshly prepared Spanish meals in the nearby restaurants. You can also explore the beautiful coastal region of Costa Blanca from the villa. You will love the scenic beauty outside and can stroll through the streets and can know about the real Spanish culture.

You can also visit the nearby towns on a day trip and can spend your vacations peacefully. Staying in a villa will make your vacations enjoyable and unforgettable. The villa is well equipped with the necessary amenities at an affordable price. You have to book the villa early because it remains occupied during the summer months when many tourists visit this coastal region of Spain to enjoy beach holidays.

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Max by James Patterson – Book Review

Max is the fifth book in this series with Maximum Ride and her flock. In the last book, The Final Warning, the flock was working on global warming.

Max begins with the group performing in air shows that were organized by Max’s mom, Dr. Valencia Martinez. Their main goal is to make the public more aware of air pollution. As the group is performing, a sniper attacks them. Not only is their life in danger but there is another major problem. Millions of fish are dying and no one knows why.

The government recruits Max and the flock to help find the problem. They discover that a company is disposing dangerous waste materials into the ocean.

Even though this book is geared to the teen level, adults will find this adventuresome book entertaining also. I have read many of the books in this series and feel this one is the best yet. The flock takes the reader on a wild ride and leaves them with a suspenseful ending that will keep them hanging. The reader will want the next book to come out soon to find out what happened.

James Patterson has written a book that is filled with action and even has some romance. He tells the story in such a way that it almost sounds believable. At the same time, the book is sending out messages about subjects like pollution, etc. Max is a book that will keep take you on another journey you will not forget. Be sure to add Max to your reading list.

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Holidays to Benidorn Are Attractive Around the Year

Benidorm is a coastal town in the province of Alicante, Valencia community, Spain. Situated by the western Mediterranean Sea, tourists love to enjoy holidays to Benidorm which offers skyscraper skyline offering beach and nightlife. This destination, a small village prior to the 1960 is presently an ideal destination for Cheap Holidays in Spain.

Benidorm holidays are popular and attractive particularly for the residents of Northern Europe. The nightlife here along with the presence of bars and nightclubs is attractive spot for many. The free cabaret acts from late evenings to the early hours of the morning is appealing to a huge. Those interested to spend life at the beach have the choice of selecting amongst the three major beaches, Llevante, Poniente, and Mal pas. The climatic condition throughout the year attracts tourists for holidays to Benidorm.

Cheap holidays in Benidorm attract visitors primarily due to the Benidorm International Song Festival, which is held every summer since 1959. The three theme parks located here are the Terra Mitica, Aqualandia, and Mundomar. This city comprises of the highest immigrants of any town in Spain. The ethnicity make up comprises of 56 % Spanish making it a Cheap Holidays Spain destination.

In addition to the beautiful beaches, Benidorm offers attractive golf courses for those fascinating in golf. The visit across the city is best made by the road. This place is considered as an ideal Cheap Holidays Spain destination.

People associate Benidorm holidays with Fun and Leisure. The temperature of around 29°C ensures that visitors enjoy maximum across the year. Those having a taste of visiting the modern disco, karaoke during late evening hours have to reason to regret Holidays to Benidorm.

Visitors undoubtedly enjoy the most attractive modern atmosphere at Benidorm amidst a touch of authentic Spain. The traditional shops and designer boutiques are also available amidst the tapas bars and restaurants. Another reason for Cheap Holidays in Benidorm being in high demand is due to the family oriented attractions.

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Who Is Orange Julius?

Frothy, creamy Orange Julius. A popular drink since the 1920s. Originally, a simple orange juice stand in L.A. was owned by a struggling businessman named Julius Freed. One of his customers dreamed up a drink which would cut down on the acidity in straight orange juice by adding milk, egg whites and a bit of sweetener, then whipped. Thus was born the Orange Julius drink, which was an instant hit, turning Mr. Freed’s ho-hum juice stand into a bonanza. (One can only hope that the customer who created it got a percentage.) Now owned by Dairy Queen, the drink remains basically the same.

Oranges date back to 2500 BC in China and are the most cultivated fruit tree worldwide. Between the 10th and 15th century, oranges showed up in Spain and southern Italy thanks to well-traveled trade routes. In the mid-1600s, King Louis XIV of France ordered a vast orchard of orange trees to be planted on the grounds of the Versailles Palace. (When those French kings liked something, they didn’t waste any time.)

Spanish explorers probably brought oranges to the Americas and Mexico sometime in the 1500s, and they traveled up to Florida and southern California during the next century. Clearly those two states dominate the U.S. citrus market, due to their ideal climates. Although British sailors were nicknamed «Limeys» it is more likely that oranges were the favored passengers on ships, providing vitamin C and fruit for the crews. Prized worldwide, both the popular Valencia and the navel orange are economical, boast a long storage life and provide nutrition to people of all ages, and their juice remains the number one preference for breakfast. The actual trees and fruit have been mutated and grafted for centuries to achieve the desirable fruit we know today. In the U.S. 60% of the orange crop is grown in Florida with a current value of 1.17 billion. Internationally, in 2015, 71 million tons of oranges were produced, headed up by Brazil at 24%, followed by China and India.

Meanwhile back in Spain and Italy, blood oranges, named because of their red flesh color, were commonplace from the 15th century, but a latecomer to the U.S. market, achieving some modicum of popularity during the past few decades.

During his travels to France, foodie president Thomas Jefferson became acquainted with the orange and most certainly had the fruit sent up from Florida when he resided at Monticello and enjoyed them in season, along with marmalade for breakfast. (He didn’t miss out on much in the fruit department). While he did not grow orange trees in his own orchards, he planted mock orange trees for their fragrant blossoms.

With the invention of refrigerated shipping and railroads, oranges geared up as an enormous commercial crop, and the demand has increased every decade. Americans love their oranges in many different forms:

Creamsicles: first appeared in 1923 from the Popsicle Company, refreshing orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream on a stick;

Orange Sherbet: a frozen dessert similar to a sorbet but contains a small amount of milk solids to give it a creamier texture, by far the most popular flavor;

Orange Juice and fresh oranges peeled and eaten sliced or sectioned; in its simplest form;

Orange Juice Drinks: usually made with a small amount of juice or flavoring, lots of water and sugar;

Cranberry Orange Bread: your basic orange quick bread with cranberries added, also muffins;

Orange Flavored Candies: jellied, hard, jellybeans, gummies, the most popular flavor for many candies, including chocolate-covered orange rind; (remember Chuckles? which flavor did you reach for first?)

Orange Soda Pop: Orange Crush, the first carbonated orange soda, rolled out in 1911, followed by Fanta Orange, originated in Germany as a substitute for cola in 1940, and Sunkist, the top three selling brands;

Orange Marmalade: discovered by the Greeks and Romans, first made with quince fruit and honey, it differs slightly from other jams by using the peel of the fruit; the Brits and Scots have been eating marmalades since the 18th century;

Sunkist, Minute Maid and Tropicana: giants in the orange juice industry, citrus flavored soda and other products;

Orange Chicken: popular Chinese Hunan chicken dish with pieces of breaded chicken, fried and covered in a sweet orange sauce;

Duck a l’Orange: those French chefs don’t miss a trick; roast duck with orange sauce, fit for a king;

Although oranges share the citrus market with close cousins the lemon, lime and grapefruit, their sweetness sets them apart.They take their place in the top five favorite American fruits, and they’re not just for breakfast anymore. That guy Julius. He sure started something.

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