Lionel Messi Best Penalty Ever FC Barcelona vs Celta Vigo

Messi Penalty Trick pass to Suarez Goal FC Barcelona vs Celta Vigo 6-1. Messi magic trick assist, Suarez hat trick goal 14.2.2016 HD NEW. This is Messi —- DISCLAIMER! —- Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for «fair use» for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwi

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Messi Penalty Trick pass to Suarez Goal FC Barcelona vs Celta Vigo 6-1. Messi magic trick assist, Suarez hat trick goal 14.2.2016 HD NEW. This is Messi

Now, that is something that we do not see everyday. We are used to see Lionel Messi scoring goals form penalties, however this moment against Celta de Vigo was a bit unusual. Instead of shooting, the Argentinian passed the ball to Suarez, who scored his third goal in the match. Nice move!

Lionel Messi Best Penalty Ever (FC Barcelona vs Celta Vigo 6-1)

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  1. I'm here after that hilarious fail of Benzema and Ramos😂😂😂….they did win the league though but there is only one messi 😌

  2. Anybody here after Real Madrid bottled a Penalty assist 😂😂

  3. There is always one messi

  4. Suarez doesn't necessarily have to step inside the box. If his body crosses the line, it's counted as inside the box. Only if there was VAR, the goal would've been disallowed.(yes I'm a Madridista)

  5. Came to see in this on 16th July 2020 after Sergio Ramos did the same thing with Kareem Benzema for Real Madrid against Villareal. Though the penalty had to be retaken.

  6. And the referee disallows this when Real Madrid does it. Still Real win the title🔥🔥

  7. Who’s watching after Sergio Ramos and Benzena tried this. As well as Neymar and Icardi.

  8. Ronaldo better than Messi. Juventus win league and Barca dont

  9. Who else is here after naymer passed the penalty

  10. I am here after Neymar and icardi successful penalty pass 😍😍

  11. N’empêche bien les reflexes du gardien

  12. Who’s here after Real Madrid horribly attempted the same thing💀💀

  13. Fun fact. Messi actually passes to Neymar but Suarez got to it first

  14. Is was meant for Neymar

  15. The ball was for neymar lol

  16. Just made an animation of this⚽️

  17. I find out that was meant for Neymar, Suarez just came and score 😆


  19. It was actually ment to Neymar. But Suarez just ran in and scored 😂

  20. When I see this disrespect I'm glad bayern got 8

  21. Why your still watching this?

  22. Fun fact the pass was meant for neymar😂

  23. Well Toronto? THAT is how you do it

  24. When messi does it, it’s amazing.

    When another player does it, they have no class and it’s unfair.

  25. Gaining an easy assist lol. If he wanted Suarez to make a hattrick he could easily just give him to penalty instead of this comedy, he is better at penalties than him lol.

  26. Whose here after suarez's departure

  27. Fun Fact: That was ment for Neymar

  28. Türk varsa hatirlayan olddur

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