Lionel Messi Magical Performance vs Celta de Vigo ● 14/2/2016 | HD

Insane performance by the best player in the history.

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35 comentarios

  1. Lio Messi fre kick prefect

  2. very good penalty from he is best in the world. loved it

  3. 10:50 you follow him on facebook and he comes out in Twitter……wtf??

  4. Who is the commentator here…? have heard hin in many barca games

  5. all 4 goals were clearly due to him , what a monster

  6. 'What we have seen here is absolutely Shakespearean; but Shakespeare got it wrong – It wasn't King Lear, it's King Leo'
    I think William Shakespeare himself would've been proud of that line.

  7. Its not king Leah, its King Leo

  8. I miss the late 2015/early 2016 Messi 🙁

  9. You can tell by Neymar's reaction after the penalty, that it was set up for him, but Suarez stole it. Kind of an asshole move by Suarez, but the fact Messi set it up for Neymar so he can have a goal in the match adds another level to his greatness. Truly a GOAT

  10. magical performance againt only small teams why did not do that in the world cup.

  11. Messi is from a different planet

  12. "The lightning in this trident could power the national grid!" 7:48
    I like this commentator 😅

  13. I don't want him to stop playing. Please!

  14. Stupidity. At 10:24 When Messi has not touched the ball, Suarez is crossing the semi-circle of the 9.15 meter – the goal is illegal.

  15. No words. Just enjoy the show 😎

  16. 8:28 that ball is glued to Messi's feet

  17. 8:34 I honestly do not see any other way to stop him without fouling him, no matter what. Least you can do is to let him to make a pass and hope the striker would fail it, but the cannibal waiting for the ball is about the best number 9 in the world.

  18. Anybody here after Real Madrid bottled a Penalty assist 😂😂

  19. anybody help me, whose goal is this then? 07:29

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